April 2012

[Face to Fate] Sub Themesong Full Version

After a long day of work, I came home to my blog to find a pleasant surprise…..it was a  message left by K2K which said “Full Sub Song For “Face To Fate” 2006 is finally released. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95zht9Y75BA “   YAY!!! I suspect this song has been released for some time now, and it took me […]


January 2008

[Face to Fate] Episode 30 Final

*This post was originally written and posted on 29 September, 2006 when I finished watching the series. It has been reposted because I’ve updated this entry with new screencaptures* Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] woohoo!! Face to Fate had a good […]


December 2006

[Face to Fate] Screencaps 3

Episode 5 Selena first appears in this episode ^^


November 2006

[Face to Fate] Themesong Lyric Translations

I think this one is harder to translate than the Sub/Ending themesong, but here’s my attempt ^^; It’s half direct translations/half not, but I think the message sorta gets across. Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood something or didn’t translate it properly =) had some help from a friend ^^; This song appears to be […]


November 2006

[Face to Fate] Screencaps 2

[Episode 3] [Episode 4 ] A lot of screencaps of Anne Heung ^^ First appears at the end of episode3..I think she looks quite pretty in this series,esp when she first appears. In Frankie’s memories when he met Anne, I think he  looks really lost ^^;


November 2006

[Face to Fate] Screencaps 1

[Episode 1] [Episode 2]


November 2006

[Face to Fate] SubThemesong Lyric Translations

As a request for the lyric translation of [Face to Fate], I decided to give it a go at translating the themesong ^^ I had to get some help from some friends lol I’m not so good at it, so please lemme know if I’ve got something wrong ^^ or misunderstood it XD Some are […]

Yup, its been a while scene I finished watching it, but I still love this series and I think of this couple once in awhile XD (esp when the TVB 39th Anniversary Awards are coming up and this series isn’t included) Still makes me wonder what this scene would be like.. =3 [[Face to Fate […]