Winamp skins made for you guys to use! Click on the image to download ^^

Winamp is a software used to play songs (like Windows Media Player). The skins will only work for the “Winamp Player”

Instructions to put Winamp skins on:

It may vary from different computers, but usually:

Go to the folders

->”My Computer” ->”(C)” C Drive ->”Program Files” -> “Winamp” ->”Skins”
and save the file there =D

*Then open up your Winamp player:

Right Click it, go to “Skins” and then saved skin should be there -> click

Heart of Greed (Added: 24 January 2008) Always here for you

Steps (Added 9 October 2007)

I wish there was a way I didn’t have to get the other characters covered behind the black box. Positioning of the poster is really important though ey?

Ron and Leila from Twins of Brothers (10 July 2007 Added)

As a request from Me. Images used from Asianfanatics. I haven’t watched Twins of Brothers before, hope the scene is appropriate to use =)

Heart of Greed (3/6/07 Added)

A Change of Destiny (3/6/07 Added)

Life Art: Gigi and Kevin (20/4/07 Added)

Dicey Business: Bosco (9/4/07 Added) Will you ever notice me..?

Devil’s Disciples: Sharon and Kevin (28/3/07 Added)

The Price of Greed: Bosco and Shirley (2/3/07 Added)

This one was made as a request from gateu. I’m starting to notice that I’m using similiar colours when making these winamps skins. This one looks like the Dicey one. I’ll try make ones a bit more different next time ^^

The Brink of Law (7/2/07 Added)

Face to Fate: Selena and Raymond (20/12/06 Added)

Dicey Business: Michael and Bobby (20/12/06 Added)

31 Responses to “TVB Winamp Skins”

  • StrawB3rryz says:

    Wow. Such nice skins. You’re very talented. ^^

  • Loveless says:

    thank you for the skin! ^^
    i really like the one with raymond and selina =] it looks so sweet
    hope to see more of them in a series together~!

  • Kaiyee says:

    Very Nice … I Love It. Thank You

  • Yuko says:

    OMG!!! I luv the skins!! they’re amazing!! this is the first site ever where i’ve actually found winamp skins that are TVB! Hope u upload more soon ^__^

  • Me says:

    hi KTVB-I just finally got the picture for you. Sorry!
    I will send u two pictures. Can you make one with Ron and Leila in Twin of Brothers? And with one of Ron and Leila together??

    I can’t seem to find their picture together though. Do you have any luck???

    Thank you so much for helping me!!!

  • mel says:

    it doesn’t work on window media player right? only winamp? i try many times for window media player but it just won’t work…. do you know how to do it for window media player? if you do… can you do one with bosco? but if you can’t i understand. thanks anyway for taking your time reading this.

  • KTVB says:

    To Me: I’ve made a Ron and Leila one from Twins of Brothers (above) but didn’t end up using the pic u gave~ Hope you like it!

    To mel: Nope, doesn’t work on Windows Media Player, only Winamp. It’s made only for Winamp~

  • Me says:

    Thank you KTVB. It looks really beautiful. I love it. =) Thank you so much!!!

  • Mandy says:

    Thank you KTVB for your great work.. the skins are really pretty!

    But I was also wondering if you could please make a Justin Lo skin! Just a Raymond Lam one would be great too. =P This is of course, if you have time. =D Thanks!

  • gina says:

    omg pretty winamp skins! i dont have winamp…but because of your skins im going to godownload it. it’s so prettyyyyy. and i wonder if you can make one of just bosco ^.^ please and thank you

  • gina says:

    i tried to download it and i did. the skin didnt work. when i click skin its not there. it only says winamp modern and winamp classic and it has a check modern one. i downloaded the new “Winamp 5.35 Media Player” is that right? do i have to download the winamp you have to use the skins?

  • tracy says:

    OMG i love your skins!! do you know how to make skins for anything else? like msn or windows media player? thanks! must download all of them, but cant decide which i should use first

  • KTVB says:

    Thanks for ur lovely comment tracy^^ I actually don’t know how to make other skins (wish I could xD) So..only winamp..

  • Monkey Girl says:

    hey, can you make a skin with the steps wallpaper and drive of life, raymond and charmaine. please!!!

  • F.B.I. says:

    I think using the poster of Steps or the 2 or more pics of Steven and Bernice kissing in Steps would make a nice winamp skin

  • Roxanne says:

    Can you please make one of Nancy Wu + Derek Kwok and Frankie Lam + Tavia Yueng from Face to Fate? (Since you’ve already got a Selena + Raymond.)

  • LvChineseGrl says:

    Oh my gosh, this is awesome, I didn’t know you could do that. Thx for sharing.

  • krazyklinzy says:

    Wow, this is totally cool! I’ve been sick of the generic winamp skins lately and I’m totally up for a change. This is especially awesome because they are TVB dramas-based. I’ll be looking forward to the future skins. Maybe Survivor’s Law II and WOIL II? :] Thank you!

  • tracy says:

    hahah, hello its me again (:
    just came back to check out more of this stuff
    im back to using winamp because of this, beatiful (: LOL

    anyways, you’re great (: thanks a lot for making this for us

    can i make a request?
    one with just raymond alone please, thankyou LOL

    hmm, there used to be more wasnt there? LOL
    never mind,

    thanks (:

  • xSIMPLICITY says:

    lmao…I’m also watching “A Journey Called Life”…and major in love with Steven& Linda pairing right now. Mind making one of them in your spare time? Lmao. I’m so addicted to the theme of the series too. Thanks for putting up the theme song! =]

  • Suzuki+Kiba=:) says:

    Thanks for the skins, but may i ask, what is the winamp player? windows media player? Thanks for your other downloads. You ROCK!

  • Jerilyn says:

    Hi k,
    I like those skins u made. very nice.
    I juz installed winamp and i want to create some skin, but i couldnt find those website for making skins, could u tell me which software u using and the website of it so that i could download it.
    thks in advance^^

  • BOL says:

    hey… i know how to make winamp skins as well… i downloaded the software… of course mine dont look as good as yours and are a bit plain and simple… but i’d like you to have a look at them and hopefully give feedback and hints as to how to make them look better… for the skin of the playlist, i’ve used the ones you used for the linda and raymond one coz i didnt noe how to make it…

    if that’s ok… i’m going to send it via email… btw… they’re both of Linda… coz i really like her after watching Journey Called Life and Heart of Greed…

  • rachel says:

    how do you use them?
    what winamp? do you mind explaining to me?

    Reply from KTVB: Winamp is a program used to play songs on the computer, so if you use that, you can put the skins on them, so basically it’ll look visually more appealing haha

  • pt says:

    Hi k,
    Do u do window media player or real player skins
    plz let me know

    Reply from KTVB: Nope, I only make Winamp Skins~

  • prissy says:

    Hi there!! i enjoyed surfing ur blog alot!!! alot of nice and interesting updates hehez… Yea, if possible, like those who had requested for Charmaine&Raymind winamp skins… hehe.. i would love to have it too! pls and thx in advance =D

  • LG says:

    hi k for tvb!

    i love your blog, especially the winamp skins!!! is it possible to make a ‘gem of life’ winamp skin??? im loving the series at the moment… thanks very much in advance!

  • JC says:

    I love your blog! I come to check out new stuff from TVB 1ce in a while. To Download songs, skins too. ITS everything I wanted from TVB. But you made it happen.

    Thanks again for all the cool stuff you have here,but can you make more Steven Ma skins—He’s my idol-sings good & can act,(also cute).

    My email is


  • Roykent says:

    Hei KTVB
    i love these skin
    but can you make for winamp modern?

  • TeresaMoRox says:

    wow very nice aaaaa