February 2021


Hi, I’m K – Thanks for visiting my TVB blog [K for TVB]! 🙂 It contains an archive of my thoughts on various TVB dramas from 2006- 2014, including TVB synopsis, screen captures, themesong lyric translations & downloads. We were previously known as K-TVB.net, but since February 2021 we have migrated across to http://tvb.dearchibi.com . […]


November 2018

[Message from K] November 2018

Hello everyone! 🙂 It’s K here! Long time no write, hope everyone has been well!  I mentioned in my previous message back in September 2015 that I’ve been watching less and less TVB these days and less of my thoughts have been coming into this blog, largely due to focusing my time in my offline […]

For this years’ annual TVB Australia carnival, Kenneth Ma & Natalie Tong were sent as the guest stars!! :DDD While I was out of action from the TVB world most of this year, I was still somewhat excited to finally meet Kenneth & Natalie 😀 I liked them both enough to make a trek to Chatswood […]


September 2015

[Message from K] September 2015

Hello everyone!! It’s been a really long time, hope everyone has had a great year so far! Sorry for my disappearance from my blog and the TVB world. I was meant to say “bye for now” before I left off but didn’t get around to doing that either ^^; The main reason is because I’ve […]


September 2014

[Anniversary] Happy 8th Birthday K-TVB.net!!

WOOHOOO~~~!!! Wishing [K for TVB] Happy 8th Birthday!! 😀 😀 😀 I can’t believe how quick the year has come!! Thank you to all the supporters out there over the years!! ^__^


June 2014

[Message from K] June 2014

Hi everyone 🙂 Hope you all like my new ‘The Ultimate Addiction’ Banner featuring Kate, Bosco & Nancy! ^____^ *Thanks chibi for making it for me!* hehe nice and refreshing!! I have been following this series and am quite enjoying it- half way through 🙂 Recently facebook deleted a chunk of my posts and screencaptures […]


March 2014

[Message from K] March 2014

Hi everyone! Hope you have been well! Just decided to drop by a scribble here to say hello :).  Can’t believe we’re in March 14 already! Happy Year of the Horse everyone and hope you’ve all enjoyed the Lunar New Year Festive Season and collected some nice big red pockets^^ I’ve been  in a very […]

Hi everyone!! Just a short message to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The festive season is here and its a good time to relax and celebrate as we approach the end of 2013 and to look forward to 2014! I’m pretty behind in TVB these days! Still watching [Bounty Lady] which […]