Title: The Season of Fate 五味人生 (Five Flavours of Life)
Cast:  Roger Kwok Chun On (郭晉安),  Esther Kwan Wing Ho (關詠荷) Michelle Yim (ç±³ 雪),  Ng Wai Kwok (伍衛國) , Derek Kwok Ching Hung (郭政鴻) , Kong Mei Yee (江美儀) Oscar Leung Lit Wai (梁烈唯) Law Man Chong (羅敏莊), Vivian Yeo
Episodes: 25 Episodes
Airring date (HK): 11 January 2010 (replacing The Beauty of the Game)
Producer: Cheung Kin Man
Scriptwriter: Wong Kwok Fai & Yip Sai Hong
Themesong: Michael Tse (CD Version)

Official website: http://programme.tvb.com/drama/theseasonoffate/

The Season of Fate


Poor LIN SHEUNG CHUN (Esther Kwan) is sold to KWAN’s family as a concubine but her husband passes away accidentally. Losing husband has caused the first wife WONG YEUK LAM (Michelle Yim) erratic behaviour. CHUN has no choice but to take up all family responsibilities including operation of the family’s bistro. During the time, MA WING CHING (Roger Kwok) and LEI SHI MUI (Regen Cheung) are swindling around, their schemes get unveiled by CHUN. However, LAM mistakenly recognizes CHING as her senior apprentice and she runs after him all the time. CHING seizes the chance to swindle money by working at the bistro. After a series of incidents, CHUN and CHING unexpectedly have crush on each other. CHUN feels caught in the middle between CHING and her childhood friend LEUNG GAU MUI (Derek Kwok). All of a sudden, LAM’s second senior apprentice YAM FEI YEUNG (Lawrence Ng Wai Kwok) returns home with his foster son YAM SHING TIN (Oscar Leung). YEUNG hopes to get LAM’s heart back to him but CHUN believes that he has intentions behind it. Coming as a surprise, she discovers the secret of CHING…

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Synopsis Credits : Astro on Demand

83 Responses to “[New Series]: The Season of Fate”

  • KTVB says:

    I was most excited to see Esther Kwan on the cast list 😀 Simply Esther will be enough for me to give this series a try 🙂

  • nikki says:

    yea yeah yah.. me too.. Simply because Esther is in it.. I’ll definitely gotta watch the series. Her acting is always oustanding!

  • chibi says:

    Oh No..It’s Michelle >.<! Argh, BTROC has brainwashed me into disliking her….

    Hope this series makes me change my mind about her 😀

  • Nicole says:

    Esther’s last series (for now)! enough said. 😀 Roger & Derek help too.

  • engsamnang says:

    Well-design poster move with an entertaining plot featured various talented casts, simply consist something about food. I will give a try.

  • Kelvin says:

    I was looking forward to this series ever sinced i watched the sales production

  • Fiona says:

    you know, this drama, when you look at the poster, it looks like it’s gonna be a comedy, funny, light drama, but when you see the sales presentation, NO WAY. besides, I’m pisssed off by Michelle from BTROC. and I never liked Ng Wai Kwok 😛 although I am not very sure why…although his constant 走音(sorry, don’t know what to call it in english XD) is pretty entertaining and very funny XD Guys! I’m so mean!!!!

  • *xueling* says:

    The summary is so confusing. I’m completely lost, I’m hopping around looking for the summary, but i can’t find anything vaguely more detailed. :O
    What i do know is that the cast is strong, with Roger and Esther. ^^ shows with good casting has half the battle won, unless, well the storyline sucks. oops
    This should have totally come before Beyond. Someone overlooked how annoying michelle was there. The fact that she’s going to act young (and do i hear an annoying?) doesn’t help. hahaha, luckily, there’s still esther and roger. 😀

    • KTVB says:

      I’ve watched up to Episode 8 and the summary does kind of make sense lol (Was a bit confusing before that then)

      It’s basically about Esther carrying the burden of the family as she is trying to keep her husband’s restaurant running; at the same time, caring for her mother in-law and Michelle (her husband’s first wife) who has lost her memories and lives like a 10 year old.

      And then along comes Roger along with his apprentice Regen who go around tricking people for money etc

      They also reveal Michelle’s past and her relationship with several other characters which I find quite interesting as well 🙂

  • kes says:

    Im sooooo cheap!!! ^^;
    The poster is good enough for me to want to see this serie 😀

    And is it me or does Derek show some gayish behaviour? (look at his hand)

    ah.. love the cast. – Esther, Roger and Derek is good for me… (I hope none of these plays the villain)

    • KTVB says:

      haha good observation XD Derek’s character is straight in the series but many question this because of the way he acts and walks and everything lol People in the series tease him as being unmanly and it doesn’t help when his character is named “Gou-Mui” (Ninth Sister) XD

      • kes says:

        ha ha ha….
        Gou Mui? – Who would name your son “Gou Mui”? – That is sooo mean (and funny 😀 )

        • KTVB says:

          yea haha. At first I thought it was a nickname people started calling him to make fun of him.
          He gets called “Gou-Mui-Gor” by one of the other characters lol

          So have you started the series Kes? ^^

        • kes says:

          Not yet… – But I’m planning on renting this serie this week.
          Im actually watching ‘A bride for a ride’ now.
          I must admit… – It’s not the best serie…

  • Fiona says:

    Ooooooooh. I just started watching this drama >< the first episode was so WIERD! already making me not want to watch this drama XD. I'll tell you why. CAUSE OF MICHELLE! OMG. her character is so odd! She's pretending to be some little girl. EWWW I can't take it! I wish she could go back to her villian roles…I like them much better… 🙁

    • *xueling* says:

      She’s not pretending. She lost her memory. Okay, not that that helps much.
      I think the casting of her as the girl who lost her memory has created a huge opportunity to backfire. I just wonder what would have happened if we got someone else from her generation to do this role.

    • KTVB says:

      I’ve seen the first episode and I quite enjoyed it 😀 I love watching Esther again after all these years (since Lady Flower Fist). I thought it’d be more about cooking; but Roger’s role in being a con-artist seems to bring much attention in the storyline of the series. (I think his follower has some resemblances to Shirley Yeung XD) There seems to be a few different story lines emerging from this series which can be quite interesting…gotta watch on 🙂

      Michelle playing a woman who lost her memories is different I suppose lol Sometimes I find her cute..sometimes I find her slightly annoying. But I agree- watching her after BTROC is making me slightly more bias lol

      The themevideo looks pretty good though! I love watching ‘drama’ haha -can’t wait until we see the characters express the various emotions of the “5 flavours of life”

      • Fiona says:

        Well, yea…i guess it’s kinda new and refreshing…but it’s just really kinda odd…idk…I guess I feel sorry for her that she lost her memory, but its just kinda freaking me out LOL

        and omgsh. i love the themesong by Michael Tse…well, i really like the tune ^^ that guy’s pretty good-he can sing and act very well too.

        yea yea~Esther’s pretty and funny in this drama 🙂 i like her

  • lovespicy says:

    I really enjoy watching this series. Sadly, there isn’t much discussion about it and no episode review too.

    • KTVB says:

      Hey lovespicy, I’m watching the series too! Currently up to episode 10. I’ve decided not to do episode reviews for this series, but feel free to have a discussion here ^^

      There’s something about the series which makes me continue watching it. I think it’s mainly the characters in the series and certain chemistry although the storyline itself seems to go a bit zigzag some times- with ups and downs and annoying bits.

      I really like Michelle’s character in the series so far! I wonder if/when she’ll ever get her memories back and how she would then treat/react to Esther, and her 2nd See-Hing. He’s been saying there are many sad memories brought to him when he was cooking (in the past), so I hope they’ll show us what actually happened 20 years ago!

      • lovespicy says:

        I’m also up to episode 10. So far I enjoy watching every bit of it, more than that doggy show (currently on air too).

        Yes, I like Michelle’s role but she’ll turn villain once she regains her memory. I like Derek’s role too. Hopefully this role can help him earn a nomination or an award this year. It’s refreshing to see this cast and also I’ve not seen Esther for a long time (didn’t watch best selling secrets). Her costume and her little bit of kungfu reminds me of her role miu chui fa. Some people would compare Sheren of Rosy with Esther in here. Ok la, Esther got her way of portraying this role. I’m looking forward to how Roger and Esther have fallen for each other and also later Esther knows Derek treats her more than a buddy.

        BTW, the only artiste that I don’t really enjoy watching is Vivian. Her cantonese or the way she speaks is a bit odd? shall I say.

      • Tong Yin says:

        Hi ktvb

        well i’m watching this series and i think michelle realling acts in to her character! thank you!

  • KTVB says:

    The Season of Fate

    Yea I thought so! Michelle’s character seemed kinda scary (when she’s normal), but she still seemed quite nice in those flashbacks when she was young.

    The Season of Fate

    Yesh I like Derek too LOL He brings a lot of funny moments in the series and I love his chemistry with other characters. It’s funny how Roger gets freaked out by his over-friendly behaviour (when Roger shares his room).

    The Season of Fate
    In episode 10 we find out that Derek, Esther and Roger all knew each other when they were young. In the scene where Roger makes them soup..what meat is exactly in that thing?? lol I’m not convinced that it’s rabbit meat…(don’t tell me it’s human flesh lol)

    I really like Miu Chui Fa so I don’t mind seeing similarities in the characters. She did slightly remind me of Sheren’s character in RB, but they do have their own personalities and Sheren is more intelligent.

    I’m looking forward to Roger and Esther’s chemistry too! I think Roger’s already fallen for Esther at this point (or developed feelings which hasn’t realised XD)

    The Season of Fate

    Regan is pretty cute too! Love her chemistry with Roger too lol i loved how she was feeling touched by the way the family treated her (giving food etc to her) and giving her that warmth. With no doubt, she’s developed feelings with the family. I wonder how long she has been following Roger for.

    The Season of Fate

    The Season of Fate

    The Season of Fate
    I love watching this couple lol, more for Oscar than Vivian (I don’t think her canto has improved much!) I’m actually rather amused watching him ahah. When he talks seriously he’s quite charming XD- and when he’s not- he’s pretty funny I rewatched the sales presentation and heard a spoiler in there regarding his character too. Can’t wait to see it.

    • lovespicy says:

      lol yes i agree.

      Again like BR, I don’t see a good reason why the HK viewers don’t appreciate this series. So I always conclude, whatever they don’t like, I like and whatever they like, I may not like 🙂

      Oh yes, talking abt Oscar, I notice that sometimes he has squinting eyes.

  • Cindy says:

    Come watch it at my site, http://medramatube.blogspot.com/


  • KTVB says:

    Just watched episode 11! it’s one of my favourite episodes so far XD I love the chemistry between the characters, and enjoy watching Roger, Esther and Derek’s re-unite! I hope Roger will never betray them again!

    Vivien and Oscar also get together (hehe love watching them xD)

    Another exciting point is at the end where Roger’s determined to find out the truth behind his father’s death!

    p.s so relieved that the “meat” Roger used for the soup wasn’t human flesh lol

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Well my parents gave up on this series by episode 5. They feel that Michelle playing a teenager is quite unrealistic, even though that’s the storyline. They also feel that having Esther as Michelle’s mum is very kind of silly, again, even though it’s part of the storyline…

    Don’t know if I should continue watching this series, even though I’m quite interested in Roger and Esther’s chemistry.

    • Cara says:

      Hmm, I like Michelle, so I’m probably biased, but she’s supposed to be mentally retarded and an amnesiac and hardly a teenager, lol. I’d assume her mental state would be less mature than even a teenager, more like a child with a lower than normal level of intelligence. I actually know somebody like that in real life, and they’re easily tricked or lied to, because they’re just not sharp enough to ‘get’ it due to their mental disability.

    • lovespicy says:

      Sounds like you didn’t understand the storyline. Well, you’re not the only one i came across. Michelle is portraying the middle age person but she lost her memory due to an incident. She will regain her memory in upcoming ep 14 (i reckon). Esther is not her mum. Esther is the 2nd wife. Michelle is the 1st wife. As Michelle lost her memory, she was treating her as her mum. If you understood the storyline but you still don’t like it, that means you don’t enjoy watching the series. Nothing wrong with Michelle and Esther portraying those roles. You can skip watching the earlier part and start watching from ep 14. But you miss out the development of the characters and some good laughs. In fact talking abt realistic, this is better than the “teen teen fai fai, mo mun mo loh” (so called unrealistic) A Chip off the block. Anyway, treat this all for entertainment only, then we’ll not be too disappointed.

      • KTVB says:

        I agree with you lovespicy. I think the “real story” develops around episode 14, but the earlier episodes have a lot of character development etc. The more lighthearted bits of the series.

        When I first watched the series i was a little confused myself and thought Michelle was portraying a “young” girl hehe (that slightly turned me off)

        As I watched Michelle over the early episodes (before she regains her memories), she grew onto me and I enjoyed watching her performance.

  • KTVB says:

    I just finished episode 15! The story is definitely getting more exciting!!

    Roger and Esther’s relationship has blossomed but it’s hard for them to get together because Esther is a widow..Adding to that, she’s pretty much forced into becoming someone who can’t marry again. I’m kinda glad Esther and Roger both decided they couldn’t elope with the other as I was hoping Michelle wouldn’t succeed in “capturing them together”.
    I felt sorry for Esther and Roger though. Despite loving each other, Esther just could not leave her family behind nor be selfish :< On the other hand, Regan made Roger doubt his ability to give her happiness *sigh* Now that Michelle is officially back to her normal self~ things will only get more interesting from here!!

    • lovespicy says:

      Yes, it’s so exciting to watch. Michelle is back to her normal self, can’t wait to watch ep 16. I like the parts where Roger dated Esther secretly. So difficult for them and Esther was like so panicky. Funny but also pity them. Do you like this pair or prefer Esther with Derek?

      • KTVB says:

        I like Roger and Esther pairing more. Derek is a bit too girlie for my liking and Esther does not seem to like him at all. They’re really good friends/companions though but I can’t seem them as a couple. Yourself?

        • lovespicy says:

          I prefer Roger and Esther pairing too. Have a feeling that they’re going to be together eventually. Hopefully a good ending, not like it’s up to your imagination kind of open ending.

  • KTVB says:

    Just watched episode 16~ it wasn’t as good as I had hoped and the whole series is feeling so weird and akward now with the whole Esther and Derek eloping business. And after what Roger has done, it will be hard for Esther to “find out” the reason behind his actions and forgive him.

    It’s so lame back at those times!! They pretty much have no evidence of them eloping OR evidence of anything between them- yet accused and everything. What’s the whole point of Derek telling everyone his secret? They get treated the same regardless!


    • lovespicy says:

      Be patient.. Esther and Derek will be back to Gao Gao Chan soon. Back at those times, there was no “pau ching tin” to investigate and judge.

      Although Esther was very angry with Roger but deep inside she still loves him. I love every word Esther said when she scolded Roger. Esther was right from her perspective and Roger has no right to decide for her future.

      I look at it this way. Ep 16 has one of the flavours – bitter. It’s so touching when Esther bade farewell to her mother-in-law and her parents. This episode really made me cry.

      • lovespicy says:

        More thoughts, Michelle isn’t that bad after all. Don’t think she’s the villain now. I think Lawrence has something to do with the death of Roger’s dad. And Oscar is likely to be his long lost brother.

        More comments on ep 16 – Roger said aloud that Esther is the most fierce woman in the world when they were leaving gao gao chan. lol i don’t think so. there are other women I’ve seen even more fierce.

        • KTVB says:

          Yea I quite like Michelle actually and I can see she’s not just some irrational evil woman. She knows Esther has been nice to her all these years etc, but is just a bit confused as to Esther’s intentions since she was so certain she caused her husband’s death (one way or another). Haha yea Lawrence seems like the real villain to me.

          I agree lol

      • KTVB says:

        Sooo dodgy back in those days! I feel so angry and helpless for them. I know Esther still loves Roger, and I agree that Roger has no rights to do what he thinks is best for her. sad to think about Esther scolded at him, he’d still sticks firmly in believing Derek is the one for her. Everything Derek said in prison about Roger is true but Roger won’t admit it. Roger’s just ashamed of himself.

        You made a good point about the bitterness of the episode! Esther’s bidding farewell to her mother in-law was touching.. though I can’t say the same her step mother LOL All I see out of it is she is still a selfish woman (and her father is cowardly) who does not want Esther to affect her “Number One” business

  • KTVB says:

    I’ve just seen episode 18. I knew Roger was the one helping Derek and Esther =) I have a feeling Derek knows too since he was the one whose friend introduced him to stay at that village.

    Derek’s tongue infection was quite disturbing to watch though!

    I still think Lawrence is a bad guy~ he could have easily traced Roger’s father’s hand writing. Besides, something from 20 years ago is still nicely in tact in his top drawer? Doesn’t sound right to me.

    Lawrence wife seems to know everything that’s going on yet still grins and pretends she doesn’t. This makes me think that she’s quite s smart woman, possibly knowing that her husband is having an affair with Mimi(the secretary) all along.

    • lovespicy says:

      ha ha.. i only knew it was Roger helping them after watching ep 18. I still pity Derek after he sacrificed so much. Those people at the village are weird and funny though. I like the way Esther questioned Derek what kind of friends are those? I also like the way TVB cut the scene when they were about to beat up Esther and Derek for starting the business again and keep you in suspense until it was revealed later.

      I like Michelle portraying this role, not a villain this time. Yes, I believe Lawrence is a bad guy.

      Agree with you on Lawrence’s wife. I believe Mimi will take revenge on him later.

      Oh dear! It’s wrapping up next week. Can’t seem to get enough of Esther because I know I’m going to miss her as need to wait for another couple of years before seeing her again.

  • KTVB says:

    Just seen episode 19- What a frustrating episode!! The way Lawrence manipulates and uses everyone is making me wanna pull all my hair out. I hate the way is ruining Roger and Oscar’s brotherly relationship >_< Why am I so glad Michelle does not love him? hehe p.s I really like Michelle's character 🙂

    • Cara says:

      I agree! Lawrence is getting so evil (he’s probably always been that way, ever since he sabotaged Roger’s father to get Michelle but failed anyway, because Michelle married the third apprentice) and pretends to be so wise and good.

      And he’s so good to Michelle, even though he treats everyone else so badly. I kinda feel bad for Mimi. >.< I'm glad Michelle doesn't love him either!

  • kes says:

    Hmmm.. maybe I should pick up this serie again?
    it sound like its woth watching…

    I watched 2-3 eps and I kinda dumped it.
    Why? – it was because of Esthers family (and because my rental store had no more then 4 eps during the time :D)
    Why do I hate Esther’s family?
    Serious… I hate those kind of drama where the family looses all the money on gamble.
    Loosing the money is not what makes me mad. What makes me mad is the way they handle the situation…
    The mother makes the father the scapegoat, saying he lost the money.
    Worst of all? – She doesn’t even feel guilt.
    And the brother? – Drink and playing with friends all day long.

    It makes me angry the way they portray Esther. – She has to take care of her in-law family AND her own!!
    I know that its her family which is why she sacfrice so much…. But I don’t like that she is not angry or anything. She just accept the fact and smile.

    Tell me… (I don’t mind spoilers)
    Does Esthers family continuing being bad? – Would I smash because of her family?
    Should I rent this drama?

    • KTVB says:

      Well I never liked her family lol, mmm her father’s pretty useless, brother goes around causing trouble, and her second mother is still as selfish as always and only cares about her clothes shop. I think in episode 19 we see her family care about her a little more (after she leaves the village)

  • KTVB says:

    I loved Episode 20!! Very touching scenes~ I especially liked the Michelle and Esther’s scene of confession and watching the bond between the mother and daughter ^^

    Esther and Derek’s names are also cleared and are back in town =) I love episodes when truths get revealed!

    I enjoyed the confrontation scene between Lawrence and Mimi. Seems like Lawrence’s wife is somehow using Mimi too. Either way I’m looking forward to Mimi taking her revenge XD

  • lovespicy says:

    I really really love episode 22. Those who like Roger with Esther, you would enjoy watching this episode. So funny at the part where Roger and Esther pretend to kidnap that eunuch. Can’t tell how many kidnappers that Roger is pretending to be.

    I don’t understand what’s Mimi trying to do. Is she still trying to take revenge or what? As for Lawrence’s wife, she suddenly couldn’t take it anymore and changed her character.

    • KTVB says:

      I like it too! Love the scenes Roger and Esther share! It’s clearly obvious that Derek is left out on what’s going on (Roger trying to find out about his father’ death)..and the love triangle. the bicycle scene was sweet!

      Yea..I’m disappointed with Mimi. I thought she’d take her revenge..instead, she decides to betray Lawrence’s wife and Roger to blackmail/get with Lawrence. Then again, what does she get out of revenge? At the end, she still wants the man to give the love and attention she wants (whether its “genuine” is a different story..

      I thought Mimi was initially gonna gang up with Lawrence’s wife to go against Michelle. Looks like they haven’t even spoken after that.

      For Lawrence’s wife..I’m a bit “what the heck?” as well. She’s totally changed and all. Silly thing out of all this is that Michelle made things clear with Lawrence, unfortunately Lawrence’s wife took it the wrong way.

      I’m just slightly confused with what had happened 20 years ago. Was hoping you could help clear up my understanding.

      Was it Roger’s dad who was in the cooking competition? Or Michelle’s husband? Because that eunch mentioned that Lawrence wanted he wanted to get at his “see-dai” (which should be Michelle’s husband?)

      Michelle’s dad made her made her husband because he found out Roger’s dad was bad..?? What incident proved this?

      • Cara says:

        A bit confused with Mimi’s motivations though. :S Unstable character.

        As for Elena, what an abrupt change! The way she influences Oscar to hate Michelle is scary. He was so mean to her. 🙁

        I think for what happened 20 years ago, it was Chiu Sing who joined, and Lawrence wanted to sabotage him, and when Chiu Sing was in trouble, Roger’s dad took the fall for it to protect him and Michelle. At least, that’s what I believed happened?

        Um, in episode 2, it’s mentioned that Roger’s dad went to a prostitution house (I think Lawrence probably caused that too?), and Michelle’s dad found out and kicked him out before they could do anything. I don’t know where it’s mentioned that her dad forced her to marry her husband, although I think it may be so…

        • lovespicy says:

          Oops, didn’t see your reply and thought that only KTVB and I are discussing this series. I’m glad to see your opinion.

          Emm… yes, looks like it. Roger’s dad was kicked out earlier and it could be Lawrence’s doing due to jealousy. That was his 1st target, 2nd target was Michelle’s husband (already married and that’s why Lawrence sabo him also due to jealousy). However, Roger’s dad found out and decided to protect his si hing and Michelle (more bcoz of his love for Michelle). Fair, got the pieces together. The trial really wasn’t fair at that time. If someone just say I did it, then he’s the culprit.

        • KTVB says:

          Aww that would be so sweet of Roger’s dad..sacrificing his life so Michelle’s husband could look after her etc I’m still wondering how he got kicked out in the first place though! (before wishing Michelle and her husband well wishes when they got married)

          Michelle mentions to Roger how she was forced to marry her husband because he wanted her to forget/give up on Roger (after he did something really bad). After being with him though, she developed real feelings for him and she knows that he is the one she truly loves now

  • lovespicy says:

    I know what you mean about ep 22. I’m also confused on what happened 20 years ago. Oh dear! Why it seems that only two of us discussing this series? So sad, the rating and their great effort and talent have gone to waste. What a nice series to watch and discuss.

    Let’s discuss on the point further when the incident happened:
    1) 3rd apprentice and Michelle already married at that time?
    2) 1st apprentice (Roger’s dad) already kicked out by Michelle’s dad by then?
    3) 3rd apprentice was alone in the cooking competition or was it a team’s work involving his sifu (Michelle’s dad)?
    4) Lawrence is supposed to betray who initially? 1st or 3rd apprentice or both?
    5) Roger’s dad helped Michelle’s husband by sacrificing himself?
    6) How they got the evidence that Roger’s dad did it when he wasn’t in the cooking competition?

    I love episode 23 also. Lawrence is good at twisting stories. The love triangle (Esther-Roger-Gou Mui) persists and Gou Mui finally knows the truth but it’s gonna be painful for him. Looks like Gou Mui will end the friendship with Roger in the next episode?. Surprised that Michelle has lost her memory again, not sure if this time she is pretending in order to find out the truth from Lawrence.

    • KTVB says:

      ahh you were right! it’s pretty clear in episode 23 XD I initially had all those questions you’ve listed pondering my mind as well lol except I’m still not sure whether Roger’s dad knew it was Lawrence who did it..cos then it’ll be like Roger trying to cover up for Lawrence?

      Episode 23 was climatic! I hated the way Lawrence twisted the truth, and plays mind tricks on Derek and Oscar. The best part of the episode has to be the end bit where Roger confesses the truth about Gou Mui! I somehow forgot about this issue. Considering all truths come out from TVB series, I should have seen it coming! Only 2 more episodes left..how exciting!

      Yea..from the preview it looks like it is possible that Michelle is pretending this time. I hope that’s true!! And that she’ll find out the truth~~

      • Cara says:

        Hmm, got a feeling that Michelle’s pretending this time in order to find out the truth from Lawrence.

        Lawrence is an interesting character, quite well-written too. Although he’s a villain, his character has many sides.

        This show’s one of TVB’s more underrated series! It’s really good, the characters are well-developed and the cast is good.

  • lovespicy says:

    Just watch episode 24. Good good! looking forward to finale. Mixed feelings though, will miss Esther.

    Ha ha, we’re right, Michelle is pretending. Oscar’s performance here overall is so far so good. Regen speaks too fast. Lawrence’s baddie role is also good.

    Looks like Lawrence is going to frame Roger. Oh dear! Is Roger going to die? I really hope not.

    Very very underrated series.

    • lovespicy says:

      I like the part where Derek couldn’t make the sweetness taste properly for the fish dish and Roger commented that it’s because he didn’t encounter any sweetness in life and suggested someone to help him (looking at Esther). Esther looking annoyed and suggested to her stepmother that he’s talking about her. Wonder if Derek could take part in the competition finally.

      Did you see the finale preview that Lawrence slap Michelle?

      • Cara says:

        Did you see the finale preview that Lawrence slap Michelle?

        Yes! Although I really think there’s more to it then what they’re showing us. The synopsis for the finale on the official website reveals some interesting spoilers.

      • KTVB says:

        I loved the missing “sweetness’ in his life bit too ^^

        Episode 24 had many frustrating moments with Lawrence manipulating everything but I’m glad Roger and Oscar are in good terms with each other again. It was very mature of Roger to put down the past for his brothers’ happiness 🙂

        Can’t wait to see the finale!! I hope Roger wont’ die!! And that all the truths wil come out..but I have a feeling there’s just too much misunderstandings..

        I hope Michelle doesn’t die ether!!

  • kes says:

    my friend were able to get me episode 1-20.
    Im going to watch the serie this weekend and catch up with you girls(or guys?)

  • KTVB says:

    Just finished watching the finale!!! I love it!! 😀 I have to say, it’s one of the best TVB endings I’ve seen in a llooooong timee. I’ve never been so satisifed haha It’s like the perfect ending I wished for this series. The episode was filled with lots of action and tears and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was actually quite exciting!

    I thought the story was clever how they made Lawrence say the same thing to Roger’s dad 20 years ago; and like-father-like-son, Roger did the same thing for the people he loved. You really get an understanding of Roger’s dad’s past. The confession scene when Michelle reveals she was only pretending to have a memory loss to get close to him was nicely done too! I really like the “memory-loss” Michelle~~ so cute!

    I loved how Oscar finds out the truth and they all took part in saving Roger and Michelle.

    It was also touching to see Derek has finally “tasted sweetness” in his life in the end to create the ultimate “Five Flavours of Life” and that the taste of it has really touched Lawrence. Seems like it exceeded his expectations.

    As for Mimi, I thought it as funny how she said she was being selfish because she wanted to be the woman who sacrificed the most for Lawrence XD In the end, both woman can be with him~

    I love the chemistry between Roger , Esther and Derek and really happy to see them together again 🙂

    • lovespicy says:

      Yes, I also finished watching the finale. What a good ending! In fact, I thought Lawrence was killed at first. Anyway, Lawrence did a very good job as the villain and how he manipulated peoples’ mind. However, he does have a soft heart for Michelle.

      Yes, love the chemistry between Roger, Esther and Derek. Would like to vote them as the best group so far this year.

      A very good series to watch but extremely under-rated.

      One last question : I can’t read chinese, so what’s the meaning of the 2 words written on the paper in the train?

      • Cara says:

        The words mean “The End”, I think. 😀

        Yep, what a contradiction. He did so many bad things, and yet, he loves Michelle so much and is even willing to risk his life for her. Multifaceted villains are so interesting to watch. If he hadn’t done so many bad things…

        Very underrated! Why is is that the good shows always get lower viewership? :S

        • KTVB says:

          Well in the end Lawrence was still able to have his wife, Mimi, and his son.. Mimi was even willing to go to jail in place of him. I think he should be comforted.

      • KTVB says:

        Yup, Cara’s right~ the words say “The End” lol

        i thought Lawrence was dead too, considering he got shot in the head. The best characteristics of Lawrence’s character is his love for Michelle and his son (Oscar)..although his “love” for Michelle pretty much turned him evil lol

        • Cara says:

          Yep. His love for Michelle turned him into a desperate man in the beginning and in the present too. Pretty tragic really. 🙁

          I enjoyed this series and hope that TVB will produce more interesting dramas like this too.

          On the side note, I really like Michelle’s costumes. So delicate and pretty! ^^

        • lovespicy says:

          Thanks. I like Esther’s costumes more.

          Will rewatch this series when I’ve nothing to watch.

      • *xueling* says:

        So, in the end no deaths from the firing of the gun, though Lawrence took the bullet? And both elena and Mimi are with Lawrence and they leave Michelle alone?
        I suppose that we have a happily ever after ending for roger and Esther. And Derek can make his dish with sweetness in it?
        Ahh, someone tell me what the ending is!

        • KTVB says:

          Here’s a mini recap just for you 🙂

          -Lawrence gets convinced by Michelle and Oscar that he could start over if he gives in to the police and that they’ll always be there to support him etc
          -Mimi thinks Lawrence is going to be with Michelle again and is angry that he’s letting them off by listening to Michelle.
          -Mimi attempts to shoot Michelle where Lawrence takes the bullet in place of her.
          -He does not end up dying- but has some memory loss or something (not mental)
          -Mimi takes in all the criminal actions in place of Lawrence and she goes to jail
          -Elena goes to visit Mimi in jail and tells her that she and Lawrence will be waiting for her to come back out etc

          -Derek learns his “Five Flavours of Life” and wins in the competition and becomes a famous chef

          -Derek makes the “Five flavours of Life” for Lawrence to eat and he seems to have awoken(?) Tears start rolling down Lawrence’s eyes as he eats and listen’s to Derek’s theory of experiencing all “flavours” in one’s life- and finding sweetness in bitterness. Something along those lines lol

          -Oscar and Vivian plan to leave back to where he initially came from and to get married in the near future

          -Michelle divorces Esther on behalf of her deceased husband
          -Esther and Roger leave and live happily ever after XD

        • *xueling* says:

          Now i understand why you’ll say that it is a good ending. Though not everybody is satisfied and stuff, but at least i feel that they didn’t sacrifice the supporting characters for the happiness of the main characters 😀 I suppose everyone got what they rightfully deserved. (and lawrence should be glad that he has 2 women who love him so much)
          Perhaps this is the best ending that everyone could have without making another character very tragic or something. I think it does give a sense of closure!

          Going to watch this show soon! (was waiting for the whole thing to come out first, and know the ending, which i happily assumed, like many other tvb series, would have a bad ending with me wanting to smash the screen.) Even looking at spoilers posted everywhere is exciting 😀

        • *xueling* says:

          Oh my forgot to say.
          Thanks so much! 😀

    • eerational says:

      Yeah I agree, it’s one of the few good TVB endings – most other dramas have this annoying thing where the beginning and middle (and all the build-up) is very good, but then they rush the ending part and/or the ending is just an illogical/crappy one.

      Overall I think it’s a pretty good drama, although the plot wasn’t as strong or exciting as I’d liked it to be (no super huge twists that made me like gasp), I thought the cast did a really good job, and there were lots of chemistry between most of the characters. I think it’s one of the few dramas where I didn’t care for the storyline that much, but still watched it because of the characters.

      Loved the chemistry between Roger, Esther and Derek (and in their individual components too, ie Roger/Esther, Esther/Derek and Roger/Derek), as well as the “mother/daughter” relationship between Esther and Michelle… AND, the teacher-disciple relationship between Roger and Regen. You seldom find such an abundance of chemistry between so many characters in one drama, and it’s certainly worth watching for this reason alone! 😀

  • Jackie says:


    I am excited to see her again.

    Her and Roger are so funny. Ad Michelle/Esther’s mother/daughter relationship so so adorable.


  • Ni says:

    I’ve watched this film. It’ s good & funny in some episodes, i like Esther & Roger acting :D!!! Also the theme song is good too… :”> I love all about this film 🙂

  • Julie says:

    Just finish this show. It’s a great show! I agree with the satisfying ending. Also, I really don’t see Lawrence as being a bad guy/villain. The guy made a mistake in the past, and it came back to haunt him. When he put in the drugs into the food, he just thought maybe give them a nasty diarrhea, didn’t know it would end with death. He didn’t mean to kill anyone. That’s why he felt it was his duty to take care of his eldest apprentice’s infant son, and he did it well.

    I love Esther! She is by far my most favorite actress. I hope she comes back on screen for more.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    kind of late responding here, rite? well i watched the show and i think it’s amazing. it was so interesting with the storyline between Lawrence and Roger’s family! it was so sad at the end; he did everything for Michelle.
    as for Michelle’s acting? actually, I think it’s very cute. She acts the part out quite well.

  • 'Muff says:

    I watched it a long time ago, just never commented –

    There was something bugging me about the ending:

    How did Lawrence survive that bullet to the back of his head?? Logically he should’ve died O_O
    Or they should’ve made it so that it only hit somewhere at the top of his back >>;

    Ugh, I hated when Lawrence became so selfish he kept making further mistakes and descending further. And he managed to get away with everything – true, he’s not thoroughly evil, just twisted. But still.

    How could he have survived a bullet like that?


  • nysa says:

    i love esther so much………

  • Gyllbane says:

    I love the theme song by Micheal Tse Where can i download the theme song ?

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