November 2010

[New Series]: Gun Metal Grey

English Title: Gun Metal Grey

Cantonese Title: 刑警 (Ying Ging) Criminal Police

Cast: 苗侨伟 Michael Miu Kiu Wai, 黄日华 Felix Wong Yat Wa, 宣 萱 Jessica Hester Hsuan, 胡定欣 Nancy Wu, 王浩信 Vincent Wong, 王君馨 Grace Wong, 陈秀珠 Chan Sau Chu, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung

Episodes: 30

Airing date: 1 November 2010 (Replacing ‘Every Move You Make’)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Themesong: Fui Sik Hung So (灰色控訴)– Super 4 (Live) | Ngor Tik Lei Hoi Ya Si Oi (我的離開也是愛) Sub- Alfred Hui

Executive Producer: Tong Kei Ming

Scriptwriter: Lau Choi Wan & Leung Yan Tung

Gun Metal Grey


When a cop expresses his grievance and anger onto the world, he becomes the most dangerous man on the force. Taken from the top ten famous unsolved cases in Hong Kong, Gun Metal Grey depicts a cop’s road to destruction as well as the very truth of human nature.

Fifteen years ago, upright police officer SHEK TUNG SING (Felix Wong) was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to prison. Now that he has been discharged, he decides to get to the bottom of the case. Unfortunately, he is unable to bring the culprit to justice because of lack of evidence.

As a result, his suppressed anger continues to churn within him and whenever the law fails to carry out justice, he takes matters into his own hand.

The sudden change in his character and behaviour places his friendship with his teammate MAI ON DING (Michael Miu) to the test. Later, when he is trying to prevent DING from looking further into the case, he even hurts DING’s girlfriend, HUI MAN HIM (Jessica Hsuan).

The competition begins to intensify between the two good friends when DING is determined to deal with SING according to the law.


Synopsis Credits : TVB.com


27 Responses to “[New Series]: Gun Metal Grey”

  • Alec Nguyen says:

    The first episode’s rating has got 30 pts.

  • faithict says:

    it seems like jessica picture is missing from the main poster…guess she is just playing a minor role in this series??

  • Rin says:

    Another police related series after Every Move You Make? Huh… I thought they might have changed the genre up a bit. But this one looks like it’ll be more err.. complicated than EMYM? & possibly (probably) better lol.

  • cheela says:

    I like EMYM. Although, there isn’t much drama, I like it. 🙂

    • zihwye says:

      EMYM was fantastic, but a bit dry on the love side. i loved the stories and it was interesting. plus mighty good acting too!

  • Alec Nguyen says:

    [b]THE 2ND EPISODE HAS GOT 31 PTS.[/b]

  • kay kay says:

    can you give me the ending theme song lyrics ..

  • Choobis says:

    Can you please upload the CD version of Fui Sik Hung So (灰色控訴)? Thanks. 🙂

  • Fiona says:

    I have waited a year for this. IT’S FINALLY OUT! I’m so excited to see Felix and Michael!! ^^

  • kes says:

    ay…Felix has grown old… But I still love him.
    The fact that Felix looks old makes me feel old too.
    I’ve been followering him since his debut ^^;

    Felix and Michael… *Sigh* – When was the last time I saw them in the same drama?

  • Jenny says:

    Oh I am so excited! Although its another cop series, it seems to be a bit more different, with one of the mains as a baddie. I’ve waiting for such a long time to see Felix’s return and not to mention Michael Miu as well! Can’t wait!

    When I first heard of the series, I thought there was going to be a love triangle between the 3 leads, doesn’t seem like it though.

  • Hellokitty1044 says:

    i watched the first few episodes and its great! luv michael miu and felix wong filming in this series! luv vincent wong in this series

  • Fiona says:

    This was so amazing. This is totally my personal favourite drama in years!

  • Emmeline says:

    anyone have the instrumental song that plays while michael and jessica are kissing??

  • Cebin says:

    who played the mutilated victim Kitty?

  • Reno says:

    May I know what’s the two background songs that Felix Wong and his wife is dancing to at episode 6?

  • ivan says:

    there are some english songs in this drama…if i’m not mistaken in episode 6 during police officer SHEK TUNG SING’s honeymoon there is english songs when he dance with his wife…can i know what song is it please??

  • Mike Nguyen says:

    Hmmmmm … I have the same question with Reno and Ivan, really love this 2 english songs.
    I searched them by its lyric on google but couldn’t find it !
    ” Once the sky was always blue, somehow we make it blue…
    We were happy to present, good time would never end, together we will change … ” …
    I don’t know if it’s right, he he !

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    the series was tooo violent for my liking. i found some crime scenes too cruel and disturbing to watch, especially the ones abt children and stephen huynhs one not to mention the ‘tracey case’ too. but i gota say love the interaction between felix and michael thats the best part in the series! i reckon the last 4 eps was the best!! i found jess quite boring to watch. oh vincent sure made a break through his character ‘carson’ was enjoyable such a shame he dies’ i loved his chemistry with nancy. hope tvb will pair them up more. also michael’s character ‘mad sir’ was hilarious! shame tvb didnt promote this series that much no wonder felix was upset!

  • kes says:

    lol.. I just notice one funny thing.

    Yesterday I looked through all my old magazine and notice: The wedding picture of Felix and Rebecca is an old ‘advertising’ photo.

    It’s kinda funny to think that tvb re used an old ad photo 😀

  • Elie says:

    I’m wondering if there’s anyone who has the piano song that they used on the last episode when they filmed that Felix was in prison, partially deaf and needed a wheelchair. ><

  • Jessica says:

    I wondered what was Felix reading in the last episode when he was sitting on the wheelchair looking at that piece of paper

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