April 2007

[Life Art] Synopsis

As usual, I pretty much read the Synopsis for a TVB Series after watching it to avoid spoilers XD Sounds kind of silly since the point of the synopsis is to let you know a bit of what its about and try get your interest. I rather rely on hearing from others if its worth watching or not; then give it a go myself. Its sort of like movie trailer~ they tend to show you the best bits in the movie. A lot of the time, the TVB Synopsis has some false info, but the Life Art one is pretty consistent.

Casts: Kevin Cheng, Gigi Lai, Paul Chun, Evergreen Mak, etc.
Episodes: 20
Genre: Modern Drama/Enlightenment/Romance
Release Date: March 2007

Kevin and Gigi
Opening Screencaptures
Intermission Clip
The Final Episodes

Practice calligraphy, practice painting, practice character
Understand logic, understand principles, understand life

Youthful, talented, and handsome IT technician Fong Ji Chung (Kevin Cheng Ka Wing) by chance becomes acquainted with the talented, intelligent, and elegant writer and illustrator for children’s books, Yam Chi Wah (Gigi Lai Chi). He later learns that Chi Wah is the beloved daughter of his own calligraphy and painting teacher, Yam Ching Chuen (Paul Chun Pui). Furthermore, Ji Chung discovers that this pair of father and daughter is very distant; it’s as if they’re restraining themselves, afraid of overstepping barriers.

Ji Chung continues to receive gains and losses in fame and fortune. With love as well, he encounters frustration and defeat. Something that’s against anyone’s wishes happens to Chuen, which causes the relationship among Ji Chung, Chi Wah, and Ching Chuen to make a new progression…

Will the ice-bound feelings between a father and daughter be able to make a breakthrough? Will Ji Chung’s true feelings for Chi Wah be enough to move her? Obtaining enlightenment from the Chinese culture unites people, making it possible to experience a truly “artful” [enjoyable] life…

Synopsis Translation credits to: TVB Musings


Adjustments to the synopsis given by TVB:

*When Kevin meets Gigi, she isn’t an illustrator for children’s book yet

* “Ji Chung’s true feelings for Chi Wah be enough to move her?” I’m assuming this is after Kevin’s ex-girlfriend returns?

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