December 2010

[New Series]: Links to Temptation

English Title: Links to Temptation

Cantonese Title: 诱情转驳 (Yau Ching Juen Bok)

Cast: 马浚伟 Steven Ma, 陈法拉 Fala Chen, 蒙嘉慧 Yoyo Mung, 黄德斌 Kenny Wong Tak Bun, 李思捷 Johnson Lee Sze Chit

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 13 December 2010 (Replacing Gun Metal Grey)

Official: Website

Themesong: Forwarding Love (愛情轉駁) by Fala Chen

Genre: Modern Thriller

Executive Producer: Tsu Yu On

Scriptwriter: Lau Chi Wah Links to Temptation TVB


The subtle relationship between Barrister SHING WAI-SHUN (Steven Ma) and pole dancer HUNG LONG-KIU (Fala Chen) begins with a cell phone. KIU has been treating SHUN hot and cold. On top of this, he also finds her somewhat unpredictable. He decides to check her out secretly. His good friend, KWAN HO-CHING (Yoyo Mung) discovers that KIU is going out with rich businessman KO WING-TAI (Lau Tan). Under SHUN’s questioning, KIU confesses she is coveting TAI’s money, telling him to relinquish hope. It turns out that a mysterious man, who has been close, at hand is controlling KIU. Laying bare the darkest side of human nature, Links to Temptation is a thriller about morality, money, greed and arrogance.



Synopsis Credits : TVB.com


35 Responses to “[New Series]: Links to Temptation”

  • Ri says:

    Are you following this series? I watched the first few episodes and didn’t find it particularly engaging, though from the theme song video it looks like there will eventually be a lot going on. Neither Steven nor Fala’s character stand out for me yet..

    • KTVB says:

      I’ve watched 2 episodes of it so far and I think it’s kind of weird- not sure how I can describe it..I think it’s Steven and Fala’s relationship- haven’t seen a guy in TVB series so attracted to someone from first sight (i.e when he saw Fala’s promotional poster as a pole dancer) It gave me a slight feeling that he was perverted but men are men I guess and it fits to the whole “temptation” idea.

      I agree with you guys, I’m still trying to get my head around Steven & Fala not being siblings lol. The firefly song- while is pretty nice and all, reminds me too much of Steps- dancing series with Steven and Fala again.

      None of the characters really stand out so far but I will continue to watch a bit more to see how it goes.

      I don’t think the theme song is that fitting for the series- unlesss I’m totally mislead by the trailer lol

  • zihwye says:

    im watching this series and its… so weird!
    i absolutely hate seeing fala act like such a slut.
    and fala and steven?! seriously? the two have been playing siblings on-screen for as long as i can remember.
    and they’re using a lot of songs from Steps, which makes it even more disturbing.
    but i like johnson lee, and it seems like things are gonna get exciting, so ill probably continue with it.

    • Ri says:

      i totally agree abt the fala and steven pairing! somehow they now look too much like brother and sister to play a couple :/ it’s just wrong. haha.

    • Chibi says:

      lol, I’ve been watching bits and pieces of this during dinner and I kinda agree with you. This series is a little weird @_@ And you’re right, Steven and Fala feel much more like siblings since they’ve always had that kind of relationship on screen.

  • 'Muff says:

    They weren’t siblings in Ghost writer ^^

  • misstila says:

    lol i sorta enjoy watching this series but im gettin irritated with yoyo mung’s character >.>

  • KTVB says:

    I just finished episode 8~ caught up with HK! (not because it was particularly good or anything). I tihnk the story is getting slightly more interesting..more so of what Yoyo’s true motives are..I still don’t particularly like any of the characters thoug, nor Fala and Steven’s relationship..

    Somehow I think Yoyo’s just using Fala for her own reasons…I don’t think there’s really a boss…

  • jenty says:

    Oh, in my opinion, I think Fala’s character is so cool, nobody can predict what she will do or how she feel exactly. She don’t often smile, her face is very cold! But whenever she smiles, the scene is shining 😀

    Although Steven is older than Fala but it isn’t a problem. They work together in a harmonious way.

    The happenings of this film is going to be attractive. I wonder what Yoyo would require Fala to do then…

  • Danette says:

    This series is sooo strange @.@
    …and confusing

  • Chibi says:

    This series is so…poorly written @.@ It lacks direction and doesn’t really..make sense.

    • KTVB says:

      I’m currently up to episode 15 and I think the part which annoys me the most is Fala and Yoyo’s relationship. I think it’s dumb that Fala would do all those bad things, ruin someone elses’ family etc just to help Yoyo- it doesn’t seem right at all!

      I still can’t figure out what Yoyo exactly did to make Fala help her wholeheartedly..I mean how can Fala be so dumb to think someone captured Yoyo’s family members and is blackmailing her to do things for him…it’s not like Yoyo is anyone special. And if Yoyo is giving instructions to Fala, what does she think Yoyo is doing? -.- Yoyo’s just getting Fala to do her dirty work even if Yoyo’s family was “blackmailed”.

      • bubble_teas says:

        I’m on episode 12 and so far, I think Yoyo is evil for using Timmy Hung by sleeping with him. Timmy is innocent. I’m on the part where Kenny Wong claims fake insurance and about to go to jail.

  • Jordan says:

    What I don’t get is why they haven’t yet to explain the reasoning behind Yoyo’s characters motives

    • KTVB says:

      I thought the reasoning was simply because she wanted revenge on her father. He stole her mother’s $5k and ran away etc

      I think Yoyo is a little pyscho in the brain..or her mum is..when her mother regains memories at the hopital and Yoy was telling her that she wants her to see her take revenge on her father, instead of tell the girl to stop- she encourages her to..what the heck!

      • Jordan says:

        nah they never explained the money part, its just a leaving them alone part, but jeeze its not like their living in bad condition, their living in a decent looking house, but she still feels the need to crumble his father’s empire

        • KTVB says:

          Another question is- where does Yoyo get all her money from? (to give to Fala etc)

          I think separating the son from the father wasn’t enough of a revenge for her. I think it was because the father stole 5k, and he used the 5k to build up his current $$, Yoyo wants to take everything from him (i.e he doesn’t deserve anything)

          That’s what I got from watching anyway..hopefully they have a better explanation for it later lol

      • bubble_teas says:

        Yoyo got the money from winning a one million dollar jackpot from the slot where Steven and Fala went.

  • KTVB says:

    Just finsihed watching episode 15- episode was quite exciting/dramatic because the truth is finally revealed XD

    There’s still 5 episoes to go though- I wonder what it’ll be about!

    • faithict says:

      I just started 2 episodes on this series…but somehow it did not really get me into continue watching it…i felt the story line was a bit weird…steven and fala don’t really go well together for me…what is ur recomendation on this series?

  • KTVB says:

    *contains ending spoiler*

    I just finished watching the last 6 episodes…about 2 of the episodes were driving me crazy lol Yoyo’s character made me sick- her constant yelling and irrational behavour annoyed the heck out of me lol

    It seemed pretty obvious that neither Fala or Yoyo had killed the father, but I thought the story got a little more exciting when they both confirmed this. Kinda anticlimatic when it was just Kenny telling Timmy to kill all the dad and Yoyo. Still find it unrealistic…seriously! how can someone like Timmy just kill people like that -.- The usual catch was putting a video and recording down Kenny admitting his own doings etc..

    The only bit I could see from the whole series is how much Steven loved Fala

    I think the synopsis exaggerated the whole “thriller” idea…lol

    Overall I wouldn’t mind if I skipped this series-it wasn’t exactly worth watching it. The series is kinda strange/weird and I didn’t paticularly like any of the characters or character chemistry.

  • wewah says:

    I am also up to chapter 15. Just because it has five more chapter left i would continue to watch it since i got this far. However i do find this story to be too week. Maybe the series “No regret” was so strong of a series, made the other seem low quality. But i must admit that chapter one got my attention but later in the series, it got weird and drag. Fala character was a player, she will talk to Steven when she want too. Steven, love at first sight don’t to really exist these day.

    • bubble_teas says:

      Fala only love Steven but wants to be with Lau Dan (Kenny Wong’s father) for the money.

      • gohanDLuffy says:

        i agree no regrets was too powerful it left an impact on all of us, hard to see tvb series the same again, for some reason im not even anticipating links to temptation, only want to watch it because steven is in it 😉

  • boo says:

    Okay so I’ve just started this series and i’m up to episode two. I think it’s a pretty good story so far except for Steven’s exaggerated reactions when he sees Fala. I mean, she might be pretty and all but it’s just a poster, you don’t have to stare at it like that.

    And I’m a little annoyed at Yoyo’s character. She keeps hating on Johnson for pretty much no apparent reason. Sure, his job isn’t the most popular but it’s still a job. There ARE people in this world who have an accident then try to ask for a company’s money. And pouring a bottle of water on someone was just so over the top.

    On the good side, I think Steven and Johnson actually look pretty similiar 😀 It’s quite cute. Hope the storyline gets better, and maybe I’ll grow to like Yoyo’s character more! Because I think they end up as a couple.

    • KTVB says:

      hahaha I thought it was a bit weird too…esp by just looking at her poster..It’s all jsut trying to say it’s love at first sight.

      As for Yoyo, TVB just likes to make some conflict at the start/misunderstanding and then develop their relationship lol Yea…Johnson’s just doing his job really..

      I thought it was interesting how they establish a perception of Kenny’s dad being the rich evil big-bully, but in reality he’s being “just”.

      Yea I like Steven and Johnson as brothers haha

      • bubble_teas says:

        Agreed it looks a bit weird by looking at the poster. Johnson Lee is so funny!

      • TVBNexus says:

        This series was quite a disappointment. I think they were trying to convey some moral point/message that didn’t come off quite so well as they would have expected. I felt this especially in that one rooftop scene with Fala and Yoyo drinking tea together and discussing their regrets.

  • bubble_teas says:

    Hey Everyone! I’m on episode 12 of Links to Temptation. I was surprised that so many guys like Fala Chen: Matthew Ko, Lau Dan, Kenny Wong, Steven Ma. Fala is pretty but not so attractive that so many guys fall in love with her at first sight. I don’t like the song “You You You” played on the background.This series is kinda boring but I will still watch it for Yoyo.

  • Megan says:

    i finished it quite long ago=) found it exciting nice and a good to watch show!

  • L says:

    any idea what is the title of english background song used in this show?

  • Jessica says:

    wow Kenny’s character is a heartless, how can he tell Timmy to kill his own father for money and then told Timmy to kill his half sister..but Kenny is really nice to Timmy he treated him like a brother and he would do anything for him and he even would leave with Timmy. I wondered where did the money go for Lau Dan $2 billion dollars

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