Best Bet—> Life Art 寫意人生

Casts: Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai, Paul Chun, Evergreen Mak, etc.
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern Drama/Enlightenment/Romance

I’m looking forward to this series..haven’t seen Gigi Lai series for a while now. This series looks like it’ll be light hearted and romantic and hopefully moving ^^ There’s not a large cast here, so most of it would be focussed on the two main characters. Looking forward to it =)
Devil’s Disciples—>The Slicing of the Demon 凶城計中計

Casts: Sunny Chan, Michael Tse, Bernice Liu, Ngok Wah, etc.
Episodes: 20
Genre: Costume Drama/Mystery/Thriller/Supernatural

This series looks interesting, but I think I might be skipping it so I can have more time for doing my uni work instead. Judging from the trailer, Michael looks like he’ll be playing the evil guy. Sunny looks weird in the poster..I couldn’t really recognise him ^^;

4 Responses to “New Series: [Life Art] and [The Slicing Of The Demon]”

  • Zelnox says:

    ^_^ new series with Lai Zi and Kevin, but -_-;;;;; probably not my kind of show.

    The other one could be interesting.

  • Mr. Aa says:

    Life Art seems promising coz there’s the father from family man.
    And of course, finally tvb pairs kevin cheng up with someone that’s his age…

  • Leila says:

    At first, I was deciding between Life Art and Slicing of the Demon but in the end I chose SOFD. It’s pretty good so far… when you start on Life Art, remember to tell me what you think! I might watch it after I finish on SOTD. I don’t know… I’m not usually for light hearted dramas.

  • cynthia says:

    slicing of the demon is good…like the ending
    sunny dun wear the moustache thru out the series, only in a few scenes

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