• Moses Chan 陳 豪 as Tong Chi On 唐至安 / Dak Dak Dei / Sai Bau
  • Bosco Wong 黃宗澤 as Gilbert / Tong Chi Yat 唐至逸
  • Raymond Lam 林 峯 as Alfred / Ching Leung 程 亮
  • Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣 as Seung Joi Sum 常在心
  • Yoyo Mung 蒙嘉慧 as Shui Ming Ha 水明霞 / Sui Mak Mak (外號「水擘擘」)
  • Tavia Yeung 楊 怡 as Jackie / Cheuk Man-Lai卓文麗
  • Michelle Yim 米 雪 as Ling Lei 凌 莉
  • Lee See Kei 李司棋 as Ling Hau 凌 巧 / Dai Kai
  • Ha Yu 夏 雨 as Tong Yan Gai 唐仁佳/ Dai Bau
  • Susanna Kwan 關菊英 as Wong Sau Kam 王秀琴 / Francis / Sai Kai
  • Chris Lai Lok Yi 黎諾懿 as Tong Chi Foon 唐至歡
  • Fala Chen 陳法拉 as Tong Chi Yan 唐至欣
  • 阮兆祥 as Uncle Bor 凌 波
  • Carrie Lam 林 莉 as 黎卓蘭(外號「草餅」)


It is a story of a renowned sea-products retailer and a big traditional family, in which there are those who manage to endure to the end, those who consider themselves superior to everyone else, those who love and respect their brothers, those who seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambition, those who stay loyal to their beloved, and those who remain grateful for whatever they get..

When hatred is stirred up among the family..the family breaks down..

Family unity has always been a big concern for multi-millionaire Tong Yan-Gai (Ha Yu), his official wife Ling Hau (Lee See Kei) and their adopted son Tong Chi-on (Moses Chan). Gai’s mistress Wong Sau-Kam (Susanna Kwan), on the other hand, is a calculating woman who always wants to secure herself a recognized status. Hau’s sister Ling Lei (Michelle Yim) helps run Gai’s business and has been keeping a big secret for her brother-in-law. Once the secret is out, the Tong family starts to fall apart..

Love and Romance, Gai’s son Chi-yat /Gilbert (Bosco Wong) would like to tie the knot with Cheuk Man-Lai /Jackie (Tavia Yeung) who is already married. Lai is also the main cause of dispute between Yat and On. On gets to know a pair of friends Sheung Zoi-Sum (Linda Chung) and Shui Ming-ha (Yoyo Mung). He falls in love with Sum but Sum is attracted to a young passionate solicitor Ching Leung/ Alfred (Raymond Lam). In the meantime, the born romantic Ha chooses to be a runaway bride just prior to her marriage…

Entries– contains Episodic thoughts and Screen captures

Thoughts before watching
Episode 1
Episode 2 Meet the ‘Four golden Flowers!’ The funny videoclip.
Episode 3 Ha Yu and Susanna’s secret trip!
Episode 4
Episode 5 The family day out! The Anniversary. Linda borrows money off Moses.
Episode 6-7
Episode 8
Episode 9-11 Moses helps Bosco. Moses takes the blame.
Episode 12 The family find out Bosco and Tavia’s affair!
Episode 13 Lee See Kei accepts Tavia.
Episode 14 Linda rejects Moses
Episode 15
Episode 16 Bosco and Tavia’s wedding!
Episode 17 Raymond and Linda get together.
Episode 18
Episode 19: The truth about Moses’ real parents revealed!
Episode 20 Linda comforts Moses. Raymond and Yoyo comfort each other.
Episode 21 ‘Dai Kai’ returns. Susanna is asked to leave!
Episode 22 Moses teaches Linda to play the Saxophone. Raymond and Linda argue.
Episode 23 Raymond and Yoyo’s destined to meet? Linda plays the saxophone for Raymond
Episode 24 Tavia loses her baby
Episode 25 Raymond kisses Yoyo. Raymond loses in the court case.
Episode 26 Moses tells Lee See Kei about the family problems. The family blames him.
Episode 27 Lee See Kei tries to save Bosco and Tavia’s marriage. Raymond and Yoyo start their affair
Episode 28 Lee See Kei (Da Kai)’s death.
Episode 29 Susanna moves back into the house. Linda and Raymond break Up!
Episode 30 Ha Yu wants to marry Susanna. Lok Yi tells the truth
Episode 31 Moses goes on a date. Linda and Moses wish upon a shooting star. Raymond’s mother dies
Episode 32 Linda and Raymond get back together. Ha Yu writes his will.
Episode 33 Linda finds out that girl was Yoyo. Linda and Raymond break up!
Episode 34 Susanna ‘s true nature revealed. She wants to get a divorce.
Episode 35 Linda wins her first court case!
Episode 36 Raymond’s death! Linda forgives Raymond
Episode 37 Grieving over Raymond’s death. Tavia and Bosco’s baby girl is born!
Episode 38 The death of Ha Yu. Chris speaks out.
Episode 39
Episode 40– Final: Mose’s Proposal

Mini Overall Thoughts


Opening Screencaptures
Themesong: and sub themesong Lyrics and download
My Love will get you Home– Lyrics and download
Scene in Episode 1: Moses takes the 4 abalone to Susanna
Raymond’s Email to Linda Episode 29
Moments of comparison: Raymond/Linda/Moses scenes
Dak Dak Dei’s funny expressions: From Episode 36 when he introduces Linda to Ha Yu
Raining Tears of Joy
Jackie and Gilbert Screencaptures (Tavia and Bosco)
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65 Responses to “Heart of Greed 溏心風暴”

  • Miya says:

    HI~ur captures of the series are gd~ actually i only llke Linda& Raymond this lover~=v=,also i hv link u^^.keep the way on~

  • Summer says:

    wua ha.. ha.. i m watching HOG la, finish watched TPOG, wa, the HOG once opening, already so Gan Jiong lo, makes me feel like chasing the movie non stop, any way, i will slowly tasted is, due to eat Bao Yu, must slowly tasted it, tis movie, i wil slowly watched it de.. haha… HOD is much better then TPOG la, right,Wa, while watch HOG, makes me cry for few times last nite, too touching.. la, few scene oso quite touching lo..the part, 4 kids sing ” Zhen De Oi Ni” for Dai Kai, so touched , another is while Fala say her exam , is talked abt Lost & Found topic, and she say abt Mosses, so touched ar.. makes me cry tim.. haha. wanna say 1 thing, of course, whole movie i most like to watch is Bosco, haha,i m his fans ma, but 1 thing, Raymond is getting more and more handsome too, in HOG, i felt he quite Tak Tak Dei

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer, Ray is more than just tak tak dei in HOG, he’s hou leng chai and hou sweet too! Haha, watch on and you’ll know what i mean 🙂

  • Summer says:

    dreyvil: haha, ya, i admit tat, he is quite Tak Tak Dei, but.. in my heart BOSCO, is the most TAK TAK DEI la, cos.. i really likes to see him lo, any way, i oso wont lack others such as Ray geh, haha. up to which episode, u watched ? me until 14 and feel like, Ray in tis movie, wont appear alot, but, felt likes, tis boss ( lawyer boss ) he is kind treat his staff so well, if i got such handsome and good boss.. wa.. really good lo, wont change job ar, oso happy due to see a handsome and good boss every day ma.. haha..

    any way, my 1st choice is Bosco, he is really handsome a ya, i dun like Yo Yo, any way, i will wish Linda and Mosses wor, cos,Mosses really 1 heart to Linda wor,feel like he is a good man leh,wasted if dun appreciated him..

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer, I’m quite up to date watching HOG cos I LOVE the cast (esp Linda)and storyline. It’s the only drama I’m watching right now, I’ve just finished 36. Do watch on, you’ll see much more of Ray and Linda scenes. You’ll definitely fall in love with Ray in this series! Yeah, I like Bosco too. He looks good in his glasses, don’t you think? Too bad he doesn’t appear that much though. I think they’ll feature more of him in the last few eps where they start fighting for the family fortune. Spoiler here…eps 36 is especially touching and sad at the same time! Enjoy! 😛

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii: oh ic, ok, i will kept on chasing to tat… any way,dun u feel Ray in the same time love Linda & yo Yo,in tis movies, its quite terrible, ar, plsu he will hurt Linda alot.. ar, so sad.. lo..

    haha, any way, although Bosco will appear less in tis movies, i do love to watched him , haha, Yeah, he is smart wif the glasess, gives me a brand new image ar.. haha

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: In the beginning I was very angry at Ray, and yeah, he really hurt Linda badly! But you’ll learn to love him later. I don’t want to say too much in case I give too much away. Heheh.
    I don’t think this was Bosco’s first appearance with glasses on…Haha, I liked him in the earlier episode, where he stood up for tak tak dei against Uncle Bor. The way he asked Uncle Bor to SHUT UP
    was so manly! Haha…and later you’ll see his scenes with Tavia are equally touching

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii:Ya, cos, earlier i know in tis Movie, Ray will in the same time love 2 girls and they both are best frens, oh, it was hurt lo, so give me a feel of bit hate Ray in tis movie plus feel pity for mosses too, due to he really care of Linda and why he cant get wat he wan , any way, i will kept on folow up, last nite, i watched till Bosco & Tavia married, wa, so touching her wedding dinner, eps the video clip tat their family done for they both& is angry of the Sai Kai, makings lots of problem, really wan to slap her, to me, no matter Bosco in wat image, i oso feel, he is most handsome & man

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: I was very frustrated with Tavia’s family too. So crazy for money, it’s like they’re selling their daughter! Luckily the wedding went well, although there were so many problems before that.

    Fuh! You should see Jackie’s mom in the later episodes…you’ll hate her even more. Even Jackie can’t stand her own mom. Haha. Yeah, there are all sorts of ppl in this world

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii: huh,Jackie’s Mum,sot la, like selling daugther,she never think of her daughter,how she gonna face the husband family,while i watch,i m thinking,why got such mum,but,may b in tis world got …

    ok, i will catch up of it, any way, do u think 1 thing of tis movie, u see they say tis movie is 5 yrs ago, mean fr now we calculate, 5 yrs ago, mean is 2002,but the songs tat Mosses like to sing ” Eason ~ Fau Kua” if i not mistaken is last yr songs, so.. feel like bit funny lo, right,cos they say 5 yrs ago, if should calculate fr now,2007, mean is songs on2002, but Fau Kua is 2006 song. haha, any way, tis is my thinking, may b, they got their reason on why making it in tis way la.. to me, while i watch movie, i will see all of these matter and all the character..

  • dreyvii: says:

    Summer: Haha…come to think of it, that’s true. I never noticed that. Very observant of you! 🙂

    I was too absorbed watching the characters. I just LOVE linda. Heheh…

  • puffins says:

    i mus say dat Ray is indeed charming lol…. & he can act lol….keke 😀

  • dreyvii says:

    Hey summer, let me know when you’re at ep 37…wanna see if you noticed something. Haha…I myself just noticed it as I was rewatching the scenes…:P

  • summer says:

    Dreyvii; okie.. once i watch till tat, i will leave message over here for u, or u can log in to my new done web site, on abt TVB artist, there got photos, video and songs,

    but, i not so soon will come to tat chapter la, cos tonite i will go out-station wif frens and back on sunday nite, so these few days oso wont online.. will update my mails on monday , while i come in to office..
    so, see u la..


  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: Wow…going on holiday?? Well, have fun then. Will check out your new site 🙂

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: Great site you have there. Keep up the good work! = )

  • summer says:

    dreyvii ; thanks for visit my web.. haha.. 1st time doing it, i will kept on updates those photos la and video la..esp, videos.. i love to watch Bosco alto, there’s few videos is abt HOG news and their activity to promote this movies..
    so, hope so u enjoy it…

  • summer says:

    Dreyvii; haha, lots of thing wan to say abt tis HOG, so i drop it here la, actually, while watch to the part tat Mosses call to Dai kai ( Dai Kai at England ) dun wan answer their call, so while see Mosses call dai kai and say, if u wan me to leave i will leave, but if u dun wan me to leave tis family, any one ask me to leave, i oso wont do so, so tat moment, i m thinking, is it Dai kai really planniny anything?cos, i will felt, Dai Kai is not a person tat , only listen to 1 person words only lo,so, i think she should doing somehting, haha.. and while last nite watch till she ask Sai Kai to get away, wa, i so happy, feel wan to clap hand ar, haha!! so silly hor..

    So, u say u finish tis movie lioa, now how? no movie to chase lioa? me, after tis i gto few movie to follow up, Forensic ( Fah Jin Sin Feng )then Me In Pain ( Lam Yan Zi Fu ) and Fei Tin Hei Xi, these few movies, i not watched yet, is cos, my fren now only borrow me, plus once i get all these movies, and i oso get HOG , so i will watch HOG 1st, due to got Bosco ma.. haha… so, after tis, i will catched up all those old movies, get to know Forensic oso got Linda ar, actually in tis HOG, i start to like to watch her ,cos.. i felt she is quite pretty and i always love to see the way she talk to Dak Dak Dei ( mosses ) cos, sometimes they both will use another type of languages to talk to each other, feel so sweet … haha


  • dreyvii says:

    Hey summer, you’re only up to 22? Lucky you, you have so many more eps to enjoy! LOL. Yeah, I agree that Linda is a bit ‘siu hei’ at times, but then you should see the way Ray treats her when he two times her later. You feel the pain for her…but their relationship is such a bittersweet one. I just love seeing the two of them!!

    Bosco will appear more often in the later eps, and let me tell you, he looks absolutely dashing in the last episode! Heheh. Oh, there’s one episode that’s very touching btw Bosco and Tavia, before dai kai dies…watch out for that! 🙂

  • summer says:

    dreyvii; haha, actually wat u say is true oso,and i will think Ray tis guy, he will take his career as no 1, rather then Linda, but u see, Mosses will take linda as no 1, rather then his career lo, so i oso felt is hurt to Linda la, always oso break his promise and coming will had an affair wif her best frens,i think while he kisses Yoyo taty chapter, i really wanna slap they both and get to ” Zham Zhu Loong” haha..

    er, ya.. Bosco is coming soon la.. really few chapter no see him and Tavia, so miss they both,..ok i will get to the chapter tat u mentioned of Bosco & Tavia’s romance..and touching moment..

    but i know, while Dai Kia die i sure will die, cos.. sure whole family oso cry till non stop… and i oso will cry together .. haha…

  • dreyvii says:

    Well, you’ll hate Ray now, but you’ll grow to love him. I totally fell in love with him. SJS is so lucky to have two such great guys by her side, and she knows it! 🙂

  • Benny says:

    hi guys, u people got any idea where i can download dak dak dei funny ringtone??


  • summer says:

    Benny ~ Dak Dak Dei which funny ring tone? his mobile, if i not mistaken, his family member call him will b the songs ” Fau Kua” .. Eason sing, then if Siong Joi Sum call him, is Alan Tham songs ” Yat Sang Zhong Zui Oi” romantic, and i know there’s 1 ring tone.. ” Ni ah Ma Wan Nei, Ni Ah Yeh Wan Nei, Ni Ah Pa Wan Nei … and.. bla.. bla.. leh.. is he record his voice and make it as ring tone.. tat er, i think so, hardly to find leh…

    so, Benny up to which chapter u watched ??
    me , up to 24… only…

  • Loveless says:

    hi i wonder if i can take your synopsis and post it at another forum?
    thank you =)

    and did i mention you have a great site here? ^^

  • summer says:

    Dreyvii;… haha..ya, may b , after watch HOG, Ray will give me another’s impression and feel tat, he QUITE dak dak dei.. is QUITE ok… but.. Bosco , i always forever feel, he is the MOST dak dak dei.. is MOST… hah.. hahaha..
    u know la.. i crazy of Bosco wan.. haha..

    Actually in tis movie, come to episode 24, i watched till tat chapter, i m thinking, actually Ray will got affair wif Yo Yo, actally partly oso made by Linda, due to they really always quarrel.. their thinking is so much different and Linda wan is a 100% care of her and think of her bf, but Ray wil felt tat, her gf should b more clever in handle lots of thing.. 2 definetely different thinking, in another way, Mosses ( Dak Dak Dei ).. he is kind of 100% fully care her and help her, so.. hm.. tis man, theg girl got bf, he stil so care her.. really a good mna..

    But, i really hates, Yo Yo, at beginning while she 1st meet Ray, she already got a good impression on him and she got some kind of feeling towards Ray, i dun like such girls.. she even envy Linda for had such good bf, and she dun happy for her frens get such good bf and she wont feel happy while they both get back after quarrel.. huh.. really wanna slap Yo Yo.. haha…

    any way, last nite, while Tavia losses her baby.. ai ya.. i cry oso.. seeing Dai Kai scold her and so sad.. hm.. m.. Jackie really naughty ar.. and really wan to slap Jackie’s mum.. wat kind of mum is tis… cheh…

  • KTVB says:

    To Loveless: Sure~~ Just provide a link back =)

    To Summer: I actually didn’t watch the episode when Tavia loses her baby~~ have to come back to that after my exams =)

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ; oh ic.. actually mind telling me how old are u? if u wan kept secret, then is ok.. i m wondering, why u need to sit for ezam leh.. haha… just 8 only.. if cant tell , is ok.. nvm ..

    Oh, u should watch every episode, cos every episode oso very great and very touching.. some scene u will had lots of laughter , but some scene will make u i read newspaper.. they got report abt tis movies at HK, they hit the rates up to 48 points.. saying is same rates as last few yrs while Mong Fu Xing Rong movies release… but they cant beat down the rates of the movies “Dai Cheong Kam” wor.. cos, Dai Cheong Kam hit till 50 points..
    for now, wish tat , they really will got the 2nd Of Heart Of Greed.. haha..

    any way when will b ur ezam end ar…
    wish u good luck in ur ezam…

  • dreyvii says:

    Summer: Yeah, I guess sometimes Linda drove Ray towards having an affair too. Cos she used to be rather unreasonable. She’s actually a girl who has a lot of love to give, and who needs to feel loved. At that point of time, only Duk Duk Dei loved her unconditionally. Maybe because he’s simple minded. Ray is way smarter than her, and he feels very protective of her. That’s what leads to most of their arguments actually.

    But what made the affair more torrid was the fact that Yoyo was such a b*tch! She purposely got closer to Ray although she knew that she’d developed feelings for him. And when Ray argued with Linda, she also took advantage of the situation. When Ray told her that they shouldn’t be together, she told Ray that she doesn’t mind him having a girlfriend. I was like…what the?!! It’s wrong enough being the third party in a relationship, this is your best friend!!! Really hate Yoyo from the beginning to the end. Hate her from the top of her ugly curly head to the bottom tip of her big toenail!!!

    Tavia is very “yam seng”. She has her own set of principles and sticks by it. She has a lot of respect for dai kai, but then if she thinks she’s right, she’ll do it despite dai kai telling her not to. That’s why she lost her baby. But she shares a strong bond with Bosco, and I truly admire their relationship.

    There will be no 2nd HOG, but they are planning to film another drama with the same cast. Yup, this was definitely one of the best series I’ve watched since God knows when!! Haha. The ending was definitely better than Life Made Simple though. At least there was a definite ending, no guesses.

    KTVB: Haha…let me guess, you’ve been skipping to the episodes with Ray and Linda? That’s what I always did. When my dl was complete, the first thing I did was to scan through to see if there were any of their scenes in the episode. I’d watch their scenes first before going back to watch the whole episode. Heheh.

    Exams? Sigh…yup, I’ve got an assessment in 2 weeks as well. Guess we’ll just have to work hard together! Haha…cheers mate!

  • Loveless says:

    thank you ^^ and of course i credited you =)

    hm.. so far i`ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about this series and how it’s really good… is it REALLY GOOD?
    i watched like the first half of episode 1 and i was kind of bored… maybe i just need to watch more since i`m very familiar with this series cast..
    and raymond is

  • summer says:

    Dreyvii :

    Yaya.. exactly.. i agreed wat u say.. any way, Ray in tis movie, i felt he, he dun really always stand at the side of how her gf felt, like in the scene, everytime they quarrel, they both oso will say tis ” did u stand my side and think of my feeling ” actually they both oso didn’t do so.. lo..
    so, although they love each other alot.. but, to me.. i feel love is not like this, especially Ray, the 1st thing is, no matter how down were him due to the lawyer case, he should not kiss another girl and tis girl is his gf best fren..walau.. tat moment while i saw they 2 kiss, i really wanna felt vomit and wanna fast forward tat scene..dun like to watched, totally non romance… and in another way, tis as u mentioned b*tch.. haha… Yo Yo.. haha.. she really cant forgive, take to ” Da Pa” .. tats her best fren bf and she stil step into them.. and pretend like so care of Siong JOi Sum.. wat the hack… esp while last nite i watched till she encourage Siong Joi Sum to listen Ray at court to beat down ” Dai Kiok Sek” .. huh, i m sure.. Ray sure will anrgy ,due to he really dun wan anyone see him at court.. and end up, see they both quarrel.. but lucky… end up, oso ok la..
    i really dun like to see Yo Yo.. once see her.. i really felt wan slap her.. did she think, how she hurt her best fren.. she never lo, she only think of she wan to find a bf.. tats all…

    Any way to Tavia & Bosco.. last nite the episode tat i watched, is quite touching.. Dai kai is really care of they both..even in sickness she oso pray for them.. and come back to hse to make their marriage recover.. actually they both wont get up to like tis.. but due to tis family too many ppl talking la.. too many ppl doing unnessary thing behind… so, they only will come to tis , but lucky Dai Kai had recover it la.. huh..
    any way, i felt Tavia since after she losses her baby, i felt she dun really tat ” Yam Seng” lo.. but in the movie, i saw her really quite naughty type.. cos, while she quarrel wif Bosco, she will push him la.. throw him thing la.. haha.. is quite different great her acting… any way, Bosco, is great in tis movie.. haha…

    Tis Kao Fu Bor & Sai Kai.. plus Siong Joi Sum brother.. cis..tis 3 ppl.. i cannot stand tis 3 ppl.. i really wanna slap them ar.. wanna scold them.. making lots of thing behind and wan the family break.. actually i m thinking, they like tis family break ?? is it?? is it the family break they very happy… hai… any way, tis world may b, these’s ppl like tis la.. in tis movie, we can see alot of different type of ppl.. such as Tavia family’s oso.. huh..

    Er.. the movie rates tat i mentioned abt is Mong Fu Sing Rong, not Ah Wong San Juen.. any way, Mong Fu Sing Rong & Ah Wong San Juen, i oso love to watched la..cos, its a happy movie, i like the way ah Wong talking.. haha..

    Oh i c.. wont had HOG2, but will b the same ppl fr HOG and act another movies la.. good ar.. may b, bring out some funny movies or happy movies oso…

    so, last nite i only watched up to 27, tonite will continued.. and i know, tonite i sure cry, due to tonite part is Dai kai die ler… i sure cry so terrible and coming up next.. will b angry of Sai kai.. she sure come back and done lots of problem… but, i scare i might cant catched up after 30, cos.. i only got the episode up to 30, 31 onwards is stil wif my fren, cos.. my fren is oso chasing tis movie and i need wait she finished watched it only i cont.. so, hope so i can DL it soon and can watched la..cos i m oso DL tis movie fr net la.. so.. see how la.. haha…

  • dreyvii says:

    Loveless: You’ll need to watch on. The series picks up after the first 5 episodes. Worth watching, definitely

    Summer: Haha…27? Means the affair’s already started. Hmm…28 was heartbreaking for me, I felt so bad for Seong Joi Sum. I dunno how many times I watched 28-32. But these few eps are also the few that ppl hate Seong Joi Sum. They keep calling her a crybaby, but I think she did a great job. And you’ll start falling in love with Ray in these few eps.

    You mentioned that you feel love should not be like this. Well, of course ideally not. But it always happens in real life. But as you watch on, you’ll find that they actually both love each other to death! And it’s very touching, the love story between the two of them. Amazing how it took a third party to help Ray discover who he really loves, and what he can do for her to love her more.

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii;… haha..ok.. i will looking forward to it….
    any ways, i felt the script writer will plan the story in the way of Ray will pass away, is oso a good plan lo, so tat , Dak Dak Dei can b wif Siong Joi Sum ma… haha…if not, Siong Joi Sum oso hard to choose… Dak Dak Dei really helps her alot.. but Ray is her admier since she was stills in college.. so.. may b, Ray pass away is a good ending to Dak dak Dei & Siong Joi Sum lo.. haha…

    any way, actually m quite looking forward to watch Jewel’s Splendour.. ( still shotting now ).. due to that movie, Bosco will be wif Linda.. i m wondering tis new screen couple will work out what kind of love story… any way, i did like the match of Bosco & Tavia la.. rather then Bosco & Myolie lo…

    Any way, after watch HOG, i start to feel tat, Linda is quite pretty and she’s quite cute.. haha..
    compare wif Fala la.. lots of ppl say Fala is pretty.. but.. i prefer LInda more.. haha..


  • dreyvii says:

    Haha…Yeah! I think the scriptwriter is a genious! LOL

    Do you have any idea when Jewel Splendor is airing? I’m looking forward to see more of Linda too. I’ve seen one of her clips with Bosco…I dunno what promotion it is, but they looked cute together.

    Haha…previously I didn’t pay too much attention to Linda. It was only recently when I watched Always Ready that I felt she was pretty. She looks better in modern series compared to ancient.

    I have a feeling I won’t like Linda in Jewel Splendor. Cos her fringe looks horrible on her. Furthermore she’s playing a spoilt brat…another breakthrough for her. Hopefully she’ll be convincing enough to live up to expectations.

  • Summer says:

    dreyvii; yaya.. i think so, while the movie Jewel’s Splendour and The Drive Of Life on airing.. huh.. will b another great topic to dicsuss on lo.. right.. cos these 2 oso big movies fr TVB and the cast.. huh.. all is ” ah Jie & ah Ko ” stage wor.. sure very nice… haha…

    i will contined my words abt last nite i watched HOG till episode 28 at tat column, cos is more easy for KTVB to done her pls check over there.. haha..


  • krazydiablolover says:

    i love raymond in this show. i was so sad when he died. that scene made me cry and i watched it over and over.

  • Loveless says:

    okay so i gave this series another try and now i`m pretty much what you called addicted… lol
    i`m still only on episode 4 though.. and the junior mom is starting to “look” not so nice =/
    i have to catch up soon.. they have up to episode 30 where i`m watching so i hope i can catch up before they upload even more ^^

  • dreyvii says:

    Loveless: Haha…welcome to the club. I think we’ll need to start another club to help us get over our grief once the drama ends…LOL! It’s that good! 😀

  • Zeld4 says:

    hi ktvb
    what’s the name of the song when bosco marries tavia?

    ….ah i mean the song played during bosco’s wedding ceremony

    if you know, plz tell me

    thanks =]

  • KTVB says:

    To Zeld4:
    Gan Ji Wo Yu Jian” by Ekin Cheng

    To Benny: If its the funny ring tone that Moses used in episode 1 , here it is =)

    Credits to AEU

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ;.. haha.. thanks alot..for ..the Mosses Ring tone.. actually i m oso searching, but did not think of ask u.. haha.. lucky Benny ask..and only i know u had it.. really thanks..

  • umm..was wondering..wat is the sub theme song for HOG called??? cuz i tried downloading it from here…but it only got part of the song..and i can only hear it once…so yea

  • dreyvii says:

    justwannabeme: Do you mean the one with Linda and Ray? In pinyin it’s Sum Ling, in english I suppose it translates to Appreciated?

  • Vanessa Ho says:

    I think sammual chan’s quite hot even though he’s not in heart of greed..PLUS raymond lam is hot too

  • the azn says:

    hey k
    have u got the song fau kua fromz hog?

  • icanfly says:

    to Vanessa Ho i know u think Sammul Chan is hot but theres a rumour that he is gay it waz in his newz & info at go check it out

  • Sammi Ly says:

    too many good actors in this movie.. i loved it, because i like watching raymond lam’s movies.. haha… linda is also very pretty ! ! ! i liked their role in this movie… tak tak dei ringtone is so cool…. haha and the theme song.. i like Fala Chen as well… she pretty..

  • Lizzy says:

    In the poster you can see that Moses and Bosco’s heads are the biggest, so I thought that they will have the leading roles.
    But I think Linda had more scenes than Bosco.
    The story is about Moses (duk duk dei and his Tong family) and on the other side Linda (and her relationship with Raymond and her friends), and then we have scenes with Moses and Linda together.
    Ha Yu and Susanna Kwan had even more scenes than Bosco and Tavia, I think.

  • me…my main focuz in HOG was about the family…not too interested in the love square..hehe.. =]

  • tvbauntie says:

    K, I agree that Tavia n Bosco look so good together. Tavia looks pretty n Bosco is so hot. Bota acted well, had very good chemistry. In HOG, Bota are very loving – so nice!

  • wong says:

    i’m in the opposite side. Bosco’s acting is bad in HOG. He did better in all of his series in the past, even Aqua Heroes. Don’t know why Bosco’s acting in HOG is so bad like that.

  • Vivian says:

    I Think Moses Chan with YoYo Mung better than with Lina i think that Yo Yo and Moses are mach bether than he with Linda

  • KTVB says:

    Episode 38: Lok Yi speaks out!

    Heart of Greed Episode 38

    I loved this scene where Chris said all those words in front of the media! And watching Susanna’s reactions~ she must of felt so angry at her son and heartbroken, but I know Chris was really hurt and heartbroken equally because he knows it would hurt his mother but he had to..and it was the right thing to do. I think his character is really brave and courageous =) He stood against his mother.. The slapping scene was woah! Really intense and dramatic and I can see why it reached a peak of 42 points for the scene (though I’m not sure how the point rating system works in do the people know it was going to happen so suddenly have people watching that scene specifically?)

  • KTVB says:

    I’ve finished watching Heart of Greed and went back to watch the episodes I’ve missed. Its been a while now and I’ve realised I didn’t end my posts properly with an Overview! (which I’ve started back then but never got to finish) So here it is! Heart of Greed is surely a Grand Production! Heaps of great cast to support a great story! Because of the large number of characters, there’s probably too much to say so I’ll try keep it short =) Besides, I’ve already written up my episode-by-episode thoughts as I was watching the series along so for those who’s been reading should have a good insight to my thoughts of the series already =)

    The Good Stuff

    Heart of Greed is not loved by everybody (Is there such thing as a series that everyone would love?) Many many people loved it, while there are still others who thought the series was just so-so. For those who have seen it, I think you would agree that its like you’re watching two different stories combined in one. One- is about the Tong Family; the other being about the love Square of Raymond/Linda/Moses/Yoyo. Some people complained that the Raymond/Linda/Moses/Yoyo story were boring and pointless and just wanted to watch about the main storyline.
    I personally liked the balance between the two stories~ I think 40 episodes of intense Tong-family arguments would be too much! Besides, I like a story with a touch of when things were getting intense, there would be a balance when seeing some other characters. Their relationship is also used to show time pass. I was very attached to Raymond’s character! I loved Alfred, especially when he was trying to redeem himself! I really wanted Linda and Raymond to end up together!! The two of them both matured and became more understanding of each other! Its is when the two finally broke up when I truly loved this couple.

    As for the Tong family storyline- I loved watching their family moments. There were so much touching scenes were I cried- most of them were scenes with Dai Kai and her lovely speeches.

    The Not-so-good stuff

    Lost interested in first few episodes…too many “silly family moments” and nothing was really happening…
    Random Notes:

    Mistakes: Alfred mentions having a sister, but after his death/ no reference made when we talk about his past.

    Bosco I thought his character would be more significant.

    Tavia I really like Tavia’s character! Surprisingly, it in Heart that I started liking Tavia and not even in Dicey even though she had smaller screentime here. She’s really likable in this series and I like her new look ^^

    Chris Lok Yi: I found his character really likeable. He would always remember what his ‘Dai Ma’ told him. At the end, he stood up against his mother..! bravo!

    Fala: I liked Fala’s character in this series; she was really cute, young and innocent looking. I liked the way she would look down most of the time XD

    Michelle Yim: A really nice lady who I feel gets picked on.

    Uncle Bor: This guy is easily can he believes Susana over his real sisters..?

    Henry: I hated his character from beginning to the end~ only part i enjoyed watching was when Susanna was trying to run him over and his wig falls off XD Too bad he doesn’t die and gets away with tricking all Susanna’s money..but I guess that’s a lesson for Susanna.

    Misc. Characters

    Natalie Tong: A nice little addition at the end; she plays as Chris’ girlfriend. Their relationship was short..but i guess we can see more of this couple in ‘The Green Grass of Home’ lol

    Tracy Ip: A short appearance as Moses’ girlfriend

    Tavia’s family: Annoying as!!!

    Bosco and Tavia

    I think the two look really go together in this series and I wished they did a bit more in the series..after they came back from their Honey moon, most of the time they didn’t appear on screen and when they did, we would see them sitting together on the family couch arms around each other…I particularly liked making the few screencaps of them in the little bits and pieces of episodes because I thought their onscreen time was rare! XD

    The Court Case

    I was a bit disappointed with it. The little preview in episode 1 with Susanna’s speech was misleading because all she said were lies which I believed she was telling actual facts in episode 1. The points brought in court were really annoying because all Susanna did was tell lies..lies told that couldn’t be proven wrong…she could say anything about what Ha Yu told her when they were “alone”. Only 4 people were questioned: Susanna, Bosco, Moses, and Tavia’s sister.

    I also felt that the legal system was really unjust (not like its just anyway, but yeh XD) because it seems that Moses was not able to completely tell his side of the story and was constantly interrupted by the other lawyer. How can you possibly get a good judgment if they were only allowed to answer a “yes” or “no” question without further explanation?? Its misleading~~

  • CookieChiu says:

    I have to say that Ray and Linda’s relationship made this movie for me. The family feud got old fast but their relationship was so beautiful. It was turbulent but passionate – it showed that loving a person doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be with them. I’m hoping if they make a second series with the same cast, “Alfred” and “Sum” will have a happy ending! The things that he does for “Sum’s” forgiveness was really beautiful – one of the most romantic things I’ve seen in a long time on TVB!

  • Shurlee says:

    Bosco is hot!!
    BoTa 4ever
    x x x

  • feli says:

    man thankx 4 the summ. cux i cant find ep 29 ANYWHERE T.T so yeh at least i had that short skim of it thankx really appreciate it wheee cant wait 2 c wht happens next

  • Chris says:

    Hey…can anyone tell me where do i get d full ringtone that Moses used in Episode 1?

  • angelynnnnn says:

    omg, i am at episode 36 on channel 55
    i couldnt wait for tomorrow so i searched
    to check if alfred would die
    T.T he would?!
    i wanted the both of them to end up together
    T.T i cant wait for tomorrow

  • Lelouch says:

    hey KTVB, thanks for uploading so many stuff from the TV series, i read one of your comments

    ‘To Benny: If its the funny ring tone that Moses used in episode 1 , here it is =)

    Credits to AEU’

    could you possibly upload that ringtone again please? that link doesn’t work anymore.
    Thanks =)

  • KTVB says:

    Hi Lelouch ^_^ Thanks for your comments! =)

    Here’s another link for Moses’ ringtone:

  • Xandria says:

    I doubt anyone can actually forgive their boyfriend once more even though he cheated. Shueng joi sum is already considered big hearted for forgiving Alfred not until he read Shui Mak Mak’s e-mail

  • yunneeezy says:

    this drama was awesomee<3
    cried so muchh when raaymond diedd; i watched this drama just because raymond & linda is in it 😀
    Heart Of Greed : Moonlight Renosance was eveen better <3 linda & raymond maarried<3 RAYDAA FORVEEER (:

  • luxor says:

    This is all very new to me and this Post Truly opened my Eye.Many thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

  • Erinn Aniol says:

    I’ve heard that there are some issues with character limits on the PS3 web browser. Has this problem been fixed? Would I be able to type out long blog posts on the PS3 web browser?.

  • JacJac says:

    Memories about KTVB used to blog a lot. lol.

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