May 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Episode 21-26 Thoughts

  I was starting to get annoyed with Wong Fei Hong’s lack of response to Xuan’s confession. Xuan had already given everything she got yet he didn’t respond nor say anything, making Xuan look like it was a one-sided love; some silly little girl crush or something. I think he took him long enough! Ping-sok  […]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some “Moments of Comparions”- Since I’ve only recently finished ‘Grace Under Fire” and currently chasing “Relic of an Emissary” I decided to put one together XD I’m sure TVB has  used this one before: a romantic scene where two characters get trapped in a well.. In Episode 28 […]


April 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Episode 16-20 Thoughts

These episodes were quite exciting! Many of the character’s feelings are confessed and we start to see the  turning point for both Dominic and Kenneth’s character. Episode 16 made me feel really sorry for Kenneth. It made me see how much Kenneth loved Fala- he was willing to do anything for her- including giving up […]


April 2011

[Grace under Fire] Episode 11-15 Thoughts

  Episode 11 was a pretty sad and emotional episode. It was the episode Kenneth was going to “die”. I really felt sorry for Kenneth during his last meal, tat scene was very touching… They say people usually reveal their real self just before death and all I could see was a very innocent child- […]


April 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Couple Poll


March 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Episode 6-10

The series is definitely getting more exciting! A lot happened in these 5 episodes and my thoughts on some of the characters have changed.. I knew there must have been a reason why Ping-Sok (Xuan’s uncle) was strongly against Xuan and Kenneth learning martial arts!  It turns out the Mok family has a background in […]


March 2011

[Grace Under Fire] Episode 1-5 Thoughts

**Please scroll down to see other new posts** When Liu Xuan first appeared in the series, she gave off a pretty warm feeling. I think her dubbed voice suits her and she seems pretty cute . I think she’s doing a good job giving off that “ordinary” type of character; while she is still quite […]

I’ve made some screencaptures from the theme video! Feel free to use them for graphics etc Please provide link credit back if you do- thanks! 🙂