February 2008

[Survivor’s Law II] MK+ Lily Highlights Part 5

This would be the last part of MK+Lily Highlights Episode 17 Ella’s Confession and Proposal Kenneth decides to fight for Bobo’s custody again when he realises that Bobo’s Uncle (which is Bobo’s biological father) treats Bobo badly and even plans to have a divorce with Bobo’s Aunty because he has another girlfriend outside already. He […]


February 2008

[Survivor’s Law II] MK + Lily Highlights Part 4

Episode 15 Kenneth finds a Barbie Doll in Bobo’s school bag. After finding out that Power and his grandma didn’t buy it for her, he suspects Ella did. Kenneth: Don’t have to ask, the “crazy woman” bought it. Power: Geez, your mouth. You can’t get her , so you start calling her “crazy woman” again. […]


February 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] MK + Lily Highlights Part 3

Episode 13 A scene where Vincent (Sammul) is waiting with Lily (Ella) at the lifts, talking about (MK) Kenneth. Vincent: How are things with you and MK? Lily: Don’t put our names together, thanks! Vincent: You’re not that shy are you? Someone is pursuing you, you should be really happy instead. Lily: We’re just workmates, […]


February 2008

[Survivor’s law 2] MK + Lily Highlights Part 2

Message from K: Happy Valentines Day <3 = = = Kenneth continues to pursue Ella.. Episode 12 The Essay *At work, Kenneth asks Ella to help read through Bobo’s homework because there were a lot and she does for Bobo. It was an essay: My Mother My mother left me and went to the heavens […]


February 2008

[Survivor’s Law 2] MK + Lily Highlights Part 1

New upcoming posts “MK + Lily Highlights” will contains scenes I’ve selected to highlight with Lily(Ella) and MK (Kenneth)’s relationship through the episodes and their progress! =) Part 1 will start at episode 11 where MK starts developing feelings for Ella. Episode 11 The Gentle Side revealed There’s a school function at Bobo’s school where […]


February 2008

[Survivor’s Law II] Episode 9-10

Bobo is extremely hurt by the Kenneth, accusing her of stealing the money and then not wanting her. Ella went to the bar to find Kenneth for accusing Bobo for stealing the razor. Ella was the one who gave her money to buy it. It was wrong of Bobo to lie to him but he […]

Since I’m done watching these two series, I thought I’d move the poll off the side bar and onto its own post ^^ *KTVB votes for Survivor’s Law2 The two series that have just finished airing in Hong Kong: Wars of In-Laws 2 and Survivor’s law 2. Both of them are sequels to two popular […]

Searching back again for love, to light up colours for the story In the midst of despair, repeatedly use heart to love someone Previously resenting this love, haven’t fell in deep love yet, leaving already Only after getting hurt, then you’ll find true love in the ocean of people # Actually the thing I most […]