September 2013

[New Series]: Sniper Standoff

English Title:  Sniper Standoff

Cantonese Title:  神鎗狙擊 (san cheung jui gik)

Cast: Eddie Cheung 張兆輝, Michael Tse 謝天華, Kathy Chow 周海媚 , Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Eliza Sam 岑麗香, Lee Kwok Lun 李國麟, Alice Chan 陳煒, William Chak 翟威廉

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 9 September 2013 (replacing ‘Triumph in the Skies 2′)

Themesong: Life of Attack (狙擊人生) by Michael Tse (CD)

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Executive Producer: Kwan Wing Chung (Season of Love )

Scriptwriter: Ng Lap Kwong

TVB Sniper Standoff

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Sniper LEE HO-YEUNG (Michael Tse) left the Special Duties Unit as he failed in an operation, and since then he has gradually developed personal enmity towards his co-worker and good friend KO TSUN-KIN (Eddie Cheung).
HO-YEUNG turns into a yacht merchant and then becomes a president of a Firearms Association, colluding with organised crime syndicates on the sly.  Taking advantage of the trust laid upon him by a detective of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau, SHEUNG KOON MING-CHU (Kate Tsui), he has quite a grasp on police operations that raid on the crime syndicates.  On top of that, with his girlfriend LAI CHUN (Eliza Sam) being a member of the Special Duties Unit, HO-YEUNG gains first-move advantage in all respects.   On the flip side, TSUN-KIN has been kept in the dark for the whole time, until he finds there is something  suspicious regarding the criminal’s modus operandi in several murder cases.  Later on, owing to a money laundering case,  HO-YEUNG deliberately approaches TSUN-KIN’s good friend, WONG YEUK-LING (Kathy Chow), who learns that TSUN-KIN was the sniper who shot her in the head many years ago.  Without anyone noticing,  a tense standoff between the brothers is about to unfold……

狙 擊手李浩陽(謝天華)因一次過失離開飛虎隊,與同事兼好友高晉堅(張兆輝)漸生嫌隙,浩陽轉行從事遊艇買賣又成為槍會會長,背後與犯罪集團勾結,更利用重 案組督察上官明珠(徐子珊)對自己的信任,掌握不少警方對犯罪集團的狙擊行動,加上女友黎珍(岑麗香)亦是飛虎隊成員,令浩陽佔盡先機;反之,晉堅一直被 蒙在鼓裡,直至多宗命案的行兇手法令他起疑;其後,浩陽因一筆黑錢案,刻意接近晉堅的好朋友王若玲(周海媚),令若玲得知晉堅原是多年前令她腦部中槍的狙 擊手,隱隱然埋下了兄弟展開對決的格局……

Credits: TVB.com


12 Responses to “[New Series]: Sniper Standoff”

  • Chibi says:

    Oh dear..it’s Eliza Sam *shivers*

    Oh no, it’s Laughing Gor again T^T

    Anyhow, yay for Kathy 😀 Hopefully there will be some nice chemistry between the leads.

    • KTVB says:

      The synopsis looks interesting and I’m exciting to see Kathy Chow again 😀 Might give this series a go! Although same as you..*shivers* for Eliza Sam XD Not a fan of her…

      A lot of the boys at the back look like the cadets from Triumph in the Skies 2..could they be the future of TVB? lols

  • h.k says:

    Looking forward to this series.hope u review it.;)

  • Secruoser says:

    I think Kathy Chow should portray older characters really. She’s fit to be her sister’s mum in this drama. I’m a fan of Kate but seriously it’s kind of getting boring with guns and violence again. I’d like to see more intelligent modern dramas from TVB. It’s been years since a good ‘corporate-conflicts’, the good ol’ days of Gallen Lo-style wits and deceits drama.

    • KTVB says:

      I just watched the first 3 episodes and quite like it so far. The main leads are pretty good, but I don’t enjoy watching Eliza scenes…I enjoy watching Michael in this semi (?)-villain series (he gives off a Laughing-gor feel)

      At the same time, it feels like I’m watching Tiger Cubs with the whole SDU thing XD One of the guy in SDU is also in Tiger Cubs as well.

      Kathy looks really old; it might be the way her character looks (hair untidy etc). I’m still trying to get used to her look. Seems like she has an interesting back story though

      Kate seems to be in a lot of cop series. Wonder if her character will have a love plot!

      Yay for Alice for being a villainess again! 😀

  • Rin says:

    I tend to like cops series so I’m enjoying it so far 🙂
    Minus Eliza Sam… someone needs to teach her how to act. I can just see her reciting her lines and trying to act… gah, and her character so far is pretty annoying too -_- if she’s the future of TVB then no wonder TVB series are not getting any popular these days.

    • Secruoser says:

      Personally I think Rebecca Zhu is a much better and natural newcomer actress. She has the audacity and bold expressions which most newcomers lack of. Rebecca really has potential if she’s given more training and roles.

      • I don’t think eliza is that bad she’s slowly improving.as for rebecca zhu i feel like shes a “flower vase” type of actress. So far all her roles were made for her. Eliza is actually challenging different types of roles but rebecca is given roles that are simple to portray plus all her roles has some sort of dancing in them.

  • lm says:

    Is it just me or I really hate it when Kate acts as a cop. It’s really annoying and she has like no facial expression, ohgod.

  • Abs says:

    Anyone remember this old tvb-movie with Eddie Cheung in it, it’s called Deadly Showdown. He plays a cop. If so anyone know the link for it? Thanks!

  • alethia says:

    I didn’t like Kathy Chow. I didn’t like her character. Eliza Sam was stiff and awkward but I still preferred her over Kathy Chow who’s dialogue hardly made sense at all.
    What happened to Wong Yeuk Ling’s brother – Hong? The writers left him in a coma? Did he ever properly wake up?
    They wrapped the series up too quickly. I really enjoyed the performance of Michael Tse and Alice Chan though, Kate was good but here character was too “heroic” in a sense that she had to be at every scene.

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