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Dicey Business 賭場風雲a.k.a Casino Crisis
Episodes: 35


  • Bobby Au Yeung(歐陽震華) as 齊歡暢 Chai Foon-Cheung
  • Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) as 李青雲 Li Ching-Wan
  • Michael Miu (苗僑偉) as 喬正初 Kiu Ching-Cho
  • Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) as 齊歡樂/張來富 Chai Foon-Lok/Cheung Loi Foo
  • Tavia Yeung (楊怡) as 譚珠美
  • Benz Hui Shiu Hung (許紹雄) as 周福榮


Chai Foon-Cheung (Bobby Au Yeung) has not won a single game since his defeat in the World Poker Championship twenty years ago. It is the bad luck he has had all these years that has earned him a job in the casino. And ironically, the man who hires him is one of his then competitors Kiu Ching-Cho (Michael Miu).

Cheung gets reunited with his long-lost brother Chai Foon-Lok (Bosco Wong) through a compulsive gambler named Li Ching-Wan (Jessica Hsuan). Lok has grown to be a reclusive adolescent with an extraordinary gift for gambling. Cho recognizes Lok’s talent and offers to teach him different gambling skills. On the surface, Cho is a great mentor and friend who looks out for Lok and Cheung in every way, but in reality he has been trying to create discord between the brothers. As a matter of fact, it was Cho who set Cheung up and caused his downfall. Cho keeps fanning the flames of conflict between Cheung and Lok, turning them into bitter rivals on the gambling front…

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