English Title: A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Chinese Title: 施公奇案II (Si Gung Kei On 2)

Cast: 欧阳震华 Bobby Au Yeung Chun Wah , 宣 萱 Hsuan Jessica Hester , 李思捷 Johnson Lee Sze Chit , 唐 宁 Leila Tong , 陈山聪 Joel Chan Shan Chung , 刘玉翠 Lau Yuk Chui , 刘家辉 Lau Kar Fai , 姚莹莹 Eileen Yeow

Episodes: 21

Airing date: 12 July 2010 (After Ghost Writer)

Themesong : Don’t Underestimate Me (別低估我)- Wong Cho Lam

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)

Genre: Comedy/ Mystery

Executive Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Scriptwriter: Lee Yee Wah

A Pillowcase of Mysteries 2

After a radical change in life, SZE SAI-LUN (Bobby Au Yeung) becomes dispirited with the political world and spends most of his time travelling around in search of fun. Along the way, he meets a spirit medium, NG KWAN-YAU (Jessica Hsuan), who somehow gets caught up in a mysterious murder case. It is not LUN’s intention to intervene at first, but with the fortuitous assistance from the pillow spirit NGAU TAI-LIK (Johnson Lee ), he can finally crack the case and prove YAU’s innocence. LUN has his confidence back and pledges to continue his fight for justice. As time progresses, LUN and YAU get to know each other better and gradually fall in love. LUN finally decides to get over the past and marry the girl. He enjoys his married life so much but gets frustrated at work sometimes – LIK’s power turns out not to be as strong as expected, which ends up with a lot of misleading clues being given. Amidst the various challenges of his new life, LUN realizes that YAU seems to have something to hide and that there is a malicious plot behind their marriage. Knowing that the couple have fallen out, LUN’s mother has found him a new wife, LUK SIU-TIP (Leila Tong). Out of the blue, TIP has also come with ill intentions. LUN is plunged into a complex web of intrigue and things seem to be getting on top of him…

施世纶(欧阳震华)经历巨变後对官场意兴阑珊,到处遊山玩水,途中邂逅灵媒吴君柔(宣萱)并捲入了一宗离奇命案,世纶本无心查案,但无意间得一枕仙牛大力 (李思捷)出现相助,终为君柔洗脱罪名,让他重拾意志及信心,继续为民请命。当世纶与君柔日久生情,他决定走出伤痛娶君柔为妻,新婚生活令他得意忘形,差 事却令他啼笑皆非,因为原来枕仙的法力只有半桶水,令世纶查案经常捉错用神,误会好人,闹至笑话连篇。当世纶正享受新生活的种种考验时,却发现君柔行径古 怪,下嫁自己原来另有所图,二人遂反目成仇,母亲大人因而安排世纶再娶陆小蝶(唐宁)为妾,谁料小蝶同样心怀不轨,内情错综複杂,令英明一世的世纶疲於奔 命……。

Synopsis Credits : TVB.com.au

Comments: Oo..interesting! If I recall correctly, the last time Pillowcase of Mystery was released in 2006! I remember quite enjoying that series with Kenix and Bobby. Too bad Kenix isn’t here anymore but I do enjoy watching Jessica~ they remind me of their pairing from Dicey Business. I haven’t seen Bobby in a long time too! Good to see him back on screen again 🙂

25 Responses to “[New Series]: A Pillowcase of Mystery II”

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I’m actually quite excited for this series, probably because Bobby and Jessica’s in it, they seem to be great to watch on screen!

    I’ve felt that the series this year have lacked a good plot and I haven’t really had the eurge to watch any. Hopefully this will be a great series!

  • chibi says:

    Ah, nice to see Bobby and Jessica together again 😀 I liked their interaction from Dicey Business so hope this will be good =) I haven’t watched the first series though.

  • Jenny says:

    OMG! Finally! I can’t wait to watch this.
    I’ve been waiting forever, was this series warehoused? I remember it being filmed ages ago.

    Anyway, I miss seeing Bobby. He’s such a great actor. And paired up with Jessica is even better 🙂 So exciting!

  • Rin says:

    I watched the first one back in 2006 but I don’t remember much from it… except I really liked it! Hahaha.
    Kinda sad that Benny isn’t in the sequel… =/
    At least I’m fine with Jessica! (: so I’m looking forward to this cus I’m not watching When Lanes Merge :3

    • KTVB says:

      haha same same! I don’t remember much but enjoyed watching Bobby and Kenix XD It was 4 years ago though, hopefully it still keeps me entertained!

  • Lin says:

    I didnt expect there wil be a sequel to the first one! I really enjoyed watching the first one long time ago and I can’t wait for the second part to be released.. so happy.

  • Fiona says:

    LOL I’ll try and see how this series is, for Leila and Johnson…

  • VERONICA says:

    I am looking forward to this series. I like the last 2 Pillow case seriew. I like them all. Thank you for the update

  • An Pham says:

    hahah is there anyway bobby can look any chinky-er in that picture?

  • Alec Nguyen says:

    The first episode’s rating is 33 pts, peaking at 34.4 pts. Yeah

  • beciee says:

    did leila Tong like replace tavia yeung in this movie?

  • Phoebe says:

    I was kinda sad that Tavia isn’t in it… But I still can’t wait to watch it!!!!! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hmm I can’t really remember what the first storyline as like anymore and what role Tavia, Benny played..except I think Benny was Kenix’s brother? I just watched the first episode and they were saying how Kenix and Annie “died’ a year ago : [ Sad they had to make the characters die just so they could replace with new cast..although I have to say I don’t recall Annie being in the first one lol

      • faithict says:

        Yes, i remembered Annie was in the first one…She was the third wife of Bobby and in it, she plays the character of someone who likes to gamble. And one time, Bobby saved her from the shark loans and that is how she became his wife…
        I can remembered the first one very well as it was one of my fav… 🙂 Hopefully the second is going to be as good as the first one…

      • Jenny says:

        Yeah its sad how they kill off characters.. They did the same thing in Witness to Prosecution II, another Bobby series, killing off Jessica and Maryanne’s characters and inserted Charmaine’s character.

        I’m still excited nonetheless, I miss seing Leila and I’m such a fan of Johnson. Too bad I have to wait for the Vietnamese dubbed version, which takes forever!!

  • beciee says:

    i hope this movie is good!! because usually the second one isnt as good at the first one.

  • Sammi says:

    yikes. i watched this and i stopped it at the part when jessica wanted to kill bobby,
    it was too boring, but that’s just my opinion.

  • shortcakiee says:

    it starts off pretty much like witness to a prosecution 2…. =.=

  • lavender says:

    :/ I didn’t like the first one – the plot was kinda weak but I might watch this for the Bobby/Jessica pair. How long has it been since they last acted together? *nostalgia rush*

  • Sunny nhien says:

    oh yeah.. I really like Bobby and Jess so much, they’re my idols. I’ve been waiting for this film for a long time, and I’m very happy to get it.

    Actually, I don’t think this part so perfect now. There are very boring stories in this part. But Bobby and Jess are great actors.It’s a unique reason making me try to watch it! Besides, I miss Tavia and Benny… ^^

    Finally, I love this film’s theme: Don’t Underestimate Me (別低估我). It’s funny. ^^

  • TVBAddict! says:

    I don’t know, honestly, I am not trying to start an argument, but I just could not continue watching it. I watched the first five episodes, I was incredibly bored, not to mention the riddles and clues were too difficult (at least for me) to even go with the flow and try to understand how they connect. Although the audience need not know how the clues work, I just thought they were complicated. The graphics were pretty corny too.

    I wanted to watch this when i was bored, but I ended up watching other series.

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