I was just browsing around TVBSquare when I came across the magazine scans from the TVB Weekly Magazines for 2007. I had only previously seen three of the covers so I found it quiet interesting seeing the different covers for various TVB series of 2007. So! I decided to pick out the TVB related ones […]

Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] This episode was quite ordinary. I guess I can’t really expect much from TVB endings these days. Now all I expect is getting a satisfiying ending ..It wasn’t hard to predict other than the fact Kenny […]

Episode 21 After the incidence, Ron notices that the phone chain/accessory on Joey’s phone had broken. Secretly, he kept it and hoped to buy a new one, making Joey think she dropped it somewhere. After searching many places, he realised that you couldn’t buy the same one back because it was one where you had […]


July 2007

[On the First Beat] Ron and Joey Moments 2

Episode 19 This is the episode where Joey realises her feelings for Ron. As a request from Kate, Joey helps her call out Ron who thought he was having dinner with Joey. She takes him to an expensive place, arranging a candle-light dinner with a violinist as well. Kate calls, saying that she couldn’t get […]

There are a few several factors that really keep me watching On the First Beat, and one great factor is for Michael and Sonija! I love this couple!!  I haven’t like Sonija in ages but can’t help to think she looks really pretty here! XD And Michael Tao is so charming! lol He is so […]


July 2007

[On the First Beat] Joey and Ron

A scene I picked out of from Episode 14 which I really liked ^^ I think the balloons look really pretty and I personally like the two together =) Joey’s character is also really cute in On the First Beat so I find her quite likable. Here, Joey has gone into a depression after an […]

Airing after Heart of Greed: 學警出更 On the First Beat (Australia) Starting from June 18 Monday to Friday 8:30pm English Title: On the First Beat Cantonese Title: 學警出更 (hok ging chut gang) Episode : 30 Cast: Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Joey Yung, Michael Tao , Sonija Kwok, Kate Tsui, Szeto Shui Kee, Chin Ka Lok […]