Today I received this SUPER kawaii artwork of the characters from DemiGods!!! XD SO CUTE X3 The whole thing is done by Chibi, so I thought I’d share it with everyone! Chibi has requested that her artwork is not to be posted or redistributed anywhere else, so please respect her! 😀


October 2008

[Legend of Demigods] Favourite Couple

One of my favourite characters in DemiGods is Nancy’s Ga Lau Lo simply because she’s powerful, ‘dead-like’ and looks so cool haha. Her first encounter with the spirit swordsman(Stephen) has left her with a ‘strange’ feeling of familiarity, but she couldn’t understand what it was. I thought it was pretty obvious those were her own […]

[Episode 4-12] In episode 3, Sunny, by fate,  got possession of a Legendary Sword which was owned by a very powerful swordsman, whose spirit is contained within the sword. Having taken possession of the sword, Sunny was the new owner and only he called see the spirit swordsman. In times of need, the spirit of […]

Linda’s Version Sunny’s Version Benny’s Version Group Version

*Linda’s mother saves her from the dead and has given her half her spiritual powers.