January 2017

[Eye in the Sky] Overall Thoughts

Note from KTVB 18/1/17: I found this entry I started in March 2015 but never finished or published.  So here I am giving it a chance to surface on my blog, hope you enjoy! === It has been a while since I’ve watched a TVB series- the last one I watched from beginning to end was ‘Line […]


March 2015

[New Series]: Eye in the Sky

English Title: Eye in the Sky Cantonese Title:  天眼 (Tin ngaan “Heavenly Eye”) Cast: Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉頴,Ruco Chan 陳展鵬,Tavia Yeung 楊怡,Lin XiaWei Lin 林夏薇,洪永城,高海寧,張頴康,韋家雄 Episodes: 20 Airing date: 2 March 2015 – 27 March 2015 (replacing My “Spiritual” Ex-Lover) Themesong: “真相” (Truth)- Alfred Hui and Hubert Wu Official: Website Review: Here Official Synopsis Former regional […]


October 2013

2014 TVB Calendar

The 2014 TVB Calendar is out! This year TVB has used a sports theme and I quite like most of them. The main downfall I find is that it’s too heavily photoshopped so I find it hard to recognise the artist. For every photo I had to look at the names to clarify who they […]


August 2012

[Gloves Come off] Selena & Kevin’s Relationship

I think Kevin and Selena make a pretty sweet couple in this series and they look so good together ! I was rooting for the characters to get together because of how compatible their personalities were but I must say their love story had some of the big “no-nos” in it.  It slightly ruined it […]


August 2012

[New Series]: Ghetto Justice 2

English Title: Ghetto Justice 2 Cantonese Title:怒火街頭 2 (no foh gaai tau 2) Also see its direct prequel: Ghetto Justice Cast: Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎, Myolie Wu 胡杏兒, Sam Lee 李璨琛 , Alex Lam Chi Sin 林子善, Raymond Cho 曹永廉, Christine Kuo 苟芸慧, Jia Xiaochen 賈曉晨, Elena Kong 江美儀 Episodes: 25 Airing date: 30 July 2012 […]


April 2012

[New Series]: Gloves Come Off

English Title: Gloves Come Off (Also known as “The Boxing King”) Cantonese Title: 拳王 (kuen wong) Cast: Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎, Raymond Wong Ho Yin 黃浩然 , Selena Li  李詩韻, Natalie Tong 唐詩詠 , Kenny Wong Tak Bun 黃德斌, Nancy Wu 胡定欣, Chan Kwok Bong 陳國邦 , Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 Episodes: 25 Airing date: 16 April […]


December 2011

[TVB 44th Anniversary] Award Results!!

Hi Everyone!! The Award Ceremony has finally come to the end, with the results following. I has taken me a bit of time for it to sink in..but wow. Did Myolie Wu just win 3 Awards? (Best Actress for Curse of the Royal Harem, Favourite Female for Ghetto Justice & Extraordinarily Elegant Female) Did Kevin […]


November 2011

[TVB 44th Anniversary] Nominations List!

The 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards nominations List is finally out! Have your say and vote!! These won’t count towards the official thing, but it’ll be good to see who the majority of K-TVB.net followers vote for! Do share your thoughts, and enjoy!! You can only vote 1 for “Most Improved” Category but you can pick […]