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Moments of Comparisons

Trapped in a Well : Grace Under Fire/Relic of an Emissary
Destined to Meet Again: Devil’s Disciples/Best Bet
Father’s and Sons/The Drive of Life

: Jacky Wong & Sammul Chan
[The Seventh Day] Vs [Heart of Greed] & [Devil’s Disciples]


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  • KTVB says:

    CD Albums:

    TV Love Album: 2008 TVB Themesong Album
    Love Tv2- 2009 TVB Themesong Album
    Love TV 3– 2012 TVb Themesong Album

    Myolie and Bosco’s Debut (2008)
    Bosco- Bravo (2010)

    Linda Chung- My Love Story (2009)
    Linda Chung –My Private Selection- New & Best (2011)

    Raymond Lam: Your Love: 2nd Album (2008)
    Raymond Lam: Let’s Get Wet (2009) CD | Concert
    Raymond Lam : Come 2 Me (2010)MV Making | Album | Concert DVD
    Raymond Lam: First Mandarin Album (2011)
    Raymond Lam: LF (2011)
    Raymond Lam: Self Portrait (2012)
    Raymond Lam: Trap (EP) 2016
    Raymond Lam: Heart Attack LF Live in Hong Kong (Blu Ray) 2016

    Fala Chen- Debut (2012)

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    TVB Anniversary Awards

    * 2006 (39th) – Ceremony
    * 2007 (40th) –Nominations | Info | Ceremony
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    Featured Couples

    King Maker: Wayne & KristalKate & Roger in Episode 20: Wax and WaneHighs and Lows: Raymond and KateGloves Come Off: Selena and KevinBounty Lady: Dayo and KateRelic of Emissary: Michael & ElanneLife and Times of Sentinel: Steven Ma & Selena Li border=

  • VWaterlily says:

    Do you have anything about the Pearl Princess (Huan Zhu Ge Ge in Mandarin) trilogy? I watched it forever ago and I can’t find much about it.

  • KTVB says:

    Older Series -Synopsis

    Under the Canopy of Love (2006)

    Because of a PDA, the lively and childlike KO YAT SZE (Niki Chow Lai Kei) is bought together with SHUM LONG (Kevin Cheng), her Prince Charming back to her school days. Their encounter takes place in a shopping mall, which design is like a canopy. The romance that started out but not yet accomplished in the old days continues now. Meanwhile, also under the canopy of love, SZE meets KUEN LIK (Bosco Wong Chung Chak), a guy who is loyal and devoted to friends.

    SZE believes that love outweighs bread and butter. However, LONG can do anything for becoming rich. On the other hand, the simple and honest LIK reminds SZE of the LONG in the good old days… What kind of story will these three youngsters tell under the canopy of love?


    A Pillow Case Of Mystery(2006)

    SZE SAI LUN (Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah), the magistrate of Jiangdu County, obtains a Dream Pillow by chance. Whenever LUN comes across any difficulties, the Pillow Spirit (Lo Hoi Pang) makes appearing in his dream and help him crack the cases. With the Spirit’s help, LUN saves his sweet rival, MAI HEUNG YUNG (Kenix Kwok Ho Ying), and also removes the veil hidden behind the Spirit.

    WONG TIN PAK (Benny Chan Ho Man), YUNG’s brother, comes upon Princess TSANG KAK MING CHU (Tavia Yeung) and they fall into each other. Will the love last beyond borders? Will LUN finally seek the Spirit a fair treatment?


    Survivor’s Law

    Four atypical and conceited young lawyers, ROBIN (Lam Raymond), CHANNING (Wu, Myolie), CYLIA (Liu Bernice Jan) and RAYMOND (Chan Kin Fung, Sammul), have failed to comply with the standard of any established law firms. By chance, they encounter and become friends by working together at one with its apparently dreadful reputation.

    While the four feel unwilling entangled in their love and affairs, ROBIN finds out that RAYMOND’s father is the mastermind behind a case he is handling. From friends to foes, they turn their backs on each other……and feel wonder the ‘Hard Rock Team’ still be there tomorrow?


    Colourful Life

    The CHENG family has been running dyeing business for several generations. CHENG’s mistress, SHEUNG KWUN DAN FUNG (Wong Suk Yee, Gigi), has worked hard to keep both business and family in shape. She feels blessed to the marriages of her elder sons, CHI SHING (Law Mong), CHI POK (Yuen Siu Cheung) and CHI YUNG (Cheng Chung Kei, Ronald) but burdened from the youngest son CHI HIN (Lam Man Lung, Frankie) who has to marry a wild and untamed woman, DEON CHU (Man Chung Han), from a neighboring country in obedience to the decree.

    The fact that HIN and CHU have very different personalities results in them always arguing and ridiculous. HIN feels lost when his true love CHAU MUNG SZE (Kwong Man Shun, May) has turned to someone else. CHU comforts HIN and they start loving each other. The CHENG family has offended government officials and ends up losing all its properties. HIN’s life is even in danger after a shocking secret is unveiled…


    Down Memory Lane

    In 1920s, slave trade was still very popular. Kindhearted LEE CHEUNG WONG (Man Tsz Leung) was a poor worker living in Hong Kong then. He stood up for his friends WONG SHAN (Lam Man Lung) and WONG SHUI (Lam Ka Wa) and thus made enemy with his supervisor CHAN BO (Tai Chi Wai). BO, in revenge, tricked WONG and sold him to Indonesia as a slave. WONG’s wife LAN (Michelle Yim Mai Suet) was determined to find her husband but fate kept them apart. LAN was sick and stuck in Singapore. Inevitably, the separate couple had found themselves new relationships though two hearts did beat as one for ages…

    On the other hand, restrained SHAN met the “Mail Order Bride” LO SIU YIN (Kenix Kwok) up into the slavery camp. They both gave each other warm hands and love just grew spontaneously between them. Nevertheless, this unexpected relationship upset SHUI and made him feel resentful…

  • KTVB says:

    Shades Of Truth

    HA CHUN YAM (CHEUNG CHI LAM, JULIAN) is the “thief”, who is an undercover policeman the police have carefully infiltrated into a gang whose leader is SUNG PO (YUEN WAH). LAM TSZ CHUNG (WONG HE) is a policeman who has sworn to bring PO to justice. YAM sustains a head concussion in an accident, bringing back his memory from his past life. He was previously MO CHUN, one of the 108 heroes in Water Margin, one of the four greatest Chinese novels, and CHUNG was LAM CHUNG, another hero in the novel. CHUNG finds YAM’s story ridiculous and despises him all the more.

    YAM pursues simple love, but CHUNG likes to indulge himself in lust. They form a love circle with MAN FUNG LIN (LAI CHI, GIGI), who is intrigued and also scared by love, and HONG CHI SIN (YEUNG YI, TAVIA), who is very stubborn in love.

    The more YAM fights with CHUNG, the surer he is that CHUNG is LAM CHUNG. He is determined to resurrect CHUNG’s memory of his past life in the hope to fight for justice as sworn brothers.


    Life Made Simple

    30-year old TING SHEUNG WONG (Kwok Chun On) only has the IQ of a seven-year- old boy. WONG KEI FUNG (Hsuan Jessica Hester) is his best friend from childhood. To help her realize her dream of studying overseas, he gives her all his savings. Born ugly, LEE SIU HO (Angela Tong) is a target of bully by the others. Unlike any of them, WONG always stands up for her and even takes the initiative to make friends with her. WONG’s mother, TING SAU LIN (Lo Yuen Yan, Angelina), has found HO a job and wants to pair her off with his son. HO then falls head over heels for WONG.

    FUNG enters the CHUNGs Ltd after she has returned to Hong Kong. WONG follows suit. Unexpectedly, he meets his father, CHUNG KAM WING (Chun Pui), and half brother, CHUNG CHI CHUNG (Wong Chun Chak, Bosco), there. Later, FUNG falls in love with CHUNG. Things therefore become complicated. How would a simple mind handle it?


    Healing Hands III

    Hong Kong finally overcomes the SARS outbreak in spring 2004. After the outbreak, will the future be brighter for neurosurgeon CHING CHI MEI, PAUL (NG KAI WAH, LAWRENCE), A & E consultant LAI KWOK CHU, HENRY (LAM, BOWIE) and other medical staff?

    PAUL collapses after receiving the death news of his girlfriend, who lives abroad. Forensic pathologist SHUM NGA CHING, FRANCES (LAI CHI, GIGI) accompanies him. HENRY ends his love affair with KONG SUN YUET. However, he soon falls into a love triangle with orthopaedist IP TO, SARAH (NG MEI HENG, MELISSA) and TSANG SUK KEI, BETSY (LIU BERNICE JAN), who is a houseman. Cardiac surgeon LAM MAN CHI, MC (CHAN HO, MOSES), who is badly affected by SARS sequelas, is experiencing his trough in life. Luckily, SARAH encourages him constantly. O & G consultant MAN ON SANG, ANSON (SHIU MEI KI, MAGGIE) and A & E doctor HEUNG CHUNG YAN, CHRIS (CHO WING LIM, RAYMOND) eventually overcome all the obstacles and get married. Unfortunately, CHRIS is attracted to nurse TAI YUK YING, GRACE (YIU CLAIRE) and puts his marriage at risk.

  • KTVB says:

    Be Home for Dinner
    Cast: Yueh Hua, Jason Chan, Krystal Tin, Au Kam Tong, Lam Yi Kei, Helen Ma, Chan Raymond Chiu, Queenie Chu
    Executive Producer: Tsui Yue On
    Scriptwriter: Shiu Lai King

    TVB Be Home for Dinner

    The CHUNG KWOK-CHU (Yueh Hua) is a renowned food critic and an assistant editor-in-chief of a paper. His son, CHUNG SZ-HON (Jason Chan), is returning from Canada soon. CHU wishes that he could give full play to his skill in the commercial circles, but HON only likes cooking. HON meets the Kitchen Goddess SHUM PUI-YEE (Krystal Tin) and becomes her assistant by chance. CHU is hugely disappointed. CHU’s younger brother, CHUNG KWOK-TUNG (Au Kam Tong), and HON’s aunt, SUEN MA-LEI (Lam Yi Kei), argues with each other whenever they come round to CHU’s place. CHU feels that home is no longer a peaceful place.
    Everybody in the CHUNG family has his own expectation in life. Will gourmet cuisine bring them back to the pleasant and friendly days?

  • KTVB says:

    Off Pedder

    TVB Off Pedder

    Cast: Teresa Mo, Elaine Jin, Ivan Ho, Lai Yiu Cheung, Ng Kwan Lai, Au Kam Tong, Wong Cho Lam, Tsui Wing

    Executive Producer: Tsang Lai Chun, Catherina, Lo Chun Ngok
    Scriptwriter: Shaw Lai King, Wong Wai Keung

    All the key persons in the editorial department of “Chao” Magazine are gone in one night! YIM HEI (Chan Hung Lit), CEO of GAMBO GROUP LIMITED COMPANY, instantly invites the media excellence YAN SHEUNG (Teresa Mo) to be the Chief Editor of the magazine. Since then, the battle between three fierce career women is getting kick started at Pedder Street of Central!

    The arrival of SHEUNG creates huge pressure to the tyrannical Marketing Manager GA SO SHAN (Elaine Jin). In order to protect herself and to maintain her dominance in the company, SHAN tries every different ways to strengthen her team. However, her personal assistant KAM YIU KIN (Kong Yan Yin) who believes in fortune telling all the time always messes up everything.

    SHEUNG’s days at “Chao” Magazine are always challenging. Besides managing a group of atypical staffs and tackling all sorts of attacks, she also needs to pay special attention to her hostile boss – WONG LAI MEI (Kwok Siu Wan), Deputy Director of the Group. Meanwhile, a mysterious man YUE KA SING (Wyane Lai Yiu Cheung) suddenly enters the company to be the person-in-charge of the magazine. There is not a day of peaceful life at “Chao” and rumors are circulating around every corner…


    監製:曾勵珍,羅鎮岳 編審:邵麗瓊,黃偉強




  • KTVB says:

    Show Me The Happy 依家有喜

    TVB Show Me The Happy
    Cast: 郭晉安 Roger Kwok Chun On, Bernice Liu 廖碧兒, Michelle Yim 米雪 , Paul Chun 秦沛, Annie Liu 廖安麗,Benz Hui Shiu Hung 許紹雄 , Derek Kwok Ching Hung 郭政鴻 , Auston Lam 林師傑

    Executive Producer: Poon Ka Tak
    Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai Chan Kam Ling

    Registered nurse CHAI CHUEN (Michelle Yim) is the eldest of the three Chai siblings. Her sister, CHAI SUM (Annie Liu), and brother, CHAI CHEUNG (Roger Kwok Chun On), are gynecologist and pediatrician respectively by training. CHUEN’s husband, KOT YAT-TO (Paul Chun), is also a doctor. Together, the four run a clinic whose business every clinic wants. CHUEN and SUM have very different


  • KTVB says:

    Til Love Do Us Lie 結.分@謊情式

    Airring: December 2011- May 2012
    Casting: Cheung Siu Fai, Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor, Joyce Tang, Hanjin Tan, Lin Xia Wei, Benjamin Yuen, Tse Suet Sum, Woo Fung
    Executive Producer: Kwan Wing Chung
    Scriptwriter: Pang Mei Fung Poon Man Hung

    Career woman KAN YIK-PO (Kiki Sheung) turns housewife unwillingly with the sudden resignation of her domestic helper.

    Being the only breadwinner in the family and faced with a restructuring at work, her husband, SUEN KA-ON (Cheung Siu Fai), finds himself on the verge of a mid-life crisis. PO’s younger sister, KAN YIK-TAN (Joyce Tang), is a devil-may-care woman. The fact that she has recently broken up with her boyfriend does not discourage her from starting another relationship. Quite the contrary, she marries Malaysian Chinese NG LOK-YAN (Hanjin Tan), a guy she merely knows about, and takes him back to Hong Kong. Come and see how intriguing and fun living in a household with culture shock under the same roof can be!

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