December 2013

[Bounty Lady] Kate & Dayo Scenes 1

I just finished watching [Bounty Lady] and it is definitely one of my favourite TVB series of 2013 :D  I thoroughly enjoyed watching this series for Dayo and Kate because the two are absolutely adorable together! They have so much chemistry and for Kate’s first comedy role; I think she did a great job. Her character is super likable, funny, goofy and cute. I wish Kate would do more of these roles! As for Dayo, he never fails to disappoint me with his charisma and comedian skills.

I have that empty feeling inside of me now that the series has come to an end..and so, I’ve decided to put together snippets of some of my favourite Kate x Dayo scenes :]

The two start off in not-so-great terms when their friends tried to set them up and they ended up being drunk together at a hotel room. Co-incidentally Kate ends up working at his PR company and the two constantly compete with each other. Eventually they end up working together on many levels; and develop something for one another.

This screenie was taken from episode 1 when Kate tries to take back and delete the video clip from Dayo’s phone; when the two accidentally had recordings of each other drunk at the hotel room. Of course, Kate’s attempts fail and the two end up keeping clips of each other.
TVB Bounty Lady

In episode 6, Dayo and Kate try to help tomboy Grace Wong become more feminine by teaching her how girlie girls and lovers should act. I thought this was hilariously funny and cute! (Grace’s case has still got to be my favourite!)

TVB Bounty Lady

In episode 10, Kate and Dayo rush to save Kate’s sister Samantha Ko from being raped by a perverted rich man who had drugged the glass of alcohol. While Dayo went after the man, Kate stops her drunk sister by drinking the entire glass herself! Kate ends up getting drunk, knocks Dayo in the head and ties him onto the bed lol

TVB Bounty Lady

In episode 11, Kate pleads Dayo to enter a VIP couples’ game’s night at a club with her in hope to win a limited edition hand bag. Dayo and Kate win the bag and Kate becomes super thrilled and over the moon. When Kate sees Dayo chatting up with some girls at the club, she ruins his chances by pretending to be his wife and stating he had aids lol.  Dayo ends up snatching the bag off Kate and runs off with it.

TVB Bounty Lady

Kate *as she tries to get it back from Dayo*: Give me back my BB. Give it back, give it back ..don’t snatch mine!
Dayo: Oh it’s a baby! *Takes out car keys and threatens to scratch it*
Kate: Stay calm, please stay calm. Please don’t hurt my baby, I tried really hard to get it. You did too right? Please don’t hurt the baby.
Dayo: The baby is mine too. I have no person, I have no money- Why are you still pushing me!? I can’t control myself! I’ll just rip it into bits.
Kate: Noo!! You want money right? I’ll give you money…..
Dayo: Ok, I’ll trust you this once. *About to throw it to her, but then takes it back* Waiiit- The baby is mine, that means I’m the baby’s father. Then you are baby’s mother. That means you’re my wife.
*Kate has this shocked look on her face*
Dayo: Call me “hubby”
Kate: As if hubby my-
Dayo: Ah….! Baby, mum doesn’t want you..! *fake crying voice, and takes out his keys again*
Kate: Hubby!
Dayo: More naggy
Kate: Hubby?
Dayo: More sweeter
Kate: Oh Hubbbbby
Dayo: Ok we’re now at the shore, and I’m on the boat and you’re at the top, call out for the last time
Kate: Huuuubbbby!!!!!!!!!
Dayo: No wonder you can’t find a husband! *throws the bag back at her*
Kate immediately takes the back to look for scratches and poses with the bag to put online ^^;

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  • Chibi says:

    ahahaha 😀 I can see why you enjoyed their scenes!! Reading your recap and seeing the pictures brought a smile to my face ^_^ Can’t wait for part 2~

  • H.k says:

    Hi ktvb i cant post in dhoutbox. I get verification but it doesn’t work.

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