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December 2011

[Curse of the Royal Harem] Screencaptures

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Love the themesong and the series so far 😀 Screencaptures made by Please credit if reposted,thanks!


June 2011

[Ghetto Justice] Opening Screencaptures

Here are some screencaptures I made from the opening themevideo of “Ghetto Justice”. At first I didn’t like the themesong or themevideo- my first impression was : it looked messy, the song was weird, and the video gave me a headache lol But after I started watching the series, I grew to really liked it. […]

Please credit if reposted, thanks!

I really liked this themesong after watching the series.  I think Joe did a great job in singing this powerful song and suits the series pretty well. I actualyl like the themevideo sequences too (although the colour looks a bit funny) Please credit if repost- thanks!

I’ve made some screencaptures from the theme video! Feel free to use them for graphics etc Please provide link credit back if you do- thanks! 🙂


November 2010

[Gun Metal Grey] Opening Screencaptures

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