April 2013

[New Series]: A Great Way To Care II

English Title: A Great Way To Care II

Cantonese Title: 仁心解碼II (Yan Sam Gaai Ma)

Cast: 方中信  Alex Fong, 楊怡 Tavia Yeung, 蒙嘉慧 YoYo Mung, 黃智賢 Ben Wong, 蕭正楠 Edwin Siu, 陳茵媺 Aimee Chan, 蔣志光  Ram Chiang, 陳國邦Power Chan Kwok Pong

Episodes: 25

Airing date: 18 March 2013- 19 April 2012 (Replacing Reality Check)

Themesong: Enclosure (圍牆)- by Edwin Siu (CD)

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Law Wing Yin (Twilight Investigations, Gloves Come Off, The Confidant)

Scriptwriter: Kwan Chung Ling

Link to Prequel (2009)


A Great Way To Care II TVB Official Poster


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KO LAP-YAN (Alex Fong) pulls himself together following his wife’s death, and changes his job, becoming a Consultant of Forensic Psychiatry Department.

As soon as he assumes his office, he cooperates with another Consultant, Dr. CHEUK WAI-KIU (YoYo Mung), conducting clinical evaluations and treatments on a mentally ill patient. During the examination, a felony involving an evil cult is unveiled, so LAP-YAN joins forces with LAM CHUNG-YAN (Tavia Yeung), an Inspector of Regional Crime Unit, to probe into the matter. Gradually, a subtle bond between Department of Forensic Psychiatry and the Regional Crime Unit becomes established. Each time she encounters a convoluted case, CHUNG-YAN goes to seek aid from LAP-YAN, whereas WAI-KIU seeks advice from LAP-YAN whenever she has relationship problems. Furthermore, with the spiritual support from his good colleagues as well as good friends, LIN CHI-SUM (Ram Chiang) and LEUNG KAI-WING (Edwin Siu), LAP-YAN actively turns over a new leaf. Out of the blue, while a horrific serial murder case stirs up some turbulence, LAP-YAN discovers that there is an utmost connection between the case and CHUNG-YAN.

高 立仁(方中信)喪妻後重拾鬥志,轉職成為法醫精神科的顧問醫生,甫入職便與另一顧問醫生卓慧翹(蒙嘉慧)合作,為一名精神病患者提供臨床評估及治療,過程 中揭發一宗涉及邪教的嚴重罪行,因而與重案組探員林頌恩(楊怡)聯手調查,法醫精神科漸與重案組建立微妙的合作關係,頌恩每遇棘手案件會找立仁幫忙,而慧 翹每遇感情煩惱亦會找立仁解困,加上兩位好同事兼好友連志森(蔣志光)和梁啟榮(蕭正楠)的精神支柱,令立仁積極重建新生活,誰料一宗恐怖連環兇殺案牽起 波瀾,立仁竟發現案件與頌恩有莫大關聯……

12 Responses to “[New Series]: A Great Way To Care II”

  • Rin says:

    How is this one guys? I thought the first one was quite good but I can’t believe they killed off Kate’s character… tis why I’m not watching it yet lol.

    • KTVB says:

      I actually quite like this one! I’m not up to date yet though, still on episode 8. I’m watching this as a stand alone drama since I skipped the first one. I just assumed Kate died at te end of the first one?? Or was that made up new in the sequel?

      • karened says:

        Kate’s character was killed off offscreen in Part 2. Lol..no way will TVB end its drama (Part 1) on a tragic note. XD

        • KTVB says:

          lol….well TVB have previous killed off their main characters on the ending episodes..(e.g To Catch the Uncatchable, Catch Me Now, Highs and Lows, Bottled Passion, Gloves Come Off, The Life and Times of Sentinel)

          A lot of these death seemed pretty unnecessary too!

    • a great way to care 2 is ok neither bad or super great. I prefer the first one though. I feel like the second borrowed a lot of elements from other dramas sort of losing its sense of originality compared to the first one.

  • Snark says:

    Hmm, i think that it is not bad so far.
    I like Ben Wong better in this series compared to the 1st.
    @KTVB: Nope, Kate did not die in the 1st series.

  • Ri says:

    Only thing AGWTC2 has done for me is make me miss the first AGWTC 🙁 It’s really too bad because the first AGWTC was a solid series that tackled an interesting topic. The writing was tight and even when it wasn’t, the camaraderie between characters carried it through. I suspect I’m enjoying AGWTC2 much less because the bulk of old characters didn’t stay on. Hard to blame them considering they got Tavia on, fresh from her TV Queen win too. Reminds me of when Charmaine Sheh and Kevin Cheng got casted in Forensic Heroes 2 and suddenly the original cast became somewhat secondary 🙁 Oh well!

  • JacJac says:

    Haven’t checked other tvb bloggers much or updates about dramas since I’m bored of tvb series. Glad you enjoyed this drama. I skipped A Great Way to Care 2 and Bullet Brain.

  • Kathy says:

    A Great Way to Care 2 was amazing!! Tavia’s character in it was unbelievable!! She did such a great job in this drama being evil. She is the best!! Her role in Beyond the Realm of Conscience was awesome as well!! This drama was way better than the first one!! It’s funnier and the characters in it were well cast!! Edwin and Oscar and Eric were super funny!! They are my favorites!! Alex definitely was better in this one because he has humor!! Yoyo was good too, loved how she was the head of the doctors in Bok On Hospital and how she wanted Alex’s sperm!! She was soo funny!! Anyways this drama is too good to be compared to the first one!! I was looking forward to this drama since they told us they were making another one!! I watched it every night and I’m so glad I did!! For whoever didn’t watch it, you are missing out on a lot!

  • Michelle says:

    I really loved “A Great Way to Care 2” than the first one. Alex was very funny here. I wish there were some romantic scenes between Alex and Tavia but nevertheless, Tavia and Ben looked great together. There should have been more romantic scenes between Ben and Tavia. I never imagined Alex could be so funny here. The scenes between him and Yoyo are so hilarious when she keeps chasing Alex for his sperms. Edwin was a real surprise. He acted so well here. Acting as a hot hunk in other series, the change here was fresh and amazing. I didn’t know he could act in comedy scenes. In fact, every actor acted their role very well. The whole casting was great.

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