January 2017

[Sniper Standoff] Overall Thoughts

Note from KTVB 27/1/17: Another blog post I dug up from 2013- finally posting this to share with everyone- enjoy! === *Contains spoilers* See Synopsis: Here | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles) I thought Sniper Standoff was a pretty decent TVB series for 2013. It had a good storyline (relatively fast-paced), and kept me watching […]

*Warning: Contains major spoilers* Ruse of Engagement was a TVB series I initially skipped because of a busy schedule (I have been busy preparing for my Hawaii trip and other things while the series was airing), but recently decided to come back to give it a go based on positive reviews and recommendations (both online […]

I finished this series awhile back (when I was rushing to catch up on it after my Hawaii trip!) but haven’t had the chance to come around to jot down some of my thoughts. My thoughts are a bit all over the place, so please excuse the fact I am jumping around…. ^^; Hopefully it’ll […]

Some reasons why I enjoyed this series: *Warning: Contains spoilers* “I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor. This song is so catchy- love it every time M Club dance to this song (young and older versions). Love their dance too! All the dancing in the series- makes me want to get up and dance too! Flora’s […]


April 2014

[Beauty at War] Overall Thoughts

Note: I completed this series when in aired back in May 2013 but I never got around to posting up my write-ups which I happen to dig back up! I really gotta get these posted more timely >_< *sigh* Better late than never I hope? Hope you enjoy! 🙂 *contains spoilers* [Beauty at War] was […]

*Contains Spoilers* I guess it’s not hard to guess what happens to the characters based on the below screencaptures ^^ I’m happy for Sam and Holiday but I do feel sorry for Jayden. He seems a bit lonely joining the military! This has got to be my favourite scene in the finale- I’ve always been […]

*Contains Ending spoilers* I finished watching this very enjoyable series!! 😀 The ending- while was not unpredictable, was actually quite satisfying to watch 🙂 They tied loose ends and had its good dosage of action and suspense. The scene when Joey reappeared freaked me out!! It was quite creepy when Niki saw “herself” in the […]


February 2013

[Friendly Fire] Overall Thoughts

*Warning: Contains Spoilers* Watching the slow, boring, draggy finale episode of ‘Friendly Fire’ almost put me off from writing up this blog entry. That’s right…! It was that boring. But then I had second thoughts and figured that since I did give this series a go, I might as well drop down a few of […]