Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^] Because Linda had lied to Raymond that she was at home when he called, Raymond started questioning her what had really happened to Grandma during that time and he eventually finds out she was actually with […]


October 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 37 Thoughts

News about the family going to court is spreading everywhere. The scene where Ah Hong holds a press conference was pretty cool! SaYi comes along and started confronting her about the bad things she has done- stealing other people’s husband, and now taking her husband and daughter onto her side! When GaMei defends Ah Hong […]


October 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 36 Thoughts

Moses and Tavia decide to close down their PR company to go back and help JoBao with the Mooncake Business. I like the feeling how HorMa’s family is reuniting again as they prepare themselves to fight the war against Ah Hong. Tavia cries and hugs Moses, saying she’s scared something will happen to him. Since […]


October 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 35 Thoughts

Kate and Chris actually got married! 0_0 I just thought it happened too quick. It was quite a cheesy wedding though because they only showed us a few ‘snapshots of the moments’. I don’t really care much though since they’re not really a couple I care about. But now that Kate is HorMa’s daughter in-law, […]


October 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 33-34 Thoughts

The family looks like it is heading into a real crisis… Kate and Chris started dating >_< geez..this is so not love. It looks like they’re just together for the sake of it, or part of Ah Hong’s plans. Sometimes it makes me wonder if Ah Hong told GaMei to go hook up with Ah […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 32 Thoughts

An episode with lots happening! Kate got a friend of hers, ‘Jimmy’, to put an act together to show Moses and he pretends to be her son’s father; constantly harassing her for money. Moses helps stick up for Kate and even giving him money so he won’t bother Kate anymore. Kate tries to act innocent […]


September 2008

Favourite MR Character

Initially I was going to have them all in one poll but then figured it’s quite hard to choose! I was going to break the poll down further but at the end of the day, for the TVB Anniversary, they’re all going for ‘Favourite Character’ Award (i.e Tavia would be competing with Susanna)- or Best […]


September 2008

[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 31 Thoughts

Linda tries not to see Bosco again, and she tells him how his girlfriend did so much for him, including giving up their baby because she didn’t want it to burden him. Instead of feeling sorry for his girlfriend, he angrily confronted her, asking her why she went to tell Linda and not him >< […]