May 2009

[The Four] The Romance Plot & Couples

At the moment I haven’t started watching any new series, so I don’t really have any new thoughts to share ^^; ……BUT! I found this half drafted post sitting around since November last year! XD So I’ve decided to be a good girl and finish it off (have a few from some other older series […]


November 2008

[The Four] Favourite Constable

I really like the contrasting personalities of these 4 :)  My most anticipated part of the series was watching these four become great friends especially since the four of them didn’t start out that well ^^ There are qualities in each of the 4 which I like but my favourite would still have to go […]


October 2008

New Banner Featuring: The Four

One month ago, K for TVB had a change in layout and it was well liked by its regular visitors 😀 But as we all know, a TVB related banner was delayed due to lack of inspiration and the default banner was left! Finally, the colours from the trailer “The Four” inspired this new banner! […]


October 2008

[The Four] Themesong Lyrics Translations+ Downloads

[English Translations]- by KTVB. Please credit if reposted 🙂 As always, feel free to correct me if I’ve misinterpreted anything 🙂 If you are not staying, I will wait for my dream After being heartbroken because of you, I have endured long pain If you run to the end, hatred will be with you your […]


September 2008

[New Series]: The Four

Title: The Four Cantonese Title: 少年四大名捕 (siu nin sei daai ming bo0) Cast: Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan, Kate Tsui, Selena Li, Dominic Lam, Crystal Tin, Halina Tam, Joel Chan, Suet Nei, Lau Kong, Lo Lok Lam Episodes: 24 Released: 22 September 2008 Filming: July 2007 Producer:Lam Chi Wah Official: Website | […]