January 2010

[New Series]: Cupid Stupid

Title: Cupid Stupid 恋爱星球人
Cast: Steven Ma (馬浚偉),  Tavia Yeung (楊 怡) , Michael Tse Tin Wah (謝天華) Mandy Cho (曹敏莉)  Kingdom Yuen (苑瓊丹) , Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) Susan Tse  (謝雪心) Lee Kwok Lun (李國麟)
Episodes: 20
Airring date (Overseas): 25th Jan – 25th Feb 2010 [Warehoused Series -will not be released in HK]
Producer: Tsu Yue On
Scriptwriter: Chan Ching Yee & Lau Chi Wah
Themesong: Heard (聽說)- Steven Ma Full Version(Radio Rip)

Cupid Stupid


How would one’s horoscope be interpreted and affect one’s love life? A simple note that reads “Getting to meet the most important person in your life” is strong enough to draw fishmonger CHI YAT PO (Steven Ma), toy shop assistant KAN NGO LAM (Tavia Yeung) and toy designer KOON SING HO (Michael Tse) into a torrid love triangle. When making their way out of the maze, the three of them begin to hesitate. Can one’s love life really be predicted?

Unlike his childhood friend LAM, PO does not believe in horoscopes. But this does not affect their friendship at all and they are even closer than ever. PO is held up to ridicule while trying to save LAM from her lovelorn woe. Believing that PO is her Mr. Right, LAM seeks every opportunity to express her love for him. Sadly PO has realized this too late, and LAM is already going out with HO, with whom she is very compatible in terms of star signs, personalities and interests. HO’s ex-girlfriend FONG CHEUK KEI (Mandy Cho) cannot bear to part from the man, forcing LAM to give up on the relationship reluctantly. During this most difficult time, PO has once again stood by LAM with tender loving care. As time goes by, the pair has gradually developed a genuine affection for each other. All of a sudden, HO turns up and asks to get back with LAM. To LAM, HO is a dream while PO helps keep her feet on the ground. Who is she going to stay with in the end?

Who do you want Tavia to end up with in "Cupid Stupid"?

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Cupid Stupid Theme Song Lyrics and Translations



Synopsis Credits : Astro on Demand

159 Responses to “[New Series]: Cupid Stupid”

  • Rin says:

    Oh yum~ I love the cast! (: now if the story is more interesting than the synopsis then I’ll be looking forward to it more.

  • Fiona says:

    hmmmm~~me and love stories don’t wuite get along…this drama looks like its all gonna be about love or something…look at the background…besides, i don’t really like steven ma. i like tavia though…so…idk

  • chibi says:

    Innnnteresting…Tavia paired up with Micheal Tse! Not sure about the actual show though @.@ Never really liked any “romantic” series by TVB to be honest XD

  • tvbholic says:

    hmm, not too interested in this genre. but TAVIA LOOKS SO PRETTY!!!

  • rachel says:

    oohh!!! tavia and steven!! they were so cute in sweetness in the salt! i love the whole theme of horoscopes and love is so fantasy like 😀 i’m so excited to watch it!!! and also excited for mysteries of love with Fungyi!! <3 yayayay!!

    • X-FilePhan says:

      Samee x3 Tavia & Steven is actually been in alot of movies together besides i never saw Tavia with Michael Tse 😛

      • Anna says:

        Same x3 i have never seen Taiva & Michael Tse.Steven saw Taiva first but then when there was the firework Steven saw her too but then Michael call Tavia name Twikle so they was a pair i wish there was cudip studip 2 so everyone can watch more of cudip studip.

  • Badger says:

    Apparently, it will be released in international markets only on January 25.

  • K2K says:

    WOW!!! Don’t the poster remind anyone of the series poster of Moonlight Resonance. With the purple and pink background and stuff.

  • may says:

    anyone knows where i can catch this show? cos apparently im staying in singapore so im wondering where i can watch this show cos im a great fan of tavia!! anyone please?

  • jade says:

    hey, will cupid stupid be aired in hongkong? if not, its more difficult for me to watch it..im so looking forward to this drama… anyone noes?

    • KTVB says:

      It won’t be airing in HK- overseas releases only. Are you from HK? Cos if not, you can rent them at video stores or they’ll most likely be released on Satelite channels.

  • Kelvin says:

    Awesome cast, i’m looking forward to this hopefully tavia would end up with steven

  • iciel says:

    A series about love triangle? My worst nightmare…

  • Nicole says:

    watched the first ep & it seems okay. nothing spectacular but i think it’ll be entertaining & enjoyable to watch. can’t stand the idea that Michael is supposed to be Tavia’s true love though. XD

  • Adrina says:

    Why won’t it air in HK? Has it been aired before over there? I’m from Malaysia and I watch this show through AOD. I was always under the impression that AOD airs the exact same shows at the same time slots in HK. Can anyone please help clarify? Thanks!

    • KTVB says:

      HK does not release all the TVB series it produces on HK TV. It’s usually because they don’t think it’ll do as well, so they “warehouse it”- and release it to overseas for rentals, or other Pay-TV (like Astro)

  • cooldudejohn says:

    Actually, I’ve watched the first two episodes and it’s quite good! I must say, it exceeded my expectations by far! I’m liking the cast, plot, basically everything! I hope it doesn’t fall out in the middle!

  • sandalls says:

    I’m loving this series so far too!!! definitely exceeded my expectations!!! the cast just fits really well together and I love Steven and Tavia!!

  • BOL says:

    Hey… I’m up to ep. 6 of this series and it’s actually pretty interesting… storyline’s alright coz i’m not really into horoscopes but the character interactions and all that are pretty good… worth watching…

    For those who want to either download or watch online


    you can download AND watch on this site…

    • KTVB says:

      I’ve just finished watching episode 6 too and I’m really enjoying the series XD It’s quite romantic haha
      I love the love triangle and chemistry between the three leads (like The Season of the Fate). Really can’t decide who I like better (out of the guys)

  • KTVB says:

    I just finished watching episode 12!
    Episode 12 ends where Steven sees Michael & Tavia holding hands <3

    I'm surprised how fast I'm watching the series- totally love watching Steven/Michael/Tavia!! I love watching the chemistry between Tavia and the guys and I'm in constant dilemma of who I want Tavia to be with. It's starting to remind me of Tavia in "Sweetness in the Salt" between Steven Ma and Raymond Wong. I love them both! I wanted to see Tavia and Michael fall in love, yet at the same time I'm hoping Steven would 'hurry up' and tell Tavia his feelings for her already. It seems fated that he's always "slower" than everyone else 🙁 Poor guy! Almost every episode ends with a cliff hanger- mostly with confessions etc which always makes me want to see what happens, and yet it tends to almost always disappoint me when it "fails"

    I think it would have been nice if we got to see the scene between Tavia and Michael when they went on the trip where Michael hugs her etc

    The only parts I find draggy in the series is when it shows other people other than the love triangle, the gamblers and Kingdom's ex-husband etc It was also frustrating to watch that girl clinging and all over Steven.

    • faithict says:

      I finished watching episode 12 last night. Before watching this I had watched A Watchdog Tale and somehoe I felt Steven is much better in that series compared to this one. (maybe is due to the character of these 2 series) I felt that Steven has always had a liking towards Tavia from the start but just do not dare to express his feelings towards her and as the result we can see that he is one step slower than Michael in telling Tavia that he really likes him. No wonder he is called Chi Yat Po. By the way i don’t quite get it when the Aunt explained to him why is he called Chi Yat Po? Do you understand that part?

      You are right. In every episodes towards the end, it was end with a question mark? (like what you said clif hanger) I am always eager to watch the next episode. 🙂

      Somehow i felt that this series is pretty romantic. Been a while since i actually watch a romatic series by TVB. Do you realize that their bright and romantic they decorated the roof top where Tavia and Steven always meet?

      • KTVB says:

        The series is a lot better than I expected (romance side) I call this so much more a romance series than The Seventh Day. I haven’t seen anymore episodes yet though (been so busy!!) I feel sorry for Steven being so “slow”. That’s the thing about friendship–> lovers though; both are always worried they’ll lose the friendship if the other does not feel the same way 🙁

        Steven’s Aunt was saying they named him “Yat Bo”, as in “one treasure”, but it sounded too much like “late one Step” if you include his last name..so yeh ^^;

    • Anna says:

      i think Steven is always slow but when he is fast he doesn’t tell anyone.I think Steven should be more faster so Taiva willl be his not Michael Tse.

  • faithict says:

    I just finished watching until episode7. Somehow up to this point I felt I started having some dislike feeling towards Tavia. However, I still like to watch her in this series but somehow i felt that she should be aware of the situation. In this episode, Jojo was asking her if she is aware of the cold war between Michael and Mandy and Tavia just blendly saying that oh, she has already explained to Mandy that nothing is going on between her and Michael. She should be more alert and understand that the amount of time she spend with Michael might cause misunderstanding to Mandy (who is as michael gf). This somehow makes me dislike her character. I am hoping to see that this will get changed as the series moves further the story line, hoping to see more of Tavia and Steven.
    About other characters, somehow I don’t feel how the other characters fit into the story line except for the “little princess”. Maybe is because i am still at episode 7 and they still haven’t expand the other characters yet.
    Anyway i felt this movie was pretty light-hearted movie and it seems to fit for the Valentine season. This is just my thought. Hopefully this series will not be a disappointment 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you faithict…I found Tavia’s character slightly inconsiderate considering Mandy has told her that she still feels insecure etc, despite them saying they’re just friends. Tavia continues to spend the same amount of time with Michael, including asking him out to play with her and Steven- and continue their training upstairs at the rooftop during lunch time. The only way I can seem to ‘forgive’ Tavia is that there really wasn’t anything going on between the two (back then). I think lol

      I find the other characters- old men etc pretty boring. Looks like a side theme ‘gambling’ etc

      • BOL says:

        yeah… i agree… i dont really like the ‘mang bing’ and the arguing thing he has with Kingdom and when they gamble and all that. Also, I feel that Tavia is kinda responsible in a way for the breakup of Mandy and Michael

    • JW says:

      you will find dissapoitment in the end of this show…the ending is bad & it’s totally out of my expectation…jing go did not end up with chi yat po..and this happen just becuase of all those LAME, STUPID & UNNECSSESARY obstacles..this make the whole story become so fake! chi yat po is the first person who thouhgt of Disneyland, first person who found jing go, first person show called her name..she can’t hear 🙁 …sigh….is not that i do not like michael. but the story board made the relationship become illogical…finally walk away with tears…this is suck!

    • Anna says:

      In cudip studip i don’t like Jojo beacuse she is like the boss of Tavia,Michael Tse & Mandy LOVE !!!!!!!!

  • Kelly says:

    I Love This Drama.. Ever since Beyond the Realm of Conscience I’ve grown to love Tavia even more & more!!

    I like Michael Tse and Steven Ma too..Hopefully she’ll end up with Steven! (the Capricorn!) LOL 😀

  • Deniece says:

    Ahhhh what kind of ending is this? Tavia should be with Steven!!!! They have the bond since young and they are such a perfect match!! What kind of producer & director is this? Can’t we just have a sweet happy ending? Why chi yat po has to be the one suffering? So sadddddd sucky show! Was expecting a nice ending! Sighhhhh

  • anna says:

    Is it true that michael will the one be with tavia???? Urgh…… If its true i’ll stop watching it now…

    • JW says:

      yes, you may stop watching it..i have been hoping to much that steven will end up with tavia. therefore, not missing every episode of cupid stupid…but now i find the ending not worth it & dissapointed! hate the ending!

      • faithict says:

        JW, that is exactly what i felt. I seriously have so much hope that Steven and Tavia will be together and lives happily ever after. The ending really gives me a BIG disappointment. I guess I had a high expectation on both of them and that is why i am so disappointed with the ending. It was sweet and romantic to watch both of them together more than Tavia and Micheal.

        • xXbBGurlx says:

          same here, i wanted it to be nice and then at the end steven must call tavia and let himself suffer D: i am annoyed with the ending and such disappointment !! i want it to be happy, which means steven with tavia

  • Yvonne says:

    AHHHH; I’m soooo disappointed with the ending ='(

  • Holly says:

    The ending sucked! Ugh!

  • faithict says:

    The ending is sooo disappointing. Truly disappointing. It started off with so good and romantic and how i am eager to watch episode by episode including this last one but its ending is so poorly. By the way, i did not watch the entire episode yet but my friends was telling me not to watch it as it is going to be very disappointing. So i decided to watch the last 7 minutes and true enough it is true.

    Here is my opinion on this short ending that i watched.

    The way Tavia said it at the end is all about fate. what does fate has to do with this?? Did she not get a phone call from Steven right before she met Michael. And because of the ringtone makes Michael knows that Tavia is nearby. So that means she should be with Steven instead of Michael since Steven found her first. Or, as what Steven’s name in this series, really “Chi Yat Po”. The way I interpreted the story is that Tavia likes Steven more than Michael and so why did she want to have this game in the first place?? Steven understand Tavia better than Michael after all they grew up together. When did we see him losing his temper towards her? He literally likes her so much more than Michael did. And when Michael was hugging Tavia at the end, we could see how disappointed Tavia’s face was and how she said fate had played them. this is all illogical. you cannot lied to your own feeling and if she really likes Steven, why couldn’t she just be with him? Is it that TVB wants to have a twist here since TVB successfully guessed that we expected Steven and Tavia to be together towards then end, and so TVB comes out with this twist that is to make Tavia and Michael together instead??? If that is the case, then i would think TVB has come out with a very very disappointing, unsatisfactory ending (I am sorry but you can see how disappointed i am with the ending)

    There was one part where Michale was literally at his downfall, he gave up so easily on his career and on Tavia. If i were in Tavia’s shoes, i would definitely not want to choose someone who cannot accept failures.

    The only thing that left me in awe is that i am very much amazed at Steven’s character in how he is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of the other two. He recalled what Tavia said “it is better for 2 people to be happy than 3 people to be sad”. Then he said to himself, “He needs to let go although he doesn’t want to” It was so sad hearing him saying that. I seriously think he is a better off candidate compared to Michael.

    Overall, it was nice to watch this series to see how sweet Steven is to Tavia, but the ending is really not what i expected. I wonder if TVB is going to do an alternate ending? Oh well, i guess it is hope against hope since this is a warehouse series.

    • Yvonne says:

      OMG; I agree so much with you. I really wanted tavia to ended up with steven. He purposely called tavia to let michael know so that he knows she’s nearby. What a good man and why on earth the ending’s like this. Sigh. Steven really deserved her more than michael. It was really sad seeing steven alone listening to the song they recorded towards the ending. You can really see how disaoppinted was he. Oh well, It’s already ended. What else can I say. Haih. 🙁

    • Oscar says:

      i agree with u too, faithict. i really hope for an altenate ending.. The ending is hyperultra super duper ultimately extrodinaryly disappointing!! (Its very hard to describe how disappoint i am right now) i felt like breaking my TV and tear them apart..

    • JW says:

      initially, i thouhgt it was only TVB’s tactic to drill more excitement at the last part of cupid stupid..i really thought tavia will appear in front of steven at the fishing pond, telling him that she has finally knew who to choose after bumping with michael in Disneyland…in order words, michael’s apperance is just a “message” to tell her who does she misses the most & by the time she will know steven is her most important person in life”..this is fate!isn’t it good & happy?!?!??!?!!?

      • KTVB says:

        That would have been a nice ending!! (nice suggestion to TVB lol)

        • JW says:

          Hello! yea..that was what i expected but it did not happen! OMG, i feel like breaking the tv glass :p no point, i don’t think so TVB would do that. as mentioned, this is just a warehoused drama and it was not even showing in HK now. I don’t think TVB would even bother to air it later tho…what more to make an alternative ending?!?!?! felt so sad for steven..this is the 3rd drama tavia & steven acted together and yet they still fail to be together!

    • karened says:

      The thing is, why can’t the “2 people” be Tavia and Steven!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! I sat through all the ridiculous side-plots and the dumpling-like sticky Kuen Kuen just to watch a good ending. Yet they wrote it this way. I’m more disappointed by this ending than the one in SITS. In fact, I’d rather Tavia left both of them forever or something.

      • Marthaa says:

        oh definitely. everyone loves tavia and steven. michael just stepped in and ruined everything, in my opinion. it pisses me off so much. what about anna? why couldnt they stay together and let tavia and steven be together?

    • charliey says:

      i really agree with you. i sat through the show and thought to myself that steven was going to be with tavia. you’ve spoke out all the words that i wanted to hear lol. the fact that he was the one who even got to disneyland first got my hopes up till he call michael. sigh i just really wished that he for once, sacrificed the friendship he had with michael and go for the girl he loves.

      such a disappointing ending. i really hope tvb makes an alternate ending for this. i think steven took a lot of time thinking over if he should give up tavia or not becaue the part where he was talking to the rich lady [frankies aunty] maybe he feels that one day tavia will return back to him. argh! lol i hope therse a sequel to fulfill our hopes and untangle the disappointment.

  • wan chee kin says:

    Ending is a disappointment to me as I thinks Steven is a better half for Tavia. In the end, he still gives up Tavia to Micheal without a real fight, inorder not to hurt Tavia. Such greatness and yet it just ends with Micheal with Tavia….

  • Yvonne says:

    Anyone knows what’s the title of the song that steven, tavia and michael sang together and recorded it?

  • Elaine says:

    The ending was such a disappointment, but know I understand the title of the series “Cupid Stupid” Steven Ma was the cupid T.T He would have been the better 1/2 for Tavia! How can he just give up man! He is one stupid Cupid!!!The last 10 min or so since it showed Steven knowing where she was and looking for Tavia I really really really wanted them to be together and thought to myself “yay, Steven and Tavia.” But TVB just had to create that stupid twist >.< I HOPE THEY MAKEAN ALTERNATIVE ENDING!!!

  • Eric says:

    I want TVB to make an alternative ending, because the ending suck mad bad. It piss me off.

  • Allan says:

    I really want an alternative ending to it. It really pissed me off that Steven let Michael and Tavia together…. I really wanted to see Steven with Tavia! He deserves her way more than Michael….

  • Loves says:

    Very bad ending!! The worst ending every!! ****ing pissed when Tavia Yeung paired up with Michael Tse. Should had pair up with Steven Ma!!

  • Samantha says:

    Michael is nothing more than an outsider who ruin up Steven and Tavia

  • wewah says:

    Because of the bad ending, i guess that is why the series get warehoused. Why can’t this series have Steven and Tavia end up together. All their other series with them together does not work out and now this one too. They do have good chemistry and a perfect matching couple but somehow, he never gets her. That is just sad. We watch series to be happy, the producer need satisfy us but this ending is just disappointment.

  • Lillie says:

    OMG! The ending is so bad. It’s just … I don’t know how to explain it!

  • Yvonne says:


    • JW says:

      truely agree.. …especially the last part that showed steven sitting down alone at his fishing pond…that’s the saddest part…he was the person sarifice most for tavia but y he has to bear all suffers alone at last..without tavia realizing it..

      • xXbBGurlx says:

        i know ayee, soo sad ! i really want it to be a happy ending, hope they make an alternative ending

        • Yvonne says:

          The whole show was seriously great. It was suppose to be an awesome show until the ending which made everything goes illogical.

      • lin says:

        ye, totally agree, the scene when Steven walking away with tears, and him sitting down alone at his fishing pond… It really breaks my heart.
        Drama/Movie is supposed to be entertaining but this is just too much. Oh my poor heart!!!

  • calvin says:

    i feel the same. I thought it was gonna b a perfect ending n then all of the sudden the stupid twist got in the way. This isnt the first time tvb have such retarded endings

  • cooldudejohn says:

    I Absolutely hate this bloody ending!!!!!! Stupid TVB, I just… HATE IT!!! It’s wasted my time!!! I was only looking forward to the part where Steven and Tavia get together!! It’s unrealistic, two guys can’t be friends when they’re fighting for the love of their life!! Love can not be shared. I reckon this ending can top the worst TVB series endings of all time. Anyone agree?

    Steven was at Disneyland all day and he did see Tavia first but he couldn’t run across because of the parade. This is absolutely unfair to Steven. I absolutely agree with all those people who reckon this ending sucks. I loved every episode until the last 10 minutes of the final. I absolutely want to make TVB do a alternative ending because, man, couldn’t they have done a better job. They should hire me as the producer who controls the bloody ending next time.

  • xXbBGurlx says:

    everyone is absolutely correct, as they should put an alternative ending

    its so harsh that steven must do this, and seriously michael is good too but not as good as steven as he had a long relation with tavia while michael already went together once when steven didn’t get together with tavia at all ! but hoping a nice ending next time cause i hate such endings, so they dont give warnings .. about the crappy ending

  • JW says:

    by the way, can anyone explain to me what is “warehouse” series? it means the drama will not be aired in HK? what the reason to have a warehoused drama? izit because Steven hasn’t get a “best actor” award and TVB has to treat his drama like this? TVB does not appreciate him at all…steven is a good actor & i love to watch his drama! he is already a best actor!

    • cooldudejohn says:

      When a series is warehoused, it means TVB doesn’t believe it will do well in the ratings in Hong Kong so they release it overseas or on pay channels such as Astro. I reckon TVB didn’t release this series because of the ending. It’s just made the series disappointing. I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with Steven cause I love watching him with Tavia or Linda.

      • JW says:

        absolutely right! recall back the drama “a journey call life”…did you watch?i love that is sooo much…im totally fall for the drama..i watch it twice..steven & linda is such a perfect match..it was such a meaning full drama

      • princesbaby says:

        i agree!! steven is AWESOME and i love him with tavia and linda. the ending was very bad!! i did not expect it! i hated the ending the series was great though. it was almost a rush and badly made ending!

  • Yvonne says:

    Hey, btw, does anyone knows the title of the song that steven ma sang in the end at when he was sitting alone at the fishing pond part? Thanks 🙂

  • Mich says:

    hi if anyone can help me i dont know what this song is called in english but i really like this song from this series when all three of them sang the song after they figured out the name for there group in episode 19 if anyone can help me that would be great

  • KTVB says:

    They guys! Thanks for leaving your thoughts/comments… I’ve finally finished watching the series and I agree with most of you..I’m so disappointed and upset by the ending!! 🙁

    Ok..when I first watched the series, I “thought” Michael and Tavia were going to end up together- promotional picture and “You will meet the person most important to you”. I was rooting for this couple at the start because I really liked the chemistry they shared etc. However as I watched on, I began to really really like Steven’s character. He’s just sooo sweet to Tavia! He is such a selfless guy and he did everything to make Tavia happy..and Michael (as his friend). Steven could have easily got with Tavia when Michael was at his downfall etc but he didn’t. He did everything to help Michael, including helping Tavia get back by his side.

    It frustrates me that Tavia can’t decide who she loves most. No matter how much she believes in horoscopes or “fate” she can’t let that decide for her! It’s ridiculous…running away from her problems- annoys me so much like the ending for “Square pegs” (while that one, no one ended up with each other- which was pretty fail too in my opinion) You can tell Michael is always finding opportunities to “get” with Tavia (e.g the dance scene on the rooftop)

    What I’m most angry is WHY did Steven just “let” Michael have her?? Tavia said she wanted to leave it for fate to decide. Him calling her and helping Michael is NOT letting fate decide! He decided FOR her. WHY?? What if Tavia was fated with to be with Steven? He just gave her away…If Michael found Tavia first, then fine- “fate” accepted. What if Tavia does not end up happily with Michael in the end? Steven would have no one to blame but himself.

    When Tavia was dancing with Michael on the rooftop, I felt the one Tavia loved was indeed Michael. Still though..it would have been more of a logical ending if Tavia was to realise who was actually the most important to her- be it in life/death situation..or who she misses the most during the time she was away.

    Come on, Tavia can’t be so clueless not to feel inside who she really wanted to see/ to find her.

    The ending with Steven sitting alone at the fish place was depressing to watch. I can’t believe what I was watching..lol maybe he is the “stupid” cupid afterall…SIGH

  • karened says:

    I’m at ep 10 and…I think I got spoilt a little reading the comments! Will stop reading them for now. =X The ending disappointed you….? OH NO! I’m so worried now. This is the very very very first time I’m rooting for stevia, so I hope they do end up together. PLEASE!

    • xXbBGurlx says:

      i wont spoil it but the ending is definitely disappointing as everyone does hope there will be an alternative ending to it

      • karened says:

        Well, TVB won’t do that for a warehoused series. =( But we can let fanfictions take us there! Haha, I’ve been reading baidu and the people there posted up quite a lot of alternative/extended endings. The general atmosphere there is that no one wanted Tavia with Michael. XD

        • JW says:

          hi there! can you give me the baidu link where i can see the posted “extended” ending staright away? i can’t read chinese, therefore i will have difficulty to find it own my own…

          thank you!

        • KTVB says:

          I don’t think there is an alternate/extended ending..

        • JW says:


        • karened says:

          It’s not an official ending. What I meant was that fans of stevia wrote their own versions of the ending up in baidu…fanfiction-ish.

  • Kelly says:

    Im watching till ep15 adi n very eager to finish up the whole drama but since i read all ur comments here regarding the ending….im quite disappointed n no mood to continue on as Tavia didnt pair up with Steven!!!i thought from the Sweetness In The Salt they cant be together in the end so in this drama TVB sure paired them up but looked like im totally wrong!!so sad to see Tavia with Micheal instead of Steven!!i like Tavia n Steven better….;

  • karened says:

    I finished the whole thing, with much fast forwarding when the side plots start to bore me. The ending! I had so much expectations for it. Given TVB’s tendancy to go for happy (even if illogical) endings, I firmly believed that Tavia will end up with Steven.

    I mean, when you have a guy who’s always by the girl’s side, who has loved her from so long ago, who seems to be the underdog, and who is always putting the girl’s interest first, by typical plot development he will end up with the girl, right? Maybe TVB wanted a twist that can also elevate Steven’s character into someone more noble and pitiful.

    Instead the ending killed Steven for me. I was frustrated through the show (mainly in the middle) when Steven’s attempts at confessing kept being thwarted by people and by external events. But at least he was trying to pull Tavia towards himself. However, at the end, he was pushing Tavia away. Why even set out to search for Tavia in Disneyland if you’re going to push her away after finding her? Just because he saw Michael there too? Ridiculous! Such a character is not worthy of pity, although I did shed tears for him.

    This ending is worse than SITS, and more illogical. For goodness sake, TVB, stop pairing up Steven and Tavia if you’re not going to let them have a single happy ending. Why is do you keep putting Tavia into a 2 guys + 1 girl scenerio with Steven!?

    Oh, and reading the comments above, I think some fellow disgrunted viewers were looking for the title of the song the foolish Trio recorded. I searched around Baidu and found the song. Here’s the lyrics and translation!

    Title: 友共情
    Title: Friendship
    Singer: 古巨基
    Singer: Leo Ku

    *下雨天 總掛念從前
     突然又已一年 祈望再會面
     舊朋友 就算心永未遙遠
     但這刻渴望見 即使重聚再短 *
    *Rainy day, Always missing the past
     That cute scene at the sports ground
     Suddenly, it’s been another year. Hope to meet again.
     Old friend, even if our hearts are never far apart,
     I still long to see you at this moment, no matter how short the reunion is *

    #時光可變 世界可變
     友共情不變 那種真找不到缺點
     你我再次相見 隨年和月
     身心雖耗損 友共情從難扭轉
     心內那熱暖 仍是純真未變 #
    #Time may change, The world may change
     Many feelings also change
     Friendship doesn’t change, no flaws can be found with that kind of sincerity
     You and I meet again, As days pass
     Although the body and heart are worn out, friendship is difficult to turnaround.
     The warmth within the heart is still pure and unchanged #

    (Now and then think of you and me
    Forever friends forever we’ll be
    Time is changin’ but nothing’s to be blamed
    Cos’ our hearts forever sing)

    Repeat *##

    • Ann says:

      Could you give me the link to download this song, but just Steven sing. I heard this at the end of esp 20, when Chi Yat Po sitting alone at the fish farm…

  • tvbalternativewriter says:

    The way things should be:

    Use your imagination, because this is exaclty what I saw in my head instead of what TVB did for the ending. In episode 20 towards the end we go to Tavia’s point of view in disney world. As she’s walking around a kid around 8 named Chi Yat Po asks Tavia if she can help him play the shuttlecock. As she’s playing with the boy, the shuttlecock is accidently knowkced out of reach and Steven comes in time to return the kick. Showing Tavia that he will always be there to return what is lost. She realizes that their bond cannot be broken by Michael, and takes matters into her own hands instead of letting Fate decide for her. And Michael can have a girlfriend named Sparkle <3

  • Waiem says:

    I’ve only watched 5 episodes and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’ve decided not to continue due to the ‘BAD’ ending.

    I think we’re all rooting for CHI YAT PO mainly because of Steven’s brilliant acting. He’s the one who made the character so lovable, kind, funny, caring, etc. Maybe if it was another actor, we wouldn’t have minded the ending so much.

  • karened says:

    I think it wouldn’t have been this bad if Michael’s character had got any redeeming points. Like in SITS, it wasn’t so bad because Raymond’s character by itself has qualities that win viewers over, like his wit, his courage, his willpower and of course his care for Tavia without expecting anything in return. And Steven has got his own good points too, so viewers can’t really hate the ending too much. I feel that in Cupid Stupid, Michael has little redeeming points. In the first half of the series, he’s selfish and too playful. Then after the two got together, he becomes possessive, jealous and arrogant. With only less than a quarter of the series to go, how is he to win the viewers over?

    • KTVB says:

      True..I agree about the redeeming bit. I also feel that at the end he realised his mistake (e.g work attitude and general arrogance etc) and has changed for the better BUT he didn’t seem to do anything “extra” to show Tavia he was the more deserving one for her. Sure- Michael is charming and smart, and knows how to court a girl but when I think of all the things Steven does for Tavia, I can’t seem to think of much that Michael does..

      Steven is like Raymond’s character in Moonlight Resonance..though I rather not compare this love triangle to MR cos I hated that love triangle *shivers*

      What was the ending in SITS again? ll I think I have poorer memory since I didn’t blog about the last ep. Didn’t they find each other in some snowing cave or something? i.e Tavia and Steven ended up together?

      • karened says:

        Haha I fast-forwarded most of the parts in the MR love triangle. =S And come to think of it, I can’t really think of the things that Michael did for Tavia.

        In SITS, Tavia got lost in the snowy mountain. A firefly suddenly appeared and led her to a cave. Steven was in that cave too and then they exchange glances and…END OF STORY.

        I really hope Tavia doesn’t get casted into another drama where this guy-girl-guy relationship is the main focus. And that she doesn’t film another drama with Steven and fail to end up with him.

        • Kelly says:

          I juz hope if Tavia casted another drama with Steven…tis time muz end up together o else TVB mailbox will be full with disagreement!!!^^

  • QF says:

    im glad everyone is also unsatisfied with the ending like me.This show is really ridiculous when it comes to the ending.
    IDK why tvb are so dumb enough to make the ending like this.Its obviously that steven had been sacrifcing alot for tavia,he even saved her father when her father was kidnapped and she didnt even thank him for that.Michael hav been hurtin her again and again and i just dont get it why she still cant decide which guy is the best for her.Steven would never hurt her,he hardly get angry with her,that is LOVE ok.Michael never even sacrifice anythin.He is the one who should find tavia at disneyland at first and saw steven when aproaching tavia,and then make a call to steven’s hp.If the ending are like this,at least,michael did something for steven and earn more respect from the audiences.this is bullshyt really.TVB are really sucks in endings nowadays,not this show only.

    • Kelly says:

      Yea…u r rite!!!Steven is the one who found Tavia but last minute he decided to gave up n paired Michael n Tavia!!He is the one who called Tavia so that the hp ringtone will alert Michael who is around there too!!!Really ridiculous the sacrifice that Steven made!!I juz hate the ending…felt so unfair to Steven!!

      • KTVB says:

        Yea..I think the ending makes you feel sorry for Chi Ya Bo because he’s so…stupid!

        My only other explanation is that he saw that Tavia was very unhappy (even in the photo she took with Micky/Minnie Mouse). Her sadness came from being unable to decide who to choose (or MAYBE she was bored hanging around Disney Land everyday waiting for one of them to arrive XD)

        Perhaps when Steven saw Michael/Tavia, he knew that they would both approach Tavia at the same time..which would not solve Tavia’s “dilemma/problem”. Maybe it was fate that all three of them would end up being together again. To stop Tavia’s “misery”, Steven decides to step out for Tavia’s happiness.

        Anyone think that’s TVB’s logic? XD

  • DrB says:

    Maybe the TVB writers wanted a more real life ending. It is a very small percentage that people get to hook up with their childhood mate.
    In addition in life, no matter how much you love someone it does not mean you will be together. Sometimes in life the best way you can love someone is that you do not be with them.

    And sometimes people are just plain stupid when it comes to relationship decisions.

  • jenny says:

    ya i areege with u the backgroud like moonlight resonance and both tavia also had acted and also with tavia in it

  • QF says:

    actually hor, i personally doesnt like michael tse because he dont have the main actor look u know, 1st i saw him acting,he was always the supporting actor.I dont like he act in romance drama,i tho steven ma was goin to end up with tavia in this show and michael is just someone unimportant thats why i wanted to watch the show.but hes a good comedian,thats for sure.Love the new comedy show “my better half” which hes pretty hilarious in the show.anybody watch yet? xD for me,hes better off as a villain or some supporting role. Sorry,i just cant feel that ‘energy’ from this actor 😛
    between wong hei and michael, i’ll definitely root for wong hei lol.

  • dvd says:

    TVB has a knack of making bad endings, but I think this ending could top it all off! I hate the ending. Maybe TVB wanted us to get a does of reality or something, but for this series, uh I don’t think we needed it!! Steven was so much better than Michael in here. And Stevia chemistry beats Michael-Tavia chemistry by far!

    Personally, I imagine it to be an open ending because of Tavia’s sad face when seeing Michael and her phone call to Steven so early in the morning is suspicious. When hearing her name being called, she turns in hope, but when she sees it’s Michael, it becomes a grim smile. And why would she call Steven so early in the morning when the sun is barely rising? To tell him the heartbreaking news? I really don’t think she has to tell him that early. I see the phone call as Tavia’s realization that she loves Steven the most and was excited to tell him that as soon as she can. xD (yeah, I’m getting my hopes up.
    The last scene with Steven made me crack. It was so depressing and sad. IMO, Steven did a great job in here, his teasing smile, happy smile, pained smile, sad smile, at peace smile, just all fits in at the right place. 🙂

    • karened says:

      I might have been too draughted after the Disney scene, but I totally don’t recall watching a scene after that with Tavia calling Steven! Was it at the fishing establishment (since that’s the only scene after the Disney one)? Man I’ve gotta rewatch that part!

      • KTVB says:

        Yup it was at the fishing place, It’s basically Steven sitting there and the ringtone starts playing (one recording them singing) and we see a shot of the phone who is calling from Tavia, but he doesn’t answer it and leaves the ring tone playing. He then gets a flashback of Susan telling him that it’s better 2 people get their happiness than 3 people suffering etc.

      • JW says:

        yea! this is a good point! steven did not answer tavia’s call? what’s the reason she called? to tell him that she choose him actually? to say hi? hehehe… what message they are trying to tell us?

    • KTVB says:

      hehe your observations gives us hope! XD It could work! haha you made a good point about Tavia calling him!

      The other thing which is a bit “dodegy” is..why is Tavia’s phone working now? I thought she had always switched/diverted the calls so the others couldn’t find her. If she was able to receive calls that night, then why didn’t Steven call her in the day time when he saw her on the other side of the parade?

      • karened says:

        Is it possible to block some numbers? *shrugs* I don’t know a thing about handphones…

        But aniwaes, yeah! That observation of the phone call early in the morning makes sense. As in, it doesn’t sound too contrived like a fan is trying to force hope out of nothing. It does sound logical.

        • dvd says:

          Haha, glad it sounds logical enough! Although I AM a fan trying to twist things around a little. 😛 Not gonna hurt right? LOL. Just makes me accept the ending better this way. ^ _ ^ With all the sad Stevia endings, I need all the hope I can get. >_<
          I guess Steven didn't think about calling her at that time. Probably the script's fault.
          Steven probably didn't pick up the call because he's not ready yet. He just need time to feel better. But I wonder what would've happen if he did pick up Tavia's call. My imagination rolling in, haha!

  • KTVB says:

    Final Shots of Cupid Stupid

    Cupid Stupid Final Episode

    Cupid Stupid Final Episode

    Cupid Stupid Final Episode

    • Christine says:

      WORST! AND I MEAN THE WORST ENDING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCREW MICHAEL TSE. I feel sorry for yat bo ): (Steven Ma)

  • gaby says:

    Fans should start a protest letter to TVB and urge for Cupid Stupid II. This will enable Chi Yat Po and Twinkle to pick up on where they left off. Basically Chi Yat Po is making the same mistake Greeny made years ago when he encouraged Josephine (Yat Po’s aunt) to pick Mang Ping for her life partner. Josephine suffered terribly and regretted her decision for years. Greeny was foolish, thinking he was being selfless in encouraging Josephine to go with another man. There was so much wasted time as a result of Greeny’s ‘good intentions.’ In Cupid Stupid II, Greeny and Josephine can be brought back as the strong characters to drive some sense into Chi Yat Po and Twinkle. The Jeff character is basically one which is selfish, immature and fickle. In a matter of weeks he can ditch his steady girl to fall in love with Twinkle. In the sequel, maybe the writer can make Jeff mature to a place where he realizes he only wants Twinkle because she is attractive and amuses him somewhat. Jeff is a guy who loves toys and games and his character is one which must have whatever he fancies for the moment. In Cupid Stupid, we see him coveting toy after toy, his heart never being satisfied. In Cupid Stupid II, his character can be developed along the same line, with the conclusion that Twinkle finally realizes she is just the ‘flavour of the month’ to Jeff and the time will come when he outgrows her, just as he outgrew his steady girl. Chi Yat Po, meanwhile, will continue to fight with his true feelings for Twinkle. Remember what he said to Kuen Kuen in a dramatic frenzy at the market place: ‘The one I love, I will always love. The one I do not love, I will never love..nothing will ever change this.’ Let these words haunt Chi Yat Po day after day until he finally comes to his senses and realizes all is fair in love and war and he must fight to the last ounce of his strength to have the woman he loves. If TVB doesn’t make a sequel to rectify this story, Cupid Stupid will end up in the annals of HK serials as one of the most disappointing, heart-breaking and frustrating stories ever to be filmed, and TVB will lose its one chance to redeem itself and make the most out of one of the most wonderful set of characters to ever grace Cantonese television. It’s been a long time since fans have enjoyed such incredible romantic chemistry between two characters as Chi Yat Po and Twinkle. It’s been a long time since such as actor as Steve Ma came along and did such an incredible portrayal as a simple man with a good heart, who loves in silence, being unable to express his emotions. TVB, YOU ARE SITTING ON A POT OF GOLD ….C’MON!!!

  • amyt says:

    i’ve watched almost half of this drama and i can’t stand how nothing ever goes Steven’s way he loves her so much its not fair. and i thought at the end she will release this and end up with steven thats why i kept watch but now that i now that they wont be ending up together i dont think i want to finish this drama. the nice guys never get the girl!

  • Nicole says:

    belated, but i just finished watching this (after forcing myself to watch the last 2 eps) & had to say that this is one of the WORST shows i’ve watched in a longggggg time. besides the whole uninspiring plot, the ending is just plain crappy. i feel like they ruined a great friendship between Tavia/Steven. yeah, hope to see Tavia lead a show that is actually good soon (The Mysteries of Love!). this show is just a complete waste of time – anyone who has watched more than 5 TVB shows could have written the script.

  • Badger says:

    Just finished the series and agree that it was good, except for the woeful ending. How can Chi Yat Bo give up just like that? I wanted to push him into the water! Loved the chemistry between Steven and Tavia though. I think if they broadcast the show in HK, the TVB switchboard would light up with complaints.

  • Diana says:

    UGHHHHHHHH absolutely hate the ending!! Steven should be with Tavia, I hate Michael he is so immature and doesn’t deserve her! UGHHHHHHH

    we need an alternate ending!!

  • Steph says:

    ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE ending!!! If TVB can do alternate endings for a few of their series why not this one??? This is definitely one that NEEDS the other ending!!!

  • wei says:

    im halfway through the show, and since steven is not going to end up with tavia, im not interested in this show anymore. true to its title, the cupid is really stupid to let tavia miss out steven. ridiculous n nonsensical ending!!!

  • lin says:

    And his last line in the last eps “…Goon sing! Take care of her!” It just breaks my heart

  • Marthaa says:

    i love cupid stupid! steven ma and tavia yeung goes well together (:

  • gaby says:

    I’m fed up of being depressed by the ending. I’m writing my own sequel to Cupid Stupid. If anyone’s interested to read, please go to http://www.butterfliesinsummer.blogspot.com.
    Episode One will be posted on later this evening. All comments and debate welcomed.

  • Marthaa says:


  • gaby says:

    Yes, it’s quite sickening the whole world conspires to keep them apart. But the course of true love has seldom run smoothly..Chi Yat Po and Twinkle’s story is far from over. TVB managed to stop at the most unfortunate stage of their budding romance and that’s why most of us are traumatized! We need the story to continue to play out to its rightful end.

  • Marthaa says:

    Yep, definitely! I just finished Ep 12. Its so sad! Especially at the end when Chi Yat Po saw them holding hands…my heart broke for him D: he’s tried so hard to confess to Tavia but no, she doesnt give him a chance. I feel sorry for him. I hate Michael.

  • gaby says:

    How do you think Chi Yat Po is going to cope with seeing Twinkle everyday with Koon Sing from now on? I really wanted to see Twinkle and Chi Yat Po’s face to face confrontation the next day. Too bad TVB decided to hack the story off just like that without giving us a chance to see whether Chi Yat Po can really forget the girl he loves.

    Koon Sing’s character is fairly annoying even though he is smart and creative. I think what cheeses me off the most if how he can suddenly ditch his steady girl of two years and fall in love with Twinkle so quickly. Remember he wrote ‘I love you forever, Anna’ for Anna’s birthday?

    His ‘forever’ is lousy!

    I think when Chi Yat Po says ‘forever,’ he really means it and that is why I don’t think he can really get over Twinkle.

  • divinity says:

    i think the last part actually the one twinkle love is still chi yat po. if she really love koon sing how come when she saw him at disneyland she didn’t show any excited or happy expression. Moreover she said something like ‘fate wants me to pick you”. Then the last part when chi yat bo recall what the scene where he was told that 2 ppl happy then 3 ppl suffering. actually that call is twinkle call to tell him that she actually love him and will not let fate to decide because at disneyland she ady found her answer. but chi yat bo not answering the call bcz of the so call 2 ppl happy better than 3 ppl suffering…

    • silent says:

      the ending is really really disappointing. totally agreed with your reply!

    • Chys says:

      “actually that call is twinkle call to tell him that she actually love him and will not let fate to decide because at disneyland she ady found her answer”

      I think you are absolutely right!

  • kes says:

    I finally pulled myself together to watch this drama.
    Darn… looks like everyone wants Tavia to pick Steven(including me)

    “divinity” got a point. – If steven answered the phone, tavia would have chosen steven.

    “2 happy people are better then 3 unhappy people”. – I keep seeing/hearing this sentence in every melodrama… It is so unfair for the last person….I always want to smack the TV when I see that.

    Who’s the idiot inventing that word?
    (not blaming you ‘divinity’ ^^;)

  • Ivy says:

    Just finished watching this today. At first, I was so uninterested in watching this becuz of the genre, but of course that changed 😛 The ending was pretty sad? And agreed with divinity 🙂

  • Jenn says:

    Wow…Tavia’s sure in demand! I mean, I just saw her in “Fistful of Stances”,and now “Cupid Stupid” and also “Mysteries of Love”. But, of course, all this fame is deserved. You cannot deny that she is an awesome actress 🙂

  • dvd says:

    *sighs* Watching some Steven-Tavia mvs from Cupid Stupid makes me all depressed again.

    I still can’t believe that of all series, TVB decides to NOT make this ending cliche! Just looking at the poll here, a vast majority wanted Tavia and Steven together.

    Why, why, why, does Stevia have such ill-fate?
    I swear if Steven and Tavia ever act together again, they BETTER HAVE A VERY HAPPY ENDING, w/ none of this guy-girl-guy triangle, as aforementioned, to make up for all the pain Stevia fans have to go through. :((

  • Chys says:

    How I wish Steven will be together with Tavia… but if you have followed through the show, then it’s kinda expected that he’s the greatest guy in the world who is willing to sacrifice to make her girl happy… even the look on Tavia face in the end is telling us she is hoping it will be Steven who found her… I was actually hoping after Michael found Tavia first, Tavia realised that she really wants to be with Steven instead of Michael and therefore can make her decision… Ending is sad sad man…

  • Sky says:

    What a nice drama but ruined by its lousy ending!

  • Pearl says:

    Chi Yat Bo is definitely the cupid that went stupid in here. 🙁 I regret his selflessness and his good intentions so misplaced…

    I am so agitated with the horrible ending. What happened to TVB’s typical cheesy endings? LOL.

    Anyways, glad to know I’m not the only one who hates the ending. 😛

  • bubble_teas says:

    The ending sucks but it is also Chi Yat Bo’s fault for not pursuing Tavia to the end. Overall I did enjoy this series except the ending. I also like the theme song.

  • silent says:

    the theme song still don’t have CD version yet?

  • gohanDLuffy says:

    so i had nothing left to watch while waiting for some new dubbed ones, i went back and decided to watch Cupid Stupid. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you all (*hides) lol. just my point of view. I personally liked michael i think he was such a witty character, i dont think he is bad. Infact I HATE tavia! i totally agree she is very indecisive and led to the miseries of the two guys! Michael wasnt the one to blame for, in the relationship with Anna. It’s because Anna kept suspecting him that made him lose trust in her and hence the love died, but also because he never treated her with respect, only someone who was there to care for him, and he believes she deserves better. I totally felt sorry for him when he started the relationship with tavia, it made him felt insecure beacuse he already lost his first gf cos he didnt know how to respect and love her so he tries harder to ‘love’ the girl in his next relationship. as seen when he straightout says no! when tavia wants to break it off with him, because she finds out that steven liked her and had tried to confessed to her before they started going out. But she is persistent and keeps spending her time with steven. which only made michael even more insecure. which led to his downfall!! and agressive behaviour all because of her! I thought it was sssoooo stupid of her cant decide! i thought she made her decision when she decided to jump off the boat and swim back to steven!!!!!
    but then she gets all upset when michael assigns fred as his project assistant after he returns to the company after his downfall, she asks why? i think she is selfish! hasn’t she caused him enough pain!?? he gave up and told steven to pursue her as he believed she was better off with steven. But because steven played nice and said that tavia seems happy around him instead. Ok then comes the dance scene seems like she still likes michael? gives him hope. BUT in the end it was Micheal, i feel sorry for him although he got the girl, she doesnt love him. she wasnt that excited when she found out it was him. I think micheal in a way deserves her, and thats the way it is in real life i guess! and if its fate, it rewinds back to how they both got the same ‘fortune paper’ you will meet your important person today. I think tavia is the one to blame !!! she led both guys on!!! and caused steven the most pain! only because she couldnt decide!!!!!!!!!! dont get me wrong i love stevens character but he was always slow! and it was fate playing them! he stupidly gave up in the end?
    just my opinion, i know u all wanted steven to end with tavia. sorry

    • KTVB says:

      You made some good points there lol I never really thought of it as Michael trying to be a better boyfriend. In a way his jealousy and insecurity took over him though and I don’t think he treated her with much respect by trying to drag her away..

      Still though..i think all 3 of them are hopeless…

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