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Songs from TVB Series

The songs are in mp3 format. Where possible, I try to upload the full versions/CD when they become available. All songs are full versions (and marked with *) unless otherwise stated. The themesongs are sorted according to their release time in HK.


[Officer Geomancer] Fred Cheng*
[Noblesse Oblige] Grace Wong & Ronald Law (full) *NEW*
[Madam Cutie On Duty] Edwin Siu*  *NEW*
[Raising the Bar] Stephanie Ho* | Sub- Louis Cheng & Grace Wong*NEW*
[My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover] Nancy Sit, Edwin Siu & Evergreen Mak*NEW*
[Young Charioteers] Jinny Ng* *NEW*
[Eye in the Sky] Alfred Hui & Hubert Wu *NEW*


[Return of the Silver Tongue] Fred Cheng & Kristal Tin  (Full version)
[Coffee Cat Mama] Hurbert Wu *
[Outbound Love] Lin Xia Wei *Sub– Ruco Chan *
[Queen Divas] Various Cast*
[Giled Chopsticks] Wong Cho Lam & Stephanie Ho (Full version) *
[Storm in a Cocoon] Steven Ma *  | Jinny Ng-  Sub *
[Ruse of Engagement] Sub- Ruco Chan & Ron Ng *
[Swipe Tap Love]- Jinny Ng *
[Never Dance Alone] Theme– Shirley Kwan & Mag Lam | Sub– Various *
[The Ultimate Addiction] Theme– Fred Cheng | Sub– Kate Tsui & Hurbert Wu*
[Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain] Theme– Fred Cheng | Sub– Grace Wong *
[Black Heart White Soul] Theme -Ronald Law (Moon) & Hoffman Cheng*
[Rear Mirror] Hurbert Wu*
[Line Walker] Justin Lo & Wilfred Lau | Sub- Jinny Ng *
[All that is Bitter is Sweet] Teresa Cheung * | Sub– Linda Chung*
[Tomorrow is Another Day]Alfred Hui| Sub- Kenny Bee
[Tiger Cubs 2] Joe Ma*
[Come On, Cousin] Louis Yuen*
[Overachievers] Susanna Kwan | Sub 1 Surrender | Sub 2 – Fred Cheng
[Lady Sour] – Ron Ng & Myolie Wu* *NEW*


[Friendly Fire] Michael Tse & Sammy Leung (CD) *
[Missing You] Linda Chung (CD) *
[Inbound Troubles] Ivana Wong and Wong Cho Lam (CD) *
[The Day of Days] FAMA (Full) *
[Season of Love] Mag Lam (CD) *
[Reality Check] Ruco Chan (CD) *
[A Great Way to Care II] Edwin Siu (CD)*
[Sergeant Tabloid] Michael Tse & Niki Chow (CD) | Niki Chow (Solo CD)*
[Bullet Brain] Edwin Siu (CD) *
[Beauty at War] Christine Ng* | Sub– Christine Ng and Moses Chan *
[Slow Boat Home] Kay Tse (CD)*
[A Change of Heart] Niki Chow (CD)* | Sub- Bosco Wong (CD)*
[Awfully Lawful] Pal Sinn, Roger Kwok, Johnson Lee, Raymond Cho (CD)*
[Karma Rider] Hubert Wu – Themesong* | Sub Themesong * | Fiona Fung -Sub *
[Triumph in the Skies II] George Lam* | Sub– Mag Lam | Sub 2- Raymond Lam* | Chilam Cheung Cover| English Songs *
[Always and Ever] Shirley Kwan (CD) * | Sub- Pierre Ngo *
[Sniper Standoff] Michael Tse *
[Brother’s Keepers] Ruco Chan & Edwin Siu *
[Will Power] Alfred Hui*
[The Hippocratic Crush 2] Joey Yung *
[Bounty Lady] Dayo Wong (Full) | Sub- Sharon Chan (CD)  *


[When Heaven Burns] Themesong*- Paul Wong | Sub Themesong*- Bowie Lam, Kenny Wong, Moses Chan
[Bottled Passion] -Teresa Cheung*
[L’Escargot] -Linda Chung & Ron Ng*
[Wish and Switch] Myolie Wu & Johnson Lee *
[Let it Be Love] Moses Chan *
[The Hippocratic Crush]- Joey Yung*
[Queens of Diamonds and Hearts]- Fala Chen (Full Version)*
[Daddy Good Deeds] Edwin Siu*
[Gloves Come off] Kevin Cheng*
[House of Harmony and Vengeance]- Wong Cho Lam, Louis Yuen & Johnson Lee*
[Come Home Love] Joyce Cheng *
[Master of Play] Adam Cheng*
[No Good Either Way] Ruco Chan, Louis Yuen and Kiu Bo Bo *
[Tiger Cubs] Joe Ma*
[Witness Insecurity] Linda Chung*
[Three Kingdoms RPG] Raymond Lam *
[Ghetto Justice 2] Same as Ghetto Justice
[King Makers] Leo Ku *(CD) *
[Diva in Distress] Edmond Leung (CD) *
[The Last Steep Ascent] Hurbet Wu* (CD)*
[Highs and Lows] Sub- Raymond Lam* (CD) *
[Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles] Fiona Sit (CD) | Sub (CD)- Ron Ng *
[The Confidant] Shirley Kwan (CD Version) | Sub- Wayne Lai & Nancy Wu (CD) *



[Show Me the Happy]-Bernice Liu (Live) | Sub– Auston Lam*
[Twilight Investigation]-Sub (Wong He, Raymond Wong, Johnson Lee)*
[Links to Temptation]-Fala Chen*
[Home Troopers]-Stephanie Ho*
[7 Days in Life]Bosco Wong*
[The Rippling Blossom]- Chilam Cheung*
[Only You] -Cherry Ho*
[Grace Under Fire] Elisa Chan* | Sub- Liu Xuan *
[Relic of an Emissary] Joe Ma (CD) | Sub- Michael Tse & Kate Tsui*
[Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] Moses Chan & Ron Ng*
[My Sister of Eternal Flower] Raymond Lam (Full)
[Ghetto Justice] – TV Version | CD *NEW*
[Wax and Wane] Ron Ng (CD) | Sub- Kate Tsui (TV)
[The Other Truth] Ryan Lau (CD) *
[The Life and Times of a Sentinel]-Steven Ma (CD) *
[Lives of Omission]- Michael Tse (Full Version) * | Sub- Bosco Wong *(Full Version)
[River of Wine] Taichi (CD Version) *
[Men with No Shadows] Raymond Lam (CD) *
[Forensic Heroes III] Wayne Lai & Ron Ng (Full) *
[Super Snoops] View Post
[Curse of the Royal Harem] Themesong*- Susanna Kwan | Sub Themesong*-Myolie Wu


[A Chip off the Block]-Ron Ng & Myolie Wu*
[The Beauty of the Game]-Denise Ho*
[A Watchdog’s Tale]-Linda Chung & Steven Ma*
[The Season of Fate]-Michael Tse*
[Cupid Stupid]-Steven Ma*
[O.L Supreme] Themesong- Ron Ng, Chapman To & Denise Ho | Sub– Denise Ho*
[My Better Half]-Michael Miu & Michael Tse*
[In the eye of the beholder]-Wong Cho Lam & MC Jin* | Sub
[A Fistful of Stances]-Kevin Cheng*
[Suspects in Love] -Music (TV-Rip) | Sub -Joe Ma*
[Sisters of Pearl] Myolie Wu*
[The Mysteries of Love] Raymond Lam*
[Ghost Writer] Steven Ma*
[When Lanes Merge] Ryan Lau *
[Some Day] Tang Siu Hau *
[A Pillowcase of Mystery 2] Wong Cho Lam
[Growing Through Life] Raymond Lam – Themesong* | Sub*
[Can’t Buy Me Love] Susanna Kwan*
[The Comeback Clan] Fama*
[Every Move You Make] Bowie Lam (TV Rip) | Full Version
[No Regrets] Leo Ku* (Demo Version)
[Gun Metal Grey] Themesong- Super 4 (LIVE) | Sub– Alfred Hui*

**Other: Bosco Wong/Raymond Lam

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