October 2014

[New Series]: Tiger Cubs 2

English Title: Tiger Cubs 2

Cantonese Title: 飛虎II (Fei Fu 2)

Cast: Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Him Law, Oscar Leung, Mandy Wong, Benjamin Yuen, Christine Kuo

Episodes: 10 (2 hours each)

Airing date: 19 October 2014 – 21 December 2014 (Mini Series)

Themesong: 血與汗 (Blood And Sweat) – Joe Ma*

Official: Website

Executive Producer: Lam Chi Wah

Scriptwriter: Yip Tin Shing

TVB Tiger Cubs 2
Official Synopsis

Leading the Special Duties Unit/Flying Tigers, CHIN HON-TO (Joe Ma) continues to cooperate closely with team members such as YU HOK-LAI (Him Law), CHONG CHEUK-YUEN (Oscar Leung) and SO MAN-KEUNG (Mandy Wong) confronting new challenges non-stop. The newly appointed Chief Inspector of Police, POON CHI-LUNG (Timmy Hung) shows a completely different tenor of his ways compared to the previous one, so all the team members have to adapt all over again. During the operation to save the hostages, HON-TO runs into the undercover cop CHUNG WAI-YAN (Linda Chung), who is being hunted down by gangsters, and her intelligence and courage leave a very good impression on HON-TO. HON-TO helps WAI-YAN resume her duties in the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB), thereafter, the two start developing romantic feelings for each other. However, with the others noticing that WAI-YAN’s behavior is very unpredictable, WAI-YAN seems to have something to hide, which confuses and confounds HON-TO very much. On top of that, one of his team members makes a mistake during an operation and is punished for it. While HON-TO’s ability is doubted, there is an infighting among his team members. In order to avoid stratification, HON-TO himself applies for a job transfer…… In the meantime, WAI-YAN tries at all cost to track down the culprit who ratted her out years ago, and she even manipulates intelligence to put the Flying Tigers in danger…… Being confronted with all sorts of crisis at any time, will HON-TO and his team eventually manage to solve them?


Synopsis: TVB.com.au

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