The english songs used in Triumph in the Skies 2 seem to be quite popular amongst TITS2 fans. Personally I’m not one of them, but for those who are interested- I’ve put up the file for download which contain all the songs listed below 🙂 I won’t be uploading the individual songs seperately though. Hope […]

Due to popular requests, I have decided to post up the chinese lyrics and pinyin to sub themesong of A Change of Heart: 最後祝福 (Final Blessing) sung by Bosco Wong 🙂 I love the chorus of this song- it’s so catchy, especially when it is played at the end of each episode! I actually don’t […]

Niki Chow’s “A Change of Heart”, the theme song to TVB’s [A Change of Heart] has been playing in my head over and over…I’m currently loving this song and the series! I think the song sounds catchy. There’s something about the melody of it- it sounds sad and slightly haunting like someone who is experiencing […]


November 2012

[Linda Chung] Love Love Love (CD+ DVD)

Linda’s Chung’s has recently released her 4th album “Love Love Love” on 13 November 2012! I think the CD cover is pretty cute~ It feels like awhile since she released her previous album- can’t wait to see how she goes in this one! Please support Linda Chung by purchasing her album! CD 01. 你是我的一半 02. […]

Here’s my attempt at a English translation of Fiona Sit’s “At This Moment 此時此刻”, the theme song to TVB’s [Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles]. I tried my best to translate it closely to the meaning as possible (without being too literal), but please feel free to add suggestions, and let us know what it means to […]


October 2012

[Raymond Lam] Self- Portrait (CD+DVD)

During August 2012, Raymond Lam released its 2012 music album [Self-Portrait]! I don’t know how I even missed this….lol It’s never too late to do my bit to try help promote his album though right? haha so here it is! ^^ Looking forward to getting this album!! Please support Raymond Lam and purchase his album! […]


August 2012

[Tiger Cubs] Themesong Lyrics (Full Version)

I HEART this series and the themesong 😀 (Watch the clip below to listen to the full version!) It’s so catchy and suits it series so well =) Joe Ma’s voice fits the song perfectly! *Can’t wait to watch the finale!! More Tiger Cubs posts coming soon- so stay tuned! 😀 * Tiger Cubs- Themesong […]


July 2012

[Fala Chen] Beautiful Life (CD + DVD)

Fala Chen’s Debut is finally releasing!! 😀 It has been awhile since a TVB Artist has released a new album so it’s all exciting for me when something new is coming out. I’ve heard Fala sing live during a JSG episode which has heaps of room for improvement, but hopefully the CD version will be […]