The Master of Taichi 太極 TVB Drama Poster


  • Vincent Zhao 趙文卓 as Mo Ma 巫馬
  • Raymond Lam 林峯 as Doon Hiu Sing 段曉星
  • Melissa Ng 吳美珩 as Song Ching 桑青
  • Myolie Wu 胡杏兒 as Ying Ji Kuai 言子規 / See Kam
  • Kenneth Ma 馬國明 as Mai Fung Nin 米豐年
  • Selena Li 李詩韻 as Yin Chui Kiu 言翠翹
  • Lau Siu Ming 劉兆銘 as Master Kwan 關山越
  • Paul Chun 秦沛 as Doon Tai Bak 段泰北- Raymond’s father
  • Lau Kong 劉江 as 容百川- Second Si-Sok
  • Derek Kwok 郭政鴻 as Moon Yau Ngo 閭邱傲
  • Ellesmere Choi 蔡子健 as Raymond’s Japanese friend
  • Power Chan 陳國邦 as Ma Keung 麻强 Eldest Disciple
  • Fred Cheng 鄭俊弘 as Siu Kwong 小光- Servant
  • Yoyo Chen 陳自瑤 as 蘇紅菱- Derek’s girlfriend
  • Ai Wai 艾威 as 柴 威-Police Captain
  • John Chiang 姜大偉 as 巫 直- Vincent’s father
  • Jacky Wong as Young “Mo Ma”

Episode: 25

Filmed in 2006, released in 2008.

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Entries: Episode Summaries, thoughts, spoilers and screen captures

Series Synopsis :Initial thought + Screencaptures from Sales Presentation

Episode 1: Vincent, Kenneth, Melissa, Myolie and Selena appears.
Episode 2: Myolie’s revenge. Selena and Kenneth fall in love.
Episode 3: Myolie getting raped. Vincent reunites with Master Kwan.
Episode 4: Melissa finds out about Kenneth and Selena.
Episode 5: Vincent Vs. Caucasian Boxer. Myolie’s confessions.
Episode 6: Raymond appears. Myolie loses her memories.
Episode 7: Vincent Vs. Raymond. Derek Kwok appears. Myolie screams in fear.
Episode 8: Paul Chun’s death.
Episode 9: Raymond becomes the new leader. Melissa’s past revealed.
Episode 10: Hugs and Confessions. Myolie regains her memories
Episode 11: Master Kwan’s sacrifice.
Episode 12: Raymond and Vincent’s Re-Match
Episode 13: Kenneth finds out Vincent has feelings for Melissa. Kenneth and Selena’s Wedding
Episode 14: Melissa finds out who her father is. Raymond and Ellesmere fight.
Episode 15: Raymond’s Proposal
Episode 16: Myolie tells Raymond her love for Vincent. The Bed Scene. Melissa leaves Vincent.
Episode 17: Lau-Dai-Sok’s body found. Melissa finds out who is the murderer
Episode 18: Vincent finds out the truth. Melissa’s father’s death
Episode 19: Myolie returns to Raymond. Vincent and Raymond set their minds on “Wah Mang Wui” Leader position.
Episode 20: Ellesmere’s death. Vincent follows Melissa back to the Countryside. Selena’s baby is born.
Episode 21: The battle for “Wah Mang Wui” Leader position begins!
Episode 22: Raymond loses to Vincent. Raymond kicks Vincent off a cliff!
Episode 23: Vincent returns! Raymond breaks off Myolie’s wedding!
Episode 24: Selena’s death. Yoyo helps Raymond and Vincent!
Episode 25- Finale: Vincent takes on the path to advance his Taichi
Overview review


Themesongs: Chinese Lyrics, English Translation and Download
Taichi Artwork: Melissa and Vincent
Short intermission thoughts: After watching the first 15 episodes

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14 Responses to “The Master of Taichi 太極”

  • Nanna says:

    Aww yay I love your episodic summaries<3
    They’re a pleasure to read thank yooouu ^^
    and I’ve finally been able to start watching Tai Chi!!
    I didn’t really think much about Melissa and Vincent before that but now that I’ve watched it I think they’re super adorable 😀
    I really hope Rayolie will have a good ending 🙂

    Happy Easter to you too && good luck with Uni.

  • ant says:

    it’s a gr8 kungfu show ever produced by tvb. gd to hv vincent on the show, he’s very talented in martial arts. another best song sung by raymond. definitely worth listening and keeping. hope to see more shows coming up starring vincent and melissa. they make a gr8 couple! 🙂

  • RandomTVBwatcher says:

    4.5/5 actually, but I give it a 5/5 anyway, because I enjoyed the series overall 😀
    And keep it up with your great summaries but take care of yourself too !

  • I says:

    OMG!! I <3 the Master of Tai Chi!!

    The Sub Theme Song is the best!!:D:)

    Good Couples are my favs are Vincent & Melissa!!

  • Hamster5 says:

    I <3 Tai Chi

    My best Vote 4 Couples arwe
    1. Vincent & Melissa
    2. Kenneth & Selena
    3. Raymond & Myolie

  • Max says:

    I watch the first few episode and stopped watching… Not because its not nice but i just dont like the main guy is not speaking in cantonese makes it feels so weird when u have someone else voice speaking in cantonese for him, feels so fake

  • Terence says:

    Started watching the series for Vincent Zhao but ended up being a fan of Raymond Lam. That guy sure can act!

  • fanoffung says:

    K, thank you so much for the screensots and synopses. I enjoyed the series tremendously, set in awesome locations. The fights were realistic and skilfully executed. My heart ached for Raymond as he progressed from a carefree student to a leader of a sect set up by his father; the betrayals he faced, the pains he bore with his love life. His acting was definitely commendable. I like the parts when little mo ma was with his Master Kwan — speaking about the beauty of the world. The theme song is hauntingly lovely, sang time and again against the backdrop of some of the scenes.

  • Cheryl says:

    I don’t really like this drama though. I felt weird with Mo Ma’s (Vincent) Cantonese slength although I know he tried his very best.
    The sceneries are beautiful. Ying Ji Kuai (Myolie) was a bit exaggerating in the drama.
    I love Song Ching (Melissa Ng). She’s so good in this drama although I feel awkward about her hairstyle.
    Counted OK ‘lah’ as a whole. Hehe 😛

  • chibi says:

    Some news!

    Losing the award was not the end; Raymond Lam was “Tv King” in Singapore

    Source: The Sun
    Translated by : Firesheepy @

    Raymond Lam, who was busy with both acting and singing, lost the ‘Tv King’ award previously, but because of his series , he won the Best Drama Actor award in the , Raymond was finally proud and happy, and rushed to a victory celebration party after he got off the plane yesterday.
    Raymond Lam was awarded the Best Drama Actor award in Singapore based on his series . Yesterday, Tvb held a victory celebration party for him, Virginia Lok, and partners Myolie Wu and Selena Li were also present.

    Same ranking as Kimura Takuya

    When asked whether Tvb held the celebration as a ‘makeup’ to him losing the ‘Tv King’, Raymond Lam said: “An award is an award! was aired in Hong Kong at the starting of the year, but because everyone didn’t really pay attention because the focus was on and ! (Are you surprised to get the award?) I felt that being nominated is honourable enough, we’re just getting recognition for the series!” Everyone know the heart-breaking Japanese star Kimura Takuya had also gotten this award, when asked whether he was of the same ranking as Takuya, Raymond said embarrassedly “What is most important is that the series is good.”

    Other than that, Chiu Man-Cheuk and Melissa Ng are also the main leads of this series,but Virginia Lok did not nominate both of them, she explained “Melissa has already retired and Chiu Man-Cheuk is not under our management, I only nominated our own actors for the award!”

  • Vaneffle says:

    I’m trying to download the subsong but I can’t find it…

    Reply from KTVB
    : You can find it on this post:

  • fashionsupra says:

    very good article,thank you for sharing

  • umbrella yui says:


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