Warning: Contains Ending Spoilers Most TVB endings are unsatisfying- Highs and Lows is no exception. It was ok, but nothing too impressive. As usual, TVB would try to throw in some action scenes, a couple of deaths and sacrifices and leave some sort of an opening ending. The first thing I noticed was the cross-over with […]


September 2012

Happy 6th Birthday K-TVB.net!!

Happy Birthday to you…                                   Happy Birthday to you.. Happy 6th Birthday to K-TVB.net!!!!                                  Happy Birthday to you… WOOOOT!! It’s Party time!!! 😀 Today marks K-TVB.net’s 6th Birthday so I want to take this chance to officially wish K-TVB.net a very happy 6th birthday!! Running online since 10 September 2006, K-TVB.net has managed to […]


September 2012

[Tiger Cubs] Thoughts

*Contains Spoilers* Episode 01: King of Thieves First Appearance Part 1 (Kenneth Ma, JJ Jia) Episode 02-03: King of Thieves First Appearance Part 2 (Kenny Wong, Mandy Lam) Episode 03-04: Lai’s Father Kidnap (Elena Kong, Law Lok Lam) Episode 04: Stealing Gun Police Officer (Lee Sing Cheung) Episode 05: Breaking into Drugs Burrow (Dia Yiu […]


August 2012

[Tiger Cubs] Themesong Lyrics (Full Version)

I HEART this series and the themesong 😀 (Watch the clip below to listen to the full version!) It’s so catchy and suits it series so well =) Joe Ma’s voice fits the song perfectly! *Can’t wait to watch the finale!! More Tiger Cubs posts coming soon- so stay tuned! 😀 * Tiger Cubs- Themesong […]


June 2012

[New Series]: Tiger Cubs

English Title: Tiger Cubs Cantonese Title: 飛虎 (Fei Fu) Cast: 馬德鐘 Joe Ma, 宣萱 Jessica Hester Hsuan, 羅仲謙 Him Law, 梁烈唯 Oscar Leung, 王浩信 Vincent Wong, 黃智雯 Mandy Wong, 苟芸慧Christine Kuo, Yuen Wai Ho 袁偉豪 Episodes: 13 (70 mins each/Finale 90mins ) Airing date: 24 June 2012 Themesong: The Basis Around (身邊的依據) by Joe Ma […]