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Linda and Moses Autograph Session

Today I went with Chibi to meet Linda and Moses at their autograph session at Sussex Centre ! (since I didn’t go to the JadeWorld Carnival @ Carss park yesterday)~ it was really really exciting XD XD This was the first time meeting Linda & second time for Moses!

We went to pick up our  tickets at 12 and then went back there a little before 1.30pm to line up, and we were pretty much at the front of the que! (2nd or 3rd person) Linda and Moses finally came out at 2pm and the crowd went a bit crazy (everyone pushing from everywhere) cause we  were all so excited!! hehe and the fact that we were SO CLOSE to them made me feel like  I was dreaming lol

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

They were both really really nice..Linda looks so beautiful and Moses was so Charming ! <3 I couldn’t get my eyes off them XD XD
Linda and Moses Autograph Session
We were squealing and waving at them and they both saw us and waved back XD
Linda and Moses Autograph Session
Linda and Moses doing a recording for a TVBJ promotion clip XD So cute!

Linda and Moses Autograph Session
The two talking about their experience in Sydney and Moses about his coffee!

And then..the autograph session begins!! I was getting so nervous I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say to them XD
Linda and Moses Autograph Session

They were sooo friendly!! =D

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

I approached Linda!! Was so nervous I only had remembered telling her I really liked her role as Ho Choi Mui in Demi Gods ^^;  It made her really happy! Forgot to mention her other roles =|

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

Me with Linda ^__^

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

Moses smiling at me XD XD

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

Getting autograph from Linda ^_^

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

Me approaching ah Mo!

Linda and Moses Autograph Session
Getting Autograph off Ah Mo! Love his smile!! XD His smile made me forget what I wanted to say to him! lol…><

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

Photo with Ah Mo!! <3

And finally…the autographs!!

Linda and Moses Autograph Session

It was such an awesome experience!!! This is the first time I’ve had a chance to get autographs and takes pics with  TVB stars lol So happy!! ^^ I hope they come back again soon!!

All the photos are credits to Chibi who took them for me ^^Thanks Chibi!!

84 Responses to “[Jadeworld Stars Autograph] K meets Linda and Moses!”

  • badger says:

    Thanks for uploading the pics. I can see what I missed as I was lining up outside! Yeah, it great to meet Linda and Moses. Hope TVB organise another similar event next year as the Jadeworld Carnival looks to based in the south.

    • KTVB says:

      hehe no probs ^_^

      Jadeworld carnival has been getting further and further way each year lol (or maybe closer and closer for those down south XD)

      • badger says:

        The carnivals have been held in Burwood Park previously and someone mentioned Darling Harbour as well. But that was before I got into TVB dramas. 🙂

  • chibi says:

    Thanks for inviting me along!! It was a blast 😀

    Linda is soo pretty and Moses is so charming!!! ♥

  • Blossom says:

    Oh you lucky lucky girl!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and photos.
    Moses looks like he lost some weight, but he looks as hot as usual!

  • jessica says:

    wow omg so lucky managed to take pics with them even on stage!!!! hahaha! muz have been a great experience having to stand right in front being so close haha!! xDD

    • KTVB says:

      It was, it was, it was!! ^__^
      Don’t know if I’d be as lucky next time around though lol Wouldn’t have been able to get so close to them without a ticket for the autograph session!

  • Phuong says:

    So lucky. I wish I could ever get close to a TVB star. Too bad I don’t live near Asia. Cause then I’d do everything to get near the stars. :

  • mare says:

    thank you K for sharing..! the way he’s looking and smiling at you makes it look like he wants you… haha… ^0^ *sigh* MODA is just too cute…

  • Rin says:

    =O luuucky! I would LOVE to meet Linda and Moses! TVB needs to organize some fanmeetings or something in California! I’m sure there are tons of fans here. OR I need to go over to Australia and “visit” my relatives this time of the year and you know, might as well go to Jadeworld Carnival ;D

    • KTVB says:

      LOL! You could do that!! XD This time of the year is also close to the Anime convention in Sydney (if you’re interested) though it’s probably a lot bigger where you live

    • badger says:

      Linda and Bosco Wong are scheduled to appear at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on 24 October 2009 as part of the White Dragon Charity Remembrance Concert. Not quite CA, but closer than AUS.

      Linda made a some appearances in San Francisco in January as part of Miss Chinatown USA 2009. Maybe she will do so again on the way back to HK? 🙂

  • rachel says:

    rin: california totally needs to invite tvb stars over!!! i’ve been waiting for so long for them to visit us!!is jadeworld only in australia?

    • KTVB says:

      Yup, Jadeworld was an initiative started back in 2005 (I think), a way of promoting the satelite channel on TVBJ in Australia. I think they only come to Sydney (not Melbourne ) though. I’m sure you guys have other functions in other places!! =)

  • kat says:

    Kerry! Great photos – awwwww you got autographs AND photos??? omg.. wish I live in Sydney 😉 Linda’s hair is so pretty and Moses looks like such a friendly guy…

    btw, I went to a Jadeworld Carnival back in 2002 in Melbourne, they had one in Sydney that year too. I *think* back then it was the 2nd year they had it…

  • starocean01 says:

    o.O thats so cool
    i went to the jadeworld carnival on saturday so i didnt go on sunday but if its possible, upload more photos of linda? im her big fan!

    • KTVB says:

      I would have expected you guys to have taken a lot more pics of Linda and Moses on the carnival, and for you guys to share with me =)
      The whole autograph thing was kind of short, so that’s pretty much all I have!

  • Jessica says:

    Wah.. you are so lucky ah.. i went to the Jadeworld thingy at Carass Park but didnt go to City ><" i want an autograph wahh.. so sad..

  • abc ~ says:

    I went to the airport XD. Ill share photos with you soon once i post them up ~

  • starocean01 says:


  • MoonzRawr says:

    OMG K!
    you’re so lucky!

  • Sammy says:

    Didnt get to go cause i had yearlies 🙁

    How did u get the tickets for the session? 😛

  • Trang says:

    so, this Jadeworld thing, is it held every year? and only in Sydney? i’d love to go to HK one day but dont think i’d have the chance or know my way around since i’m Vietnamese. I live in Melbourne, and i really want to meet some TVB stars, do they speak only in Chinese? cause I would not understand a word if they do

    • badger says:

      Linda is Canadian (she has a great accent) and Moses studied in Australia (I read he is an Australian citizen) so you can speak with them in English. However, some other TVB stars may not be as fluent.

      HK is very easy to navigate as most signage etc is in Chinese and English.

      Check out K’s response re: Jadeworld carnival.

    • KTVB says:

      Held once a year in Sydney 🙂

      Most of the time you’d expect them to speak Cantonese

      • badger says:

        Some TVB stars visit Australia outside of the annual Jadeworld Carnival. But usually hear about it after it happens.

        Sonija Kwok has some photos and video of a recent trip to Sydney for TVB on her blog. Bosco Wong was also in town in July for his CD.

        It would be great if TVB arranges similar events like the Sussex Centre autograph session when their stars are in town.

        • KTVB says:

          Wow, didn’t hear about Sonjia’s trip at all ^^;

          i knew of Bosco’s one but I couldn’t go because I had to stay behind for work. Wondering if anyone here went to Bosco & At 17 event?

        • yukonami says:

          haha i went to bosco ^_^ he was so funny, i got called on stage, so i got to take pics wif him ^_^ he teased me on stage, keke i was so embarassed lol

    • Isabella C says:

      Do you know Ada W? My mum Ada knows someone who fits your description. My mum knew someone called Trang from I think High school. Also a few years ago (if you are that Trang) I saw you and your your nieces Vee and Anie or something, at Phillip Island at Chris’s house that she rented along with Jamie. Anna and Nathan.
      (don’t tell my mum plz:c)

  • yukonami says:

    hahah i can’t believe i met you in person hahaha i was actually standing behind ur sis’s bf lol
    i checked ur blog like a month ago, then i check out chibi’s blog and realized u guys were waiting rite in front of me!!
    btw nice pics!!

  • Ri says:

    OMG I’m so jealous! Linda and Moses both look sooooo good! Lucky you! 🙂

  • sugar says:

    looks like you weren’t the only one who met someone famous hehe, K!! yukonami met you! :O Wow ahahah. Thanks for sharing K, it must of been a very nice experience haha. ^o^

  • faithict says:

    wow…you are very lucky..i never get to meet tvb actors/actress this close…and not to mention taking pictures with them, right next to them…bet you must be the happiest girl that day…. 🙂

  • kinki says:

    That’s AWESOME!!! You must had a lot of fun, KTVB! Also nice video of Linda and Moses, you were SOOOO close to them!!! Linda’s so pretty and Moses’ so cute!! heehee~ =) Thanks for sharing with us!

  • mango says:

    heyys i went to xD

    i took linda’s cd for her to sign and she was really happy ^__^.

    i saw you too 😀

    moses fulled smiled at me:)

    it was AMAZING meeting them.

    but the securities were rushing us to go ..so everything went really fast. >.<"

    but when they left i got really close to them 😀
    IT WAS GREAT^__^

    • KTVB says:

      lol XD lets see photos you took? =)

      yea I don’t like the securities lol They’re in the way XD

      How long did you stay back afterwards? I left right after getting my autograph. Anything happen afterwards?

      • mango says:

        but i dont know how to upload it. :\

        after the autograph session finished they started talking a bit agains and then they left where they came in before. that is where i got real close to them:D

        but i didnt get any photo’s with them 🙁 because the lady in the purple jacket kept telling us to go >:\

    • chibi says:

      lol, everything happened in a minute or something ^^; So fast I can’t even comprehend, lol.

    • KTVB says:

      That’s so awesome. What time did they leave/get through all the autographs?

      Oo you could set up an account at photobucket.com where you can upload pics and share =)

      • badger says:

        They left around 2:45/2:50pm in a mini-van with tinted windows…yes, I was curious! LOL They got through the autographs pretty quickly considering all the photo ops that were taken.

        From the comments, it appears this was a better op to meet the stars, get photos etc than the carnival.

  • hyn5 says:

    So exciting! 😀 I, too was very nervous when I met them, but they were super nice and friendly.

    So did you get a chance to ask Moses anything?

    • KTVB says:

      Naw I didn’t =( Time was limited and I was just stunned there when he was smiling at me LOL I was gonna make a comment/ask him about Bernice hehe

  • Sharon says:

    Ohh!! So lucky!! When i got the autographs we couldn’t say anything, the staff nearly didn’t even let us take photos and ur lucky that they wrote ur names on the autograph ><

  • aiMi says:

    Did you hear? Linda Chung’s flight landed in Hong Kong under typhoon signal
    Please follow on Twitter

  • Irene says:

    So happy to see that you got to meet Linda and Moses! They seem like awesomely nice people … I wish I will be that lucky to meet Linda when comes to Vegas this October. And isn’t Moses from Sydney? He must have been a very nice tour guide for Linda … hehee

    • KTVB says:

      October? That’s so soon!! Hope you can meet Linda too! Take lots of pics to share if you do =)

      Moses is from Melbourne I believe (though I’m pretty sure he’s been Sydney quite a few times hehe)

  • Wahh.. you get a autograph with them ): i want one too.. haii~~ i went on the saturday .. and it was awesome so yehh.. linda is so pretty ahh.. i want to go on sunday to sussex centre but my parents didnt let me ): wah.. ): i want the video.. but i think you can’t give it to mee ):

  • Wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience with Linda & Moses! It is so amazing to see them up close. They both seem super nice. 🙂

    Your pictures and video is superb! May I ask you what type of video camera & camera you had?

    • KTVB says:

      I used a Canon IXUS 95015 Digital camera which is 8megapixels =) The quality of the video is actually better, but quality had to be reduced for uploading purposes 🙂 So..yea! lol The video was just taken using the video mode on the camera

  • Marie says:

    hmm..i wouldnt be suprised why you be so happy to meet linda! i met her in 2006 in my hometown :]..also met raymond too..^^

  • Isabella C says:

    I’m in Melbourne, so I don’t see the stars live (only on TV). I guess I can go there myself when I’m older. (–^-^– dreams!)

  • Lisa N says:

    OMG! you’re so luck you got to meet the TVB stars. I really really wanna meet Julian Cheung & Tavia Yeung if they ever came to Australia. Please come to Melbourne.
    So did they speak primarily in Chinese because I’m not Chinese, so if I went I wouldn’t understand what the actors/actresses were saying.

  • Lisa N says:

    I would have loved to meet Linda & Moses and seeing someone on TV so often when you see them in person you can be star-strucked. I was when I saw Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles from Supernatural when they came to Sydney his year.

  • cheela says:

    Where did you get the autograph tickets from Kerry?

  • cheela says:

    You know how you could take an autograph from the stars on the day of the carnival, how do you get those tickets?

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