March 2015

[New Series]: Young Charioteers

English Title: Young Charioteers

Cantonese Title:  衝線 (tong sin)

Cast:Him Law 羅仲謙,Sammy Sum 沈震軒,Lin Xia Wei 林夏薇,Sisley Choi 蔡思貝,Michelle Yim 米雪,陳奐仁,Jinny Ng 吳若希,胡鴻鈞

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 2 March 2015 – 27 February 2015 (replacing ‘Raising the Bar’)

Themesong: The Beautiful Time (美好的時光)– Jinny Ng

Official: Website

Executive Producer:

TVB Young Charioteers

Official Synopsis

At high school, YAU TAT (Him Law) and YIP FAI-TING (Sammy Sum) became good friends during a cycling race, but FAI-TING returned to Taiwan due to a family emergency. The two have lost contact with each other until one day they reunite at an accounting firm. TAT’s supervisor LING HEI (Lin Xiawei) often manipulates office politics and sows discord amongst colleagues, making TAT and FAI-TING bear a grudge against each other. Fortunately, secretary WU SAM-LAM (Jinny Ng) is very helpful and sensitive to TAT’s problem, constantly encouraging him. Although TAT’s mother LEE WAI-WAN (Michelle Yim) intends to bring them together, TAT dares not start a relationship because of family issues. Things change when TAT encounters FAI-TING’s good childhood friend YEUNG KWONG (Sisley Choi), who is also an accountant. Owing to FAI-TING’s feelings towards KWONG, TAT is still reluctant to make a move on KWONG. On top of that, they are flummoxed and frustrated by the politics of office life day after day, and thereby start losing their sense of purpose in life. Eventually, TAT and FAI-TING decide to ditch everything else and go back to their cycling track to discover their long lost fighting spirit and friendship……


Source: tvb.com.au

2 Responses to “[New Series]: Young Charioteers”

  • Jen says:


    Do you happen to know the English song in this drama, where Sisley bikes next to the bus. I thought its a good workout song 🙂


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