June 2012

[New Series]: Tiger Cubs

English Title: Tiger Cubs

Cantonese Title: 飛虎 (Fei Fu)

Cast: 馬德鐘 Joe Ma, 宣萱 Jessica Hester Hsuan, 羅仲謙 Him Law, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung, 王浩信 Vincent Wong, 黃智雯 Mandy Wong, 苟芸慧Christine Kuo, Yuen Wai Ho 袁偉豪

Episodes: 13 (70 mins each/Finale 90mins )

Airing date: 24 June 2012

Themesong: The Basis Around (身邊的依據) by Joe Ma (CD)

Executive Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Scriptwriter: Lee Yee Wah

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)


TVB Tiger Cubs


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With Special Duties Unit experienced instructor CHIN HON-TO (Joe Ma) employs draconian tactics to turn his subordinates into hardened cops. Nonetheless, his team worships him.

Although he is particularly strict with YU HOK-LAI (Him Law) and YAU CHUN-HIN (Vincent Wong), he treats them as his younger brothers deep-down. TO’s friendship with co-partner cum good friend CHONG CHEUK-YUEN (Oscar Leung) is challenged when TING WAI-WAI (Christine Kuo) turns away from him and falls for YUEN for his cheerfulness. YUEN tells his teammate SO MAN-KEUNG (Mandy Wong) to pretend to be his girlfriend but his attempt to patch up with TO further complicates the matter. Meanwhile, intelligence reports that “King of Thieves” TO TIN-YUE (Kenneth Ma) is conspiring to rob the exchequer. TO and Organised Crime and Triad Bureau inspector CHONG CHEUK WAH (Jessica Hester Hsuan) are assigned to take charge of the proactive operation. WAH is YUEN’s elder sister. Her boyfriend was killed by a maniac and she has since been immersing herself in work in order to forget the pain. As TO and WAH see each other more, TO realizes they are the same sort of people and that he is falling in love with her.


Credits: TVB.com.au

13 Responses to “[New Series]: Tiger Cubs”

  • ac says:

    plan to download this on usenet looks good

  • aiMiXue says:

    An episode is like 70 minutes which is nice =D

  • starocean01 says:

    just watched ep1. thought it was pretty good & beeing 70mins is interesting feels different than normal tvb dramas =)

  • Elie says:

    It’s so annoying to see that it only airs on weekends. Just watched Ep 1 and it seemed interesting enough to be a keeper series. 🙂

    • misstila says:

      i think tvb only airs it once a week cuz jessica and joe “betrayed” tvb so it’s sort of a frozen series

      • KTVB says:

        Yup..looks like it..sounds like it

        I’m actualyl quite enjoying the series- love/miss seeing Joe Ma and Jessica =) They’re both sooo cooool!! XD haha Him Law once again plays a similar role to Hypoocartic Crush I think..and look- its him and Mandy again ehehe

      • Jen says:

        um i think you’ve been reading too much about it…i doubt it tho. tvb is just trying a new time slot and so far its doing great. better than all the regular time slots. it airs twice a week if you didn’t know.

    • baabb says:

      why is it annoying? airing shows once a week is how a lot of dramas are…like U.S. each show airs once a week. only hk is doing monday to friday. just bc they are putting tiger cubs on weekends doesn’t mean its a bad thing. and they are airing it twice a week now

  • TVBdramaXX says:

    I really love dis drama! its like a movieish i like the way they introduced it a bit before the song. ialso like the characters in it such as him law ,vincent wong,mandy wong,william chak,benjamin,joe ma,jessican hsun.

  • eve says:

    Awesome, this is the best series I hv seen in 2012 so far, I personally like Jessica very much, she looked very smart in this series, keep up the good work, Jessica, you are the best.

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