I was just browsing around TVBSquare when I came across the magazine scans from the TVB Weekly Magazines for 2007. I had only previously seen three of the covers so I found it quiet interesting seeing the different covers for various TVB series of 2007. So! I decided to pick out the TVB related ones […]


December 2007

[Steps] Final Episode 20- Screencaptures


October 2007

[Steps] Episode 10: Fireflies

FIREFLIES by Noella Choi Music by Jacky Chan Kwok Leung This song was played during the romantic dance scene between Bernice and Steven (in episode 10) when he lights were off and they were stuck in the building. I really like the song and the lyrics fit well with their relationship up to that point. […]


October 2007

[Steps] Thoughts: Episode 1-10

I’m quite enjoying this series, mainly because of Steven Ma and Bernice Liu. I love this couple and they have so much more chemistry and character compared to their role in The Brink of Law. Both of the characters are really likable and i thought it was cute in the episode they both sorta realised […]


September 2007

[Steps] Themesong Lyrics

Here is my attempt of a lyric translation! As you’ve all probably realised by now my translation skills aren’t that great which is why I don’t have many translations on this blog. Heard the themesong, didn’t think it sounded too hard to understand, so here it is. Greatly appreciated if you can help fix it […]


September 2007

[Steps] Opening Screencaptures

I’m quite enjoying the series at the moment and I love watching the themevideo because it looks really romantic!(especially with Steven and Bernice ^^~ I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow) Love the dancing!


September 2007

[New Series]: Steps

Starting in Australia TVBJ from September 17 Every Monday to Friday 7:10pm (after Fathers and Sons) Cast : Bernice Liu, Steven Ma, Kate Tsui, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Matthew Ko, Claire Yiu, Stephen Wong Episodes: 20 Synopsis Ballroom dancing emphasizes rhythm and mutual trust between the partners. If we can apply the same philosophy to […]