Message from K: I’ve just finished watching the last episode of  ‘In the Chamber of Bliss’ and quite disappointed with the ending… The series itself is pretty good but the ending let it down..As I’m currently really busy with work and study, I’ll only be making a really brief post with a few thoughts and […]

English Translations by KTVB Please credit if reposted. Injured Love for Life (Themesong to In the Chamber of Bliss) Sparks finally disperses, the land has taken over the ocean Rose, eventually will wither yet still willing to re-grow If I feel painful sorrow, there’s nothing that won’t change Even if I’m the only one remaining, […]

[Contains spoilers] I started chasing this series and awaiting on Episode 11:) Half way through the series already! Is anyone else watching this? 🙂 (although it hasn’t started showing on TVBJ yet) As previously expressed, In the Chamber of Bliss was a series I wanted to watch. Not only because of the 2 leads, but […]


September 2009

[New Series]: In the Chamber of Bliss

Title: In the Chamber of Bliss Cantonese title: 蔡锷与小凤仙 (choi ngok yue siu fung sin) Cast: Damien Lau Chung Yan (刘松仁), Kathy Chow Hoi Mei (周海媚) , Dominic Lam Ka Wah (林嘉华), Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming (马国明,) Krystal Tin Yui Nei (田蕊妮), Angela Tong (汤盈盈), Toby Leung (梁靖琪) , Law Lok Lam (罗乐林) Episodes: 20 […]