TVB Anniversary Awards 2013 – Winner List

TVB Anniversary Awards

Best Actor: Dayo Wong – Bounty Lady

Top 5: Francis Ng, Ruco Chan, Chilam Cheung, Dayo Wong, Kenneth Ma

Best Actress: Kristal Tin – Brother’s Keeper

Top 5: Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Kristal Tin, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui

Best Series: Triumph in the Skies II

Best  Supporting Actor: Benz Hui – Bounty Lady

Best Supporting Actress : Elena Kong – Triumph in the Skies II

My Favorite TV Male Character: Jayden Koo Ha Yeung (Chilam Cheung) – Triumph in the Skies II

My Favorite TV Female Character: Yiu Man Ying (Kristal Tin) – Brother’s Keeper

Most Improved Actor: Vincent Wong

Most Improved Actress: Eliza Sam

Best Variety Show Host: Tony Hung, Priscilla Wong – Pilgrimage of Hope

Best Variety Show: Three Amigos Bon Voyage

Most Outstanding Artists: Suet Nei, Mary Hon, Anderson Junior, Helena Ma, Lau Kong

Lifetime Achievement Award: Lau Siu Ming

Most Popular Actor in Mainland: Kevin Cheng

Most Popular Actress in Mainland: Tavia Yeung

This is probably the biggest surprise Anniversary awards I’ve seen!! It’s such a satistfying result, but unexpected for most. Dayo Wong winning best Actor who didn’t even show up to the event o__0! I loved his role in Bounty Lady and he’s a great actor, but TVB normally doesn’t give him this kind of award because he isn’t really a TVB Artist…Regardless, a big congratulations to Dayo for his great win!!!! I felt a bit bad for Francis since I thought his role was a lot more challenging than Dayo’s. I haven’t seen Brother’s Keeper but I’ve always approved of Kristal’s acting and roles, and I’m glad she got the recognition she deserves. Well Done Kristal!

I thought Kristal and Elena’s speeches were very touching ; made me go all teary too!

Note: The Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Drama awards will be determined by public votes and a professional judging panel. The Favorite Male Character and Favorite Female Character winners was selected by public votes. The Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Most Improved Actor, Most Improved Actress, Best Host, Best Variety Program, and Best Informative Program will be chosen by a professional judging panel and TVB artists.

10 Responses to “[TVB 46th Anniversary Awards] Results!!”

  • Rachel says:

    i was quite surprised st dayo’s win as well, definitely not something tvb usualy does…haha but super happy for krystal 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    I completely agree with you, the results are really surprising but I’m quite satisfied with them.

    It is strange that Dayo won it, I haven’t seen BL yet but he is a great actor. Kristal’s acting has always been amazing so I’m glad she is finally recognised. I thought the award would’ve went to Linda.

    I’m not surprised Eliza won either especially with her role in Hippocratic Crush. Though she has a lot of room for improvement, I’m looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.

    I would’ve love to have seen Ruco or Edwin take out an award though, guess I’ll waiting next year, hopefully.

    In the end I’m satisfied with the results.

    • KTVB says:

      I’m not a huge fan of Eliza Sam’s acting (Disliked her in Sniepr Standoff -Can’t believe she got nominated for Best Supporting Actress….lol), but she has been heavily promoted and out of the nominees- she is a strong candidate. I haven’t seen any of Priscilla Wong’s series this year so I can’t comment.

      I havent seen Brother’s Keepers, so again, cannot comment on Edwin and Ruco. My other votes for Best Actor is Francis for his role in TITS2 and Wayne in Will Power.

  • Secruoser says:

    I’m surprised that Dayo won the Best Actor. I like him and his performances but professionally-speaking, ‘Heong Kong Nam’ character is not difficult at all.

    As for Chilam, he’s worth the Most Popular Male Actor, but not Best Male Actor really. Again, ‘Captain Cool’ is a relatively easy character that only requires ‘being cool’,’flamboyant’ and ‘handsome’, which Chilam has them all.

    If you’ve not seen Brother’s Keeper, you should seriously consider watching it. Both Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu gave really good performance in their characters and I really vouched for either of them to get the Best Actor this time. Perhaps Krystal Tin has overshadowed both of them and I have to agree that ‘Yiu Man-Ying’ is a really, really good character to act in, and Krystal really got into the character really well. She’s definitely worthy of both the awards she got.

    I think Fala Chen deserves a mention for ‘Holiday’ and felt that it’s pretty sad that she didn’t even get into the top 5. Fala Chen carried Holiday’s jovial and carefree character pretty well.

    For me, the best 2013 drama would be Brother’s Keeper. Great theme song, great plot, and very hardworking casts (albeit not the typical favorites). Brother’s Keeper brought back the reminisce of the good old big conflict dramas back in the days of Gallen Lo. This drama appeared just when I feel that TVB is over-saturated with modern crimes/professionals and old times dramas and felt that a drama depicting the 80’s/90’s is very refreshing. A must-watch.

    Triumph in the Skies II, no doubt is popular among audiences as I’m a fan too, but to me it’s really just about watching the glamour and glitz of airport and cabin crews as well as the exotic travelling scenes. Characters are really challenging, although like I mentioned, Holiday is the only character worth mentioning in the drama. Elena Kong did pretty well and I guess she got it due to the fact that not any woman can act and accept a relationship with a younger guy, plus the kissing scene… 😀 I personally like Elena’s act and think that she did pretty good with ‘Shan Diu’ in Bounty Lady as well.

    All in all, I’d conclude that most fans only voted for the sake of voting but don’t really pay attention to the professionalism in the acting. I mean, the former holds true for Most Popular awards, but for Best Actor/Actress/Drama, it’s more to professionalism than just being favorites.

    • KTVB says:

      haha I agree with your comment about Dayo too ^^ I love Dayo as an actor but his role in Bounty Lady wasn’t that much of a challenge to him! He is probably more fitting for “Fav Male Character” for his role in BL than Best Actor. It’s different for once that TVB actually gives him an award lol! Maybe its a way of TVB trying to convince him to cntinue to shoot series for them next year..? I read an article that he’s a bit over shooting comedy TV series.

      haha Yeah, based on all the buzz and popularity Captain Cool create, I’d give the win of Fav Character to Chilam too XD (again, I’m bias cos I’m a fan of Chilam! hehe) There were other characters which I liked: Dayo in Bounty Lady, Wayne in Will Power and Kenneth in Oncall2)

      Hmm might give Brother’s Keepers a go…maybe someday ^^

    • KTVB says:

      Fala actually got nominated for Top 5 for Best Actress (There were no Top 5s for Favourite Male/Female Charcter awards)

      Best Actor/Actress/Drama were voted by 50% audience and 50% TVB panel. Interestingly, Dayo won Best Actor mainly from TVB professional judging and not from audience vote (Audience vote from memory he was 2nd or 3rd)

  • j00ky says:

    I love the fact that both supporting and lead actress are won by former ATV’s… if only Ruco won for this year lol

  • h.k says:

    IMO its all rigged.some of the awards handed out seem 奇怪.Eliza needs improving.I didnt like sniper attack.This years series were disappointing.I hate that show 3 amigos i prefer watching eating wong instead.

    • KTVB says:

      I felt that the male categories were a lot more competitive than female. E.g Him Law, Benjamin Yuen and Vincent Wong..compared to Most Improved Actress.. Last year Mandy Wong’s win was so much well deserved. I guess the other actresses just weren’t as competitive..

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