I was just browsing around TVBSquare when I came across the magazine scans from the TVB Weekly Magazines for 2007. I had only previously seen three of the covers so I found it quiet interesting seeing the different covers for various TVB series of 2007. So! I decided to pick out the TVB related ones […]

I quite liked the final episode, even though it wasn’t hard to predict. The series ended really nicely and there was this whole sense of completion and “family-theme” brought together. There was also two touching scenes that made my eyes teary. The first one was when Jessica keeled onto the floor and beg her father […]

Screenies of two scenes from Episode 57! I don’t think they’ll be anymore focus on these two characters considering the series is coming towards an end. Nevertheless, there they are! ~~~ Myolie and Feng’s wedding shots.There was no talking in this scene, but just a few shots in music to show passing of time, including […]


October 2007

[The Drive of Life] Myolie/FengShaoFeng Moment

The first capture of a Myolie and Feng Shao Feng moment, and it is in Episode 52 where the two get-together XD I was hoping to spot some scenes (leading up to this) to capture but I didn’t find any other ones that really caught my attention. Their relationship After Myolie left Raymond, she moved […]

One of the most exciting episodes.. ‘Ngai Tin Hung’ has turned into a good person with the support from Sheren, knowing he doesn’t have many days left because of his cancer, Charmaine (to some extent), his brother and sister-in-law (played by Benz Hui and mary Hon) and most importantly, the Wah brothers’ dream of China’s […]

After hearing the things Charmaine has been saying to his father (forcing him into a corner, determined to kill off the company and offering him a bit more time if he begged her etc), Raymond goes to find Charmaine begging her to stop everything she was doing. Raymond grabs onto Charmaine’s arm and pull her […]

I’m have a bad feeling about this.. At the end of last episode, Raymond’s encounter with Charmaine causes Raymond to go emotionally unstable again. Torn apart because of Charmaine’s doing, he painfully, emotionally runs to find Myolie desperately to get Charmaine out of his mind. Poor thing ='(!!! There, he finds Myolie learning to play […]

[Another scene I’d like to share! ] Shortly after Myolie and Raymond get together, Charmaine appears again after her long absence. By leaving the wedding, Charmaine hoped to hurt the Wah family, but seeing now that they are all happy, with Myolie and Raymond together her anger, hatred and jealousy grew. Charmaine is back to […]