April 2009

[New Series]: Rosy Business

Title: Rosy Business

Cantonese Title: 巾帼枭雄

Also see: Sequel: No Regrets

Cast: Sheren Tang, Wayne Lai, Ron Ng, Ngo Wah,  Kiki Sheung, Susan Tse Suet Sam,  Kara Hui, Nancy Wu, Suki

Episodes: 25

Release date: 27 April 2009

Filmed: August 2008

Producer: Lee Tim Sing

Scriptwriter: Cheung Wah Biu & Chan Ching Yee

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Rosy Businress


An incisive portrait of a business woman
torn between duty and desire

HONG PO KEI’s (Sheren Tang) engagement with Wuxi rice baron TSEUNG KIU (Ngo Wah) broke off many years ago when a natural disaster hit the country. Later when the country was running out of food supply her whole family was killed and she become a criminal. Over the years, KEI has never got over KIU. She has been trying to prove he is not as heartless as the others think. Fate has it that they meet again and she becomes his fourth wife. KIU’s first and second wives, YAN FUNG YEE (Susan Tse Suet Sum) and PANG KIU (Kiki Sheung), always make things difficult for KEI. KEI, who is an extremely clever person who never wastes time on trivial things, turns every threat into an opportunity. This makes KIU appreciate her wisdom and persistence. He entrusts his business to her and tells her to find a suitable successor for him before he dies.

Despite all the attacks in the family, KEI manages to keep the business in good shape. She has never forgotten KIU’s last wish, too. By chance, she discovers that TSEUNG PIT CHING (Ron Ng), KIU’s second son, is not really a playboy but an upright person loved by everyone in the shop. She therefore guides and helps him in every possible way, but her efforts are met with CHAI KAU’s (Wayne Lai) challenges. KAU seeks vengeance for being mistreated and wants a pay back from TSEUNG family. After rounds after rounds of battle wits and actual fights, KEI and KAU begin to appreciate each other. KAU even falls for KEI as time goes by.



这个千斤重任令宝琦腹背受敌,但她不负所托,竭力掌管家业及细心寻觅接任人,终让她发现外表只管吃喝玩乐的二子蒋必正 (吴卓羲)原是为人正直、重情重义之士,且在米行内极具亲和力,宝琦便一面扶植必正上位,一面力挡当年在蒋家受尽折磨,存心报仇的柴九(黎耀祥)。柴九事事冲着蒋家而来,处处对蒋家不利,二人斗智斗力,时而短兵相接,时而拳脚交加,最终强强相对后,二人竟变成惺惺相惜,柴九更因而对宝琦產生倾慕之情..

Credits: TVB.com

15 Responses to “[New Series]: Rosy Business”

  • Angie says:

    The theme song is really nice. Ron singing technique improve a lot.

    吳卓羲 – 紅蝴蝶

    • carrie says:

      i agree 🙂 i really like the song & his singing as well.

      Enjoying this series so far. Except Wayne Lai’s scenes sometimes make me cringe…but good acting as usual from him, and Sheren Tang 😉

  • Ashley says:

    wee..ron ron 🙂

  • eigna says:

    ya..i love the theme song too..but this drama i will not be watching..i don’t like costume drama show..

  • Rin says:

    I see Nancy in the cast list… does this mean this is another RonxNancy series?? If it is then I’m watching ^^
    Not to mention Sheren Tang & Wayne are pretty great!

    • KTVB says:

      Mm..I don’t think so! I’m up to episode 10 at the moment..it looks like a Ron and Suki one. Nancy and Wayne sorta have a thing lol

  • pipsila says:

    I’ve watched up to episode 6, and I’m really enjoying it!! I love Sheren and Wayne’s acting!

  • chung says:

    It’s finally over… Ever since this series released, it has been receiving very high ratings and good comments and it’s likely for Rosy Business to raise up high till 51 points, as the cast said. It is also expected to break Heart Of Greed and Moonlight Resonance’s records, and even The Jewel Of The Palace’s too. HONG PO KEI and CHAI KAU’s story of the era was really a historical moment to the audience. But still, KAU has passed away in the end, but his wish was fulfilled by his most best friend KEI while he was alive. It was like the audience taking KAU through the last moments of his life. Wayne Lai said that it was a perfect ending for KAU. From zero to a hero of the times, it was an interesting and wonderful story of the life and times of CHAI KAU. Let’s just remember CHAI KAU in our hearts. (CHAI KAU, we will never forget you and we will forever remember you in our hearts…)

  • evelyn says:

    It is definately a must watch series, fantastic story, top TVB series 2009 so far, GREAT JOB TVB

  • lovin says:

    where to dl the theme song????

  • Demi says:

    ooh, sorry, I’ve got it from the previous post!!! ahh, I also want the lyrics, thanks ^^

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