For this years’ annual TVB Australia carnival, Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong were sent as the guest stars!! :DDD While I was out of action from the TVB world most of this year, I was still somewhat excited to finally meet Kenneth & Natalie 😀 I liked them both enough to make a trek to Chatswood […]

Yesterday I decided to head out to the city to attend Kristal Tin & Raymond Wong’s autograph session at Sydney Sussex Centre! It has been awhile since I’ve attended one of these ^^  I wasn’t too keen on last years since Moses came (for the 3-4th time?? XD) but I do like both Kristal and […]


July 2014

[Meet the Stars] TVB Australia Carnival 2014

Details Event:  TVB Australia Carnival (previously known as ‘Jadeworld Carnival’) Date: Sunday 31 August 2014 Time: 9am-5pm Location: Burwood Park, Burwood NSW, Australia Guest Stars: Kristal Tin & Raymond Wong =================== Event: Autograph Session Date: Saturday 30 August 2014 Time: 4pm Location: Sussex Centre I would love to go meet these two! 🙂 Currently watching […]


August 2013

[TVB Jadeworld Carnival] 2013 Details

**UPDATE** 8/9/13 Hi All! Just wanted to share a couple of photos I took at this year’s Jadeworld Carnival at Burwood Park. I wasn’t feeling well that day and wasn’t super keen to attend this year so I only rocked up at 3pm, and stayed til about 3.40pm. At that time, Moses and Joey were […]

Earlier in the week, I got a call from TVBA informing me that I was one of the lucky winners of the TVBA online voting poll, so was invited to attend the TVBA Jadeworld Carnival Press Conference at Market City held today! WOOT!!! It was held at the Eight Chinese Modern Restaurant and Kenny Wong […]


August 2012

[Jade World Carnival] 2012 Info

Sydney TVB Jadeworld Carnival Details 2012 Guests: Shirley Yeung & Kenny Wong Date: 22 September 2012 Time: 11am-4pm Location: Carss Park, Kogarah Officia1: Website **There will also be an Autograph Session at Sussex Centre @ 3pm on Sunday 23 September 2012 EDIT: I went to the Jadeworld Carnival Press Conference and met the stars! Read all […]

Raymond Lam held his first world tour for “Light up My Live” and Sydney was his first stop!! I went to watch his concert last night at the Sydney Entertainment Centre and it was pretty awesome!! LF is so adorable!! XD  The way he occassionally  giggles “hehe” is so much like a kid lol He […]

  Hey all! The once a year Sydney TVB Jadeworld Carnival has come and gone. This year we had Nancy Wu and Wayne Lai come and I was quite excited when I first heard about it, given they’re from the awesome No Regrets series and will be playing a married couple in the upcoming grand […]