“The Other Truth” is a bit different from other TVB series. The focus of the drama is not on the relationship of the characters, but “Justice & Truth”.  I’m not saying that I don’t prefer watching a series for its love plot, but the interesting part of the drama was actually the cases they dealt […]


July 2011

[The Other Truth] Favourite Couple Poll

Have your pick and say! 😀 *Contains Spoilers* Who should Mavis (Tavia) be paired up with?   I can’t really decide who I want Mavis to end up with..I think I’ve always favoured Keith more because he was more mature and cool, while Wallace was sorta spoilt-ish etc I really liked  the corrupted cops case […]


June 2011

[New Series]: The Other Truth

English Title: The Other Truth Cantonese Title:真相 (jan seung) Cast:  杨怡 Tavia Yeung, 黄浩然 Raymond Wong Ho Yin, 陈展鹏 Ruco Chan Chin Pang, 阮兆祥 Louis Yuen Shiu Cheung, 唐诗咏 Natalie Tong, 马国明 Kenneth Ma, 黎诺懿 Chris Lai Lok Yi, 陈宇琛 Chan Yu Sum Episodes: 25 Airing date: 27 June 2011 – 29 July 2011 (Airring […]