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The Ultimate Crime Fighter

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  • KTVB says:

    The Ultimate Crime Fighter

    Here is a mini overview/thoughts of the series I’ve written up 🙂 *Contains Spoilers*

    This series started off really well. I totally loved the first four episodes because the case was intriguing and I enjoyed watching the characters (Moses Chan, Gigi Lai, Yuen Biao, Yoyo Mung) interact. The element of mystery with Yuen Biao’s visions added the fantasy touch to it. If only it kept up the quality from then on but unfortunately after episode 4, the story slows down in its pace away from the cases and onto Gigi and Moses’ relationship. The two share a lot of cute scenes together but Gigi’s clumsiness got a bit annoying. Gigi was totally in love with Moses and tried very hard to be ‘good enough’ for him but Moses often neglected her. Eventually Moses gets moved by seeing how hard Gigi tried to win his heart so started dating her. It looked like he did out of sympathy rather than really liking her in return. Even in the relationship, Gigi was putting a lot more into their relationship and he wasn’t treating her the way he should, looking down at her (previously not even introducing her as his girlfriend); taking her for granted. Their relationship becomes a little tiring and they eventually break up after many arguments. To be honest, I don’t remember much about the cases haha, it’s been too long ^^; After episode 26, the story starting picking up again with Kevin’s appearance! I found the case and his story quite interesting, being in a gay relationship but then later falling for Gigi. Only after losing Gigi did Moses start to value her and wanted to make up with her. Unfortunately Gigi gets killed and from then on, Moses changes as his heart is filled with hatred and revenge, blinding his path and loses himself in the chaos. He goes through all means, even illegal ways to kill Kevin because he doesn’t believe the law can bring him justice. The last few episodes were quite intense, and we have Yuen Biao and Yoyo there to help him. At the end, Moses ‘wakes up’ and gets imprisoned. When he is released, he reunites with Yoyo and their son…I think I was a little tired by the end of the series. I’m glad the story picks up again towards the end but Gigi really didn’t deserve to die. I didn’t find Maggie’s story that exciting either but I did think it was nice that she was able to be with Yuen Biao in the end. I did enjoy watching Yuen Biao and Natalie’s relationship grow and it was really touching when Yuen Biao did everything to save her; despite not being his biological daughter.

    The elements of the beginning and the end makes it a above-average series but the middle bits can get a bit draggy. I enjoyed watching the series but it’s not a must see series.

  • TC says:

    Watched this series recently. I dun think so out of sympathy Moses dated Gigi. He was touched by her ‘nvr give up attitude’ and decided to give it a shot – dating gigi. He sees gigi as a very refine n gd-at-heart girl. Moses is conservative n a chauvinist too – in the sense tt he wont date girls like yoyo, who’s outspoken n extrovert(Initially i found it weird tt moses didnt fall for yoyo at all!). You can tell so after dating gigi n whenever gigi speaks-up, he will go like ‘you now knw how to talk-back’. Another time; he was the unwilling party when gigi asked for break-up but went along with it anyway; n also he wanted very much to make-up with gigi but refused to make the 1st move all coz gigi was the one who initiated the break-up. Yes, she showed more love than him n he took her love for granted, nonetheless it did show moses love grows b4 they parted. My pt is he does have some feelings for gigi when he decided to date her the v 1st time. It wud hav been easy on him going thru e break-up if it had been purely sympathy. I love the pairing of gigi n moses!

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