The results of this years anniversary awards have given me mixed feelings..there were some very deserving winnings, yet at the same time, some very disappointing results. Firstly I’d like to give a huge congratulations to Wayne and Sheren for winning Best Actor and Best Actress!!! 😀 YAY!!! Raymond Wong (Most Improved) and Evergreen (Best Supporting Actor) was also very deserving! My greatest disappointment  is that No Regrets did not win Best Series..this award was given to  “Can’t Buy Me Love”. Another very disappointing/undeserving one was Raymond Lam winning favourite male character award for his role of The Mysteries of Love- it just wasn’t meant to be his year…And the other was Fala- second time winning the Best Supporting Actress Award..I felt her character was slightly boring in NR and Kara deserved to win it more…

Overall, I think No Regrets is the bigger winner, sweeping away most of the important award. It doesn’t really make sense that Can’t Buy Me Love would win Best Series if that’s the case. Oh wells, keeps fans happy. The awards/nominations this year appears to be spread across: No Regrets, Can’t Buy Me Love & The Mysteries of Love.

NOTE: This is my own personal blog where I express my inner thoughts and opinions.  You can either take it, or leave it.

And I guess that’s it! Hope you guys enjoyed the live updates! I shall head to bed since it’s 2.45am here now lol

Best Actor Wayne Lai
Best Actor
Winner: Wayne Lai (No Regrets)
Top 5:
1. Raymond Lam
2. Wayne Lai
3. Felix Wong
4. Steven Ma
5. Moses Chan

YAY!! The most important award is awarded to Wayne Lai!! 😀 SO HAPPY FOR HIM! I enjoyed his acceptance speech too ^^
Why is Raymond Lam here…? I think Damien Lau would have been more deserving in Top 5…

Best Actor Sheren Tang
Best Actress
Winner: Sheren Tang!!! 😀 (No Regrets)
Top 5:
1. Sheren Tang
2. Tavia Yeung
3. Charmaine Sheh
4. Maggie Cheung
5. Linda Chung

GO SHEREN!! She totally deserved the award :)  TV Queen!!

Favourite Male Character: Raymond Lam
Favourite Male Character (Kingsley- The Mysteries of Love)
Winner: Raymond Lam
Top 5:
1. Wayne Lai
2. Moses Chan
3. Steven Ma
4. Kenneth Ma
5. Raymond Lam much of a Raymond Lam fan I am..I am so disappointed with the result!! =( I don’t think Raymond deserved Favourite Character award for his role in “Mysteries of Love”! He was so boring there…!! I would feel slightly better if it was his role in “Growing Through Life”..I really wanted Wayne or Kenneth to win this award- love their characters to bits!!

So disappointed with this award…….was ok with the top 5 nominations..but the results..*sigh..*

Favourite Female Character: Charmaine Sheh

Favourite Female Character
Winner: Charmaine Sheh (Princess- Can’t Buy Me Love)
Top 5:
1. Charmaine Sheh
2. Teresa Mo
3. Sheren Tang
4. Linda Chung
5. Tavia Yeung

I really wanted Sheren to win this award. Gou Goo Leung is so cool!! -Love it everytime she appears on screen~~ She’s just a likeable character and so many layers..I can accept Charmaine winning this award though. I didn’t like Tavia’s “Sai Lei Mui” though..she was overly enthusiastic and optomistic but then she became so weak and annoying after the breakup…

Best Supporting Actor: Evergreen Mak
Best Supporting Actor
Winner: Evergreen Mak (No Regrets)
Top 5:
1. Ron Ng
2. Dominic Lam
3. Raymond Wong
4. Pierre Ngo
5. Evergreen Mak

Congrats to Evergreen!! Very happy for his achievement 🙂 Other than Ron (who seems a bit odd), I’m quite happy with the Top nominations! Would have been more satisified if Derek, Johnson or Joel got in..

Best Supporting Actress: Fala Chen

Best Supporting Actress (No Regrets)
Winner: Fala Chen
Top 5:
1. Kara Hui
2. Elena Kong
3. Susanna Kwan
4. Fala Chen
5. Nancy Wu

I have mixed feelings about this..I’m happy that the award went to another cast in No Regrets, but I didn’t particularly think Fala’s Ching Ching to be that great of a supporting actress..And Fala even admitted herself that her character had mixed reactions- some liked her, while some others didn’t..I would have been happier if Kara won this award.

Most Improved Male Artist
Winner: Raymond Wong (No Regrets, Can’t buy Me Love, When Lanes Merge)
Top 5:
1. Alex Lam
2. King Kong
3. Joel Chan
4. Raymond Wong
5. Him Law

Very deserving award for Raymond- congrats!! (For the award, and the baby!!)

Most Improved Actor and Actress: Raymond Wong & Natalie Tong /></p> <p><b>Most Improved Female Artist<br /> </b><b>Winner: Natalie Tong (Fistful of Stances)<br /> </b>Top 5:<br /> 1. Selena Li<br /> 2. Elaine Yiu<br /> 3. Natalie Tong<br /> 4. Chan Sin Yeung<br /> 5. Mimi Lo<br /> <b></b></p> <p>I was tossing this award between Selena and Natalie. I think Selena overall has improved more as an actress, but Natalie outshone Selena in

Most Improved Female Artist
Winner: Natalie Tong
Top 5:

1. Selena Li
2. Elaine Yiu
3. Natalie Tong
4. Chan Sin Yeung
5. Mimi Lo

Best Series: Can’t Buy Me Love
Top 5:
1. A Chip off the Old Block
2. The Mysteries of Love
3. Can’t Buy Me Love
4. Every Move you Make
5. No Regrets

Being a huge No Regrets fan, I was quite disappointed that they did not win Best Series..Other than that though, I was quite surprised that “A Chip off the Old Block” and “Every Move you Make” made it to top 5…did they have high ratings or something? I personally dreaded “The Mysteries of Love” but I heard it got high ratings which is the reason I guess it’s there. I’m surprised Gun Metal Grey didn’t make it top 5. I would have liked to see: Growing Through Life, Sisters of Pearl, A Fistful of Stances make it in… Popularity Award: Raymond Lam

Initally I was happy with Raymond Lam winning this award, but when they announced him to win Fav Male Character Award I thought it was totally just isn’t Raymond Lam’s year this year and yet..

Professional Performance Award: Moses Chan

Best Professional Performance Award: Moses Chan

A side-award to keep Mo happy?

Lifetime Achievement Award: Louise Lee

Life Time Achievement Award: Louise Lee See Kei

132 Responses to “[TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards] Winners & Results!!”

  • Jay says:

    Do you know when the winners will be announced?

    Like at what time?

  • benchesandstools says:

    Hey, many many thanks for you live update on Twitter! Am also hoping NR will sweep the awards ceremony tonight!

  • suttha says:

    Thanks for sharing.

  • How says:

    agree with u … moses chan should get it

  • suttha says:

    Favourite Male Character
    Winner: Raymond Lam

    Actually, I prefer Moses Chan.

  • kelly says:

    any more results coming up?

  • benchesandstools says:

    oh man disappointed.. hopefully best actor and actress will be wayne and sheren!!

    Best supporting – Fala?!
    She’s boring in NR. I can’t stop fast forward-ing her parts…

  • celine says:

    thanks for taking the time to share the results!:)

  • kelly says:

    thanks for posting…

  • anne says:

    some disappointment…raymond was extremely boring in mysteries of love. I wanted to snooze when Fala was in NR. This year results seemed to be ambigious unlike last year.

    • Madeline says:

      well I agree. Raymond Lam can deserve the popularity award but Favorite Male…hmmm not really. I am a fan of Raymond Lam but his character in the Mysteries of Love, he is like a rich guy (most of the shows he was rich) and something unfortunate happens to him and he’s sad and all. Like I find that kind of boring. I know he’s good but just doesn’t really show that he’s improving and his roles are basically the same….

      Fala was ok but I prefer Natalie or Selena from Fistful of Stances to win Best Supporting Actress (possibly Natalie is better than Selena).

  • Chocoholic says:

    I was very very disappointed that Selena didnt win for Most Improved, instead Natalie won. Selena deserved it so much more than her. 🙁

    • Madeline says:

      True but the show Fistful of Stances, both Selena and Natalie are in it but Natalie’s role in Fistful of Stances is more better than Selena’s role as a doctor. It’s just my way of looking at it that’s all

      • Chibi says:

        I feel a bit undecided on Natalie winning the award because her acting hasn’t CONSISTENTLY improved.. just seems like a random one-off in AFOS, especially since her actinf was so poor in Comeback Clan O.o

        • Chocoholic says:

          Yes I agree. Natalie was only good in AFOS. The others were just plain average. And considering Selena’s acting and popularity, she surpassed Natalie. The award should have been Selena’s. 🙁

  • Ron says:

    So happy sheren won!!!

  • Damien says:

    YAY, Serene Tang won Best Actress!! High five, everyone!

  • Chi says:

    I kind of already guessed that Natalie and Raymond would win the most improved awards ‘cos they were in quite a few series this year compared to the other nominees.
    I’m also disappointed that Raymond snagged the award for favourite male character for his role as Kingsley. Ah well….

    • Chocoholic says:

      I kinda expected Natalie to win, considering that many ppl supported Ah Ngan. But I still held hope that Selena would win it. To me, Selena deserved the Most Improved more than Natalie. 🙁

      I was also upset abt the fact that Raymond took that Fav Male, where his role as Kingsley was quite boring and nothing special. I was hoping Kenneth could take home the award.

      • Chibi says:

        The thing is, TVB puts so much love into Raymond- it was rumored they tried to push him up to TVB King status this year. Only thing was MOL was quite a flop, and his other series GTL didn’t do too well in ratings… so they gave him this instead =_=

        • Chocoholic says:

          Omg, TVB is pushing favourtism too far. Even if they want to promote the actors or actresses, let the deserving ones gets a chance first. 🙁

  • Ron says:

    I hope Wayne wins too!

  • Damien says:

    Wayne will be crowned as the Best Actor. That’s got to be already

  • omg says:

    i love raymond and everything…but i actually really wanted ma ming to win favorite character! ma ming would have been more deserving -.-

    • winnie says:

      omg, i hate raymond lam, and he is totally not deserving as that award, seriously, they hav 2 give him an award everyime. on the other hand i REALLY like kenneth ma. like compare raymond lams character with that of ma ming’s in a fistful of stances, like he’d b off 2 the side. i wuz thinking the entire time, yes this yr the male chracter will go 2 kenneth ma, but NO they gave it 2 raymond lam 4 boring professor kingsley, wat kind of name is that anyways?

  • Ron says:

    Yeah!!!!!!Wayne!! Gogo!! No regrets rocks!

  • CANDY says:

    In my opinion,
    1) No regrets is already the biggest winner, sweeping away Best actor, best actress, best supporting actor and best supporting actress. so no point complaining why it didnt get the best series.
    However, I thought that Fala chen didnt really deserve the award. I agree with the others that kara hui or susanne kwan was better in their acting. perhaps fala’s character in NR was quite pitiful, but in terms of acting skills, it didnt make me cry buckets (if u know what i mean.)
    However, wayne and sheren totally deserved their awards! for best actress, i would be glad if it was either sheren or charmaine! :))

    2) Even though CBML got the highest ratings of all series, it only received the best series award. And only charmaine received favourite female character. It’s a little unfair in my opinion, but i understand that the judges’ decision should be the fairest. Thus, i have no complaints. And so, please stop complaining about how NR should have gotten the best series award.

    3) For the best improved female artist, personally i prefer selena more to natalie tong. I think Selena has more experience and watching her crying scenes move me alot more than watching natalie’s.

    Any opinions anyone??

    • hannah says:

      but getting the highest ratings doesn’t mean you get the best drama award as well. CBML is definitely not what you call “best”. between NR and CBML, NR is obviously the better-made drama, whether is it the script or filming.

      did you see how the audience reacted to the news of CBML winning over NR? it wasn’t the standing ovation that RB got last year. the atmosphere felt pretty weird, esp when the emcee himself thought that it would go to NR.

      • Chibi says:

        Agree exactly with hannah~

      • KTVB says:

        The MC’s reaction was a classic…lol

      • Madeline says:

        I agree 🙂

        For example last year Rosy Business got the award however Beyond of the Realm of Conscience got the highest ratings, higher than Rosy Business but Rosy Business still won so it’s the same thing here

      • Chibi says:

        Johnnie To was awesome. He pretty much indirectly dissed out TVB because clearly NR deserves the award. The best part is, he’s not just some random who doesn’t know anything- He’s a renowned and respected film director.

        Couldn’t have said this better:

        ” 「咁明顯, 應該係佢喇, 應該無做馬啦, 係咪呀? ~~~ å’¦, 又唔係喎, 咁至衰喎」. Translated: “The results are quite obvious. It should be them. It shouldn’t be rigged right?” He opens the result envelope and says: “Errr, its not them, that’s the bummer!” So obviously he too didn’t even expect CBML to win and by making the comments BEFORE he opened the envelope means he also believes TVB basically rigged the system (again) and gave it to the runner-up CBML. “

        • Ri says:

          I think CBML winning was quite awkward. Although I agree with what Johnnie To said, I thought it was a tad unprofessional and quite pitiful for the CBML cast, in a way, to go up and collect their prize. Reminds me of when Louise Lee gave out the Best Actor award in 2008 when she only talked about her cast mates in Moonlight Resonance. Kinda makes everyone else seem undeserving, and in this case it was CBML. If I were an actor, actress, director, producer or whatever I wouldn’t be jumping for joy if I obviously got a “consolation” prize even if it’s in the form of a seemingly big award like Best Drama.

          I don’t understand tho: if TVB wanted to please everyone, they should’ve given My Fave Character to Moses & Charmaine, Best Actor & Actress to Wayne & Sheren and Best Drama to NR! Raymond Lam already won the award, why the need to push him even more into the spotlight? Did you see his face when he was announced as the winner for My Fave Male Character? Awkward!

        • KTVB says:

          @chibi: LOL that was indeed quite amusing…sounds like TVB is stuffing things up ..

          @Ri: I agree with you~As much as it comes to show even the MC thinks NR deserves the award, i felt slightly bad for the CBML crew because of that comment..and it was slightly unprofessional. It reminded me of when LSK presented the Best Actor Award too!

          yea..this award ceremony got quite awkward at many points! Raymond almost feels embarrassed winning the award! When he once again got nominated in top 5 for Best Actor, Raymond just kept saying “I’m already really satisfies with the awards I got”..I think Raymond knows it..

        • Chibi says:

          Even Moses looked embarrassed getting the Professional Award :p

          And I feel kinda sorry for Fala, because she looked sad saying that people have criticised her character (and probably knows more will after knowing she got this award)

        • Chibi says:

          It is kinda rude, but everyone was just expecting NR to win it- which probably shows the much discontent people had upon hearng CBML was the big drama winner.

        • CANDY says:

          yes highest ratings don’t mean best series. i agree. but frankly speaking, for two years running it has been the highlight series (last yr was BTROC, this yr CBML) and it DID achieved the highest ratings too. It didn’t disappoint, the script was not that bad. Im just saying it’s not really fair if the efforts of the whole team is neglected because NR was aired at a later date and the last episode peaked at a new record.
          Plus, i think EVERYONE could sense the weird atmosphere when CBML won the award, so it was already awkward enough. Thus, pls stop saying how CBML didn’t deserve the award.
          Both teams worked very hard and are heavily promoted. They deserved all the awards:)

        • Chibi says:

          Actually, NR was the most anticipated drama of the year- I don’t think CMBL was even a Grand Production?

        • Chocoholic says:

          Me too. I was hoping that Selena could win an award. Cause I felt that her acting is more mature and has shown more versatility in her roles compared to Natalie. Plus, Selena can handle her crying scenes quite well too.

    • claud says:

      I agreed with you! Moses should get the Best Actor awards,its really not easy to act in comedy. Unlike others drama with the angry and emotional scene, kinda easy for Wayne to earn it twice. Unless he got this awards base on other genre of drama.

    • Chibi says:

      CBML winning the Best Series was just a consolation prize, because Wayne/Sheren won the biggest awards :p The cast didn’t even look that happy on stage when they won the award because NR pretty much wins in the hearts of the audience.

  • Ri says:

    Am so so so happy for Wayne, Sheren, Raymond Wong and Evergreen! Really well-deserved! Congrats to them! 🙂 And congrats to Raymond Wong who’s about to be a dad! To be honest I didn’t even know he was married! 😛 Both Wayne and Sheren were really quiet and seemed nervous (?) throughout the night tho. The pressure was definitely on!

    Most disappointing would have to be Fala winning Best Supporting Actress and Raymond Lam winning My Fave Male Character. I neither love nor hate Fala as an actress but the Ching Ching character was definitely not her best role. If anything, I wish she had won for her role as Ngan Ping in CBML – she was good there! As for Raymond Lam, ahhh I like him, I do, but I think we can all agree Kingsley was not exactly memorable other than the fact that it was his “comeback role” after a year on hiatus from TVB. On a more superficial note, I thought both Fala and Raymond looked really good. They looked young and fresh 🙂

    I know CBML got higher ratings but I can’t help but feel bitter that No Regrets lost to them 🙁 I watched both series and thought NR was definitely better written. Of course, if they were to give NR Best Drama instead of Best Actor & Actress, I would be bitter too. So in conclusion, I would love it if they swept Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress and basically everything else, haha! I’m sorry, I want to have my cake and eat it too! 😀

    The big winners of the night has to be Raymond Wong and Fala Chen! They were in the Best Drama but also picked up awards for NR 😛

    I’m glad they put quite a bit of spotlight on Steven Ma this year. Always liked him as an actor and I hope he gets meatier roles next year! 🙂

    Another year of TVB dramas has come and gone. Sigh, I’m still reeling from No Regrets ending – now it’s like I have nothing to look forward to 🙁 lol. I hope there will be good (if not better) dramas next year! 🙂

    • lollipop says:

      me too! i so badly wanted NR to win best drama, best actor and best actress! i think everybody is as shocked by the last result as you are. 🙁 poor NR. i pity them, because NR realyl took so much effort to film…

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you Ri! I saw it too..Sheren and Wayne were sooo nervous/anxious throughout..and i was so nervous for them too!

      • Chibi says:

        See, despite them trying NOT to be nervous, they really wanted the award- because they truly deserved it. And when they win the award, everyone believes they deserved it as well- and it’s a really happy time. Its awkward when you don’t really think you should win- I think that’s when people are less nervous.

  • hannah says:

    holy… i can’t believe NR lost the best drama award! it’s def the biggest UPSET of the night i swear! i’d rather fala didn’t get the best supporting actress. THIS AWARD – DISAPPOINTMENT. NR deserves better. i’ve watched both CBML and NR, and i still firmly believe that NR wld make a more deserving best drama.

  • Tommy says:

    Thanks KTVB for posting up the results! Your like the first website that I saw post the results up so big ups to you!! I’m quite stoke for No Regrets grabbing so many awards especially I personally just finished watching the last 2 eps last night. I’m happy that Evergreen but IMO I think Pierre topped him just a notch in No Regrets. However its easier for audience to remember a villain right

  • anonymous says:

    I am kind of disappointed with some of the results. For best supporting actor, I thought Dominic Lam should have won instead of Evergreen because Dominic’s character was extremely well written, it was more complex, and he played out the character really well. He wasn’t a typical villain and was totally not annoying at all. Evergreen’s character was a typical villian and got really annoying. I guess Evergreen got the advantage because No Regrets aired closer to the anniversary awards. For Favorite Male Character, I really wanted Kenneth Ma to win for his role in A Fistful of Stances, instead of Raymond Lam. Kenneth Ma’s character was one of my favorites this year. For Best Series, I would have to agree with you KTVB, how did every move you make and a chip off of the old block got in? I would have prefer like you gun metal grey, sisters of pearl and a fistful of stances.

    • Madeline says:

      I agree that Dominic should had won best supporting actor over Evergreen because he was quite a good villain and he wasn’t like Evergreen but he was really good and it seems like he deserves it. And yea Evergreen got the advantage.

      Umm for Favorite Male, I think Wayne Lai should win it or Moses not Raymond Lam even though I am a Raymond Lam fan, I’m a fan of his music, not much of his acting but he didn’t really improve much unlike Wayne.

      Chip off the Old Block I understand why because it was mysterious at the end and I wish they have a number 2 so I can see where did modern Sunny and Ron go to. So It was quite interesting. But I don’t understand why Every Move you make got in I mean like it’s just like every other police story plots….Such as Gun Metal Grey. Like if they think that police show is good I would prefer Gun Metal Grey or something. Or I would prefer Fistful of Stances because it was like better than both Chip off the Old Block and Every Move you make.

      • Chibi says:

        There’s always a few really odd series thrown into the top nominations for best try not taking it too personally.. I think its just TVB being a little random, and we all know those series won’t stand a chance anyway. It’s silly I know.

        • Madeline says:

          that’s true like for example’s last year Burning Flame 3 was nominated in the top five…

  • Aly says:

    I agree with your overall analysis and thanks for posting the results! All of your disappointments with the results are in line with mine. I think NR deserved best series, but I think TVB was trying to play it safe by making it more “evenly distributed. You see how they tried to give everyone an award. I think Moses’ and Ray’s awards were more of a compensation to keep their biological sons happy. Same with Charmaine. I think Sheren’s Gau mui character is the most memorable and powerful character this year and she should have gotten the award, but they wanted to be “fair” and didn’t want Charmaine to leave empty handed. Her princess role was decent and likeable though. I’m not going to complain too much. But yes, I agree with everyone that Fala and Raymond’s winnings are the biggest disapppointments as both of characters put me to sleep. Kenneth Ma and Kara Hui were also my choices for the those categories respectively. But, what I am happiest about is Wayne and Sheren winning Best Actor and Best Actress! Well-deserved! So that makes me and I’m sure most people, happy!

    • KTVB says:

      Good to hear more people agree with me XD I think if they wanted to make it more evenly distributed, Moses should have won Favourite Male Character and not Raymond..

  • turtle88 says:

    I agree with the above comments. I’m very disappointed seeing Raymond Lam winning Favourite Male Character and Natalie winning Most Improved. I don’t think they deserved it. Raymond’s character was dull and he portrayed it dull as well. Natalie only did a little better in FOS (b/c the role is different) but in her other series of the year, she’s just the same. I think many ppl would agree that Kenneth should have won and Selena who has improved more over the years. Fala didn’t really deserve the supporting actress award for her role in NR, it was kinda a typical good but annoying girl role. Too bad Steven didn’t win anything either… Sigh.

    • Chocoholic says:

      Yes I totally agree with you. Selena has really improved alot. And her acting has been consistent in every series. Natalie was only abit outstanding in AFOS, but nothing special in her other series. Which makes me upset that TVB let her wins.

      Fav Male should have been Kenneth. Koo Yu Tong was such a likeable character and I just can’t believe Kingsley bagged that award, though I’m quite a Raymond Lam fan but I thought that Kingsley was that likeable afterall.

  • kinki says:

    Wow, a very quick update from KTVB! 🙂
    Thanks for staying up late to update us with the result!!

    I just finished watching the awards show too.
    I guess most of the award winners weren’t surprises…except

    The biggest surprise (upset for some) was obviously CBML winning the Best Drama Series. I personally thinks it’s more logical to give the award to NR. I guess they might want to compensate CBML with another award other than Charmaine Sheh’s fav artist.

    I personally found most of the acceptance speeches quite boring. Nothing really memorable except maybe Raymond Wong’s (thanking his wife & announcement of a baby coming) and Evergreen Mak winning his award after all his hardworking years in TVB. Like Wayne Lai said, he said everything he wanted to say last year already. lol~ What else to say this year? 😛

    The show was a bit too long for me. I found the awarding of the gold plates to the Top 5 fav & best actors/actresses a bit repetitive (especially it’s mostly the same ppl winning). Although their chit-chat was okay funny but what’s up with the gold plates. I think they started doing it last year or so.

    As for Raymond Lam’s 2 awards win, award was like a given (I think he got it already 2 yrs ago). I mean Professor King’s is likable but other characters are kinda of more likable in some sense (more memorable at least). I guess the ‘higher staffs’ just wanna show their LOVE to Raymond by giving him 2 awards. We still love you, Ray!~ 🙂

    As to the gowns & tux, all guys look the same to me (black, black, black). Even Sheren Tang and Charmaine Sheh are in black. 😛 Just personal favour, I’d like to see more colours on girls. Like Linda Chung’s sharp pink and Tavia’s red. 🙂

    I guess that’s all I wanted to say for now, thanks KTVB again for updating us all and giving us an opportunity to share our own thoughts!! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts too Kinki! Yea..I agree about the acceptance speeches- they were kinda ordinary..Natalie’s one was slightly strange talking about how much she loved her late mother. It kinda dampened the mood of the ceremony

  • Chibi says:

    I stayed up last night to watch the awards live, and found myself as nervous as Wayne and Sheren! I’m so so so glad they won their deserving Best Actor and Actress Award! This was the highlight of the night.

    Like everyone else, I’m really disappointed No Regrets didn’t win best series. Clearly it had the better script with better characters and overall better execution but alas… it went to CBML. However, my main disappointment (and anger) goes to Raymond Lam for his role as Kingsley.. Kingsley was one of his worse roles I’ve ever seen. Not only was his character written so horribly, but the fact he portrayed him just as uninterestingly and unconvincing left me feeling really ripped off for both Wayne Lai & Kenneth Ma. Kingsley’s character was not memorable and I think Raymond grabbing this award kinda just makes him look bad :/ Not that he had much say in the award results. I would’ve even been satisfied if Steven Ma got it…anyone but Raymond.

    Fav female character, Sheren’s character was simply the best. Charmaine getting the award seemed like it was just to keep her happy (and not be empty handed like last year) but I feel okay because at least Sheren got the better award 🙂

    Supporting Actress: Kara deserved it more than everyone else on the nominations. Fala for NR? Really really bad..I don’t have a grudge against Fala but her supporting role as Ching Ching was lame and uninteresting. I thought she was the reason NR wasn’t AS good as it could’ve been.

    Supporting Actor: Congrats to Evergreen! I was pretty happy he got the award, even though Dominic was a strong contender… I liked Pierre’s character more but since he got the award last year I don’t feel as bad.

    Raymond Wong for most improved? Very well 😀 Natalie Tong? err not really.

  • Danette says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    Kinda dissapointed that No Regrets didn’t win. That’s messed up! aghhh! Oh well. At least Wayne, Sheren, and Raymond Wong won!! Yee! ^.^

  • candysling says:

    I actually quite sad for Susanna Kwan. She involve in 4 big production series but din’t not won any of it. Quite sad.

  • claud says:

    wayne and sheren should not get this year..their just based on the popularity from last year drama…this year’s drama is more or less the same like last year’s…

    • lollipop says:

      why not? i think they’re very deserving! and how is NR and RB the same? if they’re popular, they would alrd have gotten the prize or my fav male/female character prize!

      they got best actor/actress because they are so good in NR that nobody comes close to snatching away the awards from them. anybody who takes the awards from them is sure to get lambasted, just like how CBML is alrd lambasted because it is not a deserving best drama. even the presenter knows that.

      • claud says:

        Well, no doubt that NR should be the best drama,but the performance of Wayne and Sheren is almost the same like last year’s drama,all involved emotional acting. Unlike Moses in CBML, its not easy to act in comedy.

        • lollipop says:

          yeah, it’s not easy to do comedy, but moses has been criticised for ott acting. also, netizen support for wayne and sheren are very high, so i dun think tvb wants to incur the wrath of the netizens, though they have done it when they decided to award CBML best drama instead. 🙁

        • Chibi says:

          If you actually paid closer attention to their acting & story, their characters are different in RB and NR. They are not the same! So you think emotional acting is easy to portray but comedy is hard? Why? All they need to do in comedy is to exaggerate and act silly- the most difficult aspect? Probably memorising lines.

        • KTVB says:

          How are Wayne and Sheren’s perforamnce the same as last year?? They play totallly different roles and they’re so much meatier than comedy roles because they have to express so much more emotions to make it realistic…

          Your comments may be valid if it was like Roger Kwok’s 2 year win in a row for “Ah Wong” (Square Pegs/ Life Made Simple) who is essentially the same character..

        • claud says:

          hahaa…its ok though..different people will have different opinion. It doesn’t matter now cause still all comes under TVB

    • Chibi says:

      “wayne and sheren should not get this year..their just based on the popularity from last year drama…this year’s drama is more or less the same like last year’s…”

      So you think all sequel/spins-off are automatically a winner just because of the original? You kidding, right?

  • I think Sheren deserved her award, she really worked hard on the character with all the dramatic facial expressions and research she did behind the scenes. Well deserved, better luck next year Charmaine! If you’re interested I did a full fashion rundown from the award show on my blog 😉

  • jade says:

    hey !
    just wanna noe if you will be posting any pictures and photos of the artistes in the award ceremony?

  • Danette says:

    Thank you KTVB for posting up the results and your comments. This is definitely one of my favorite sites to visit. Your comments basically match mines completely.

    NR was amazing in every single aspects. Drove me crazy when I CBML won. I can’t believe it. Put me in a bad bad mood. UGH! However, I am very happy that they chose rightfully give the awards to Sheren and Wayne. I’m pretty sure I would kill TVB if they hadn’t. Hehe. I’m pretty obsessed with NR.

    As for Raymond Lam and Charmaine… I do not approve. Very very dissapointed. Poor Kenneth Ma and Steven Ma. I really wanted either of them to win. They definitely do not get recognized enough.

    • KTVB says:

      That’s great to hear Danette 😀 Thanks heaps for sharing your comments too ^^

      i was put into a pretty sad mood too, but seeing the support of so many NR fans, the NR cast winning the best awards and that clearly the Best Series award to CBML was a ‘consolation’ award, I’m starting to accept it..NR is my Best Series for 2010 always!

  • Chibi says:

    Giving Raymond Fav Male Character for such a lame role and Moses the Professional Award (for the sake of getting an award) makes them look cheap- and degrades the whole award ceremony. It seriously just feels like sympathy awards just so everyone gets a slice of the meat. I don’t think either artists would be very proud of it either ..

  • Sky says:

    I feel that Wayne, Sheren, Raymond Wong and Evergreen deserved their awards the most. All four of their performances in NR were great! As for Raymond Lam, well giving the award was fine as his popularity is high. But the award for My favourite male character was a surprise! I thought Wayne or Moses would get it.

    Well the biggest surprise for the whole night was obviously the Best drama award. I think TVB gave the award to CBML was out of sympathy, more of like to “recognise” their efforts even though NR was the better winner.

  • Snow says:

    the awards show was quite entertaining for me overall 😀

    NR shd have gotten the Best Series for sure… i guess they have to do some compensation for CBML. very very happy for wayne, sheren and evergreen. raymond wong’s acceptance speech was epic lol! so happy for him, he and his wife always seem to be very loving! and i actually cried along with natalie… so happy she got it.

    i know loads of ppl disagree with fung’s win but as a fung’s fan and also taking into account how many ppl LOVED kingsley (to each their own!) its no surprise and im happy he got it 🙂

    i loved the “chok” segment xD and when kate was like, “the downstairs one” then tavia and ah sheh were like, “the next door one” tat was hilarious 😀

  • yy says:

    This is just my two cents worth of opinion, hope no one would take it to heart. Anyway, I haven’t watch NR yet so i can’t really compare .. but i did enjoy CBML . Even though many of you didn’t agree with the best drama result , i still hope you all wouldn’t put CBML in such a bad light o.O like they totally don’t deserve it at all . I’ve watched RB and i totally enjoyed it as well, so i believe NR would have been equally good but i guess not everyone loves this kind of shows cus that time when i was watching RB, i urged some my friends to watch it cus it was just so nice ^^, yet to my surprise , it didn’t really appeal to them as much as it appeals to me. Guess comedy dramas like CBML caters to more people’s likings.

    Anyway , i’m sorry that NR didn’t get the best drama but personally i don’t think that CBML was really that much worse than NR o.o

    Like most people here, i’m kinda disappointed that raymond got fav male character as well cus i thought either wayne or moses would get it. fyi, i am raymond’s fan too .

    For fav female character , i loved charmaine’s princess role 😀

    • yy says:

      her princess role made me fall in love with charmaine again haha 🙂 as a female fan. ^^

    • Chibi says:

      I don’t think it’s really fair to compare and judge NR when you haven’t seen it- but it’s fine to say you enjoyed CBML =)

      • yy says:

        Yea, actually i’m not really judging NR. Even without watching it, i believe it will be another drama as good as RB, maybe better. I’m just saying i think CBML is a pretty good drama too 🙂

      • yy says:

        by the way, just curious. how do you find cbml? did you enjoy it?

        • hannah says:

          personally, i didn’t like CBML as much as i would like. some parts were yeah… funny… but in a very forced manner. some parts were touching, but doesn’t really leave an impression.

          overall, CBML doesn’t really leave a deep impression on me. it’s a series that i can watch and stop half-way, unlike NR.

          it’s just my personal opinion though. i didn’t enjoy CBML though it was meant to be funny.

        • Chibi says:

          I looked forward to seeing it (Since I liked BTROC and saw this as some kind of spin-off) but I didn’t like it 🙁 I thought everything felt so silly and exaggerated.. I didn’t find it funny either, but that’s just my thoughts.

        • yy says:

          yea, i agree that some parts were really lame . especially the clapping part.

          but overall , i still think it’s quite a nice drama considering that it is a comedy drama so i suppose it will have to be a lil lame .

          well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder thus everyone will have differing views. 🙂
          i enjoyed cbml and missed it after i completed it. 😀

        • yy says:

          *for me, i enjoyed cbml and missed it after i completed it. 😀

  • zihwye says:

    ugh no regrets took up almost every significant award!!!
    chip of the old block is really meaningful & good, you should watch it.

  • wewah says:

    This year award ceremony is really shocking. I felt the award should have went to Steven if Tvb was planning to give Raymond Lam Fav. Character or Fav Character to Kenneth if is going to Raymond. Anyway, Raymond did not need two awards. It is more meaningful to him to received the award for a better character. With Moonlight, already proves that he can acheive that award no problem if a good script was giving to him. He did not need an award for people to question him.

    I do not agree with people that says, they got the award last year already and no need to give it to them again. Come on guys, if you got a raised last year would you not want another one. As long a you deserve it, you should continue getting it no matter what. With this ridiculous thinking, i am glad Sheren will not be a part of this for next year series. She deserves better, however i will miss seeing her in Tvb.

    Because of getting the award already last year that is why, TVB is not giving it to Tim Gor when he deserve it. They probably felt sorry for Shiao Ching losing to Rosy business and might again lose to No Regrets, and there is no chance of her writing another story with Moses and Charmaine again for a part 3 so they gave it to her. They do not want her to not work for TVB any more. We know that Tim Gor still have another 2 year contract with TVB. Again award is not about sharing or taking turn, it should be based on hard work and deserving. Tim Gor put in so much effort in this series that his chance of doing another one won’t be soon but we will have to wait a long time.

    I do hope Tim Gor can come up with a modern comedy series with Wayne and Sheren to please Sheren hope in comedy and the fan of pairing up Wayne and Sheren again. With a comedy series we won’t compare it with Rosy because it is a whole new feel and Sheren will not need to go through Country war anymore. Hope that comedy will come in 2012.

    • KTVB says:

      Yea..shocking results..after last years results, I thought TVB was going to be more fair..Steven and Kenneth deserve more recognition in my opinion…

      I’m not sure how well Wayne and Sheren would pull off in comedy but would love to see Sheren and Wayne pairing again :O)

      • misstila says:

        yeah sadly Steven never gets any recognition x__X and he’s been in tvb for a really really long time. it’s sort of like how Sheren didn’t get the award for war and beauty. personally i remember that year when gigi won the award it was really unfair because sheren was supposed to win it!!!

  • *xueling* says:

    Since I’m intend to say it, I shall (and know that people are going to disagree with me.)
    I totally acknowledge that Wayne and Sheren are wonderful actors. I acknowledge that if they had not gotten the award before, they totally deserved it. I acknowledge that they have huge audience support. But i still felt that it was not nice for them to get it again, on *back to back* years. On an indirect sequel to Rosy Business, and for *both* of them to sweep the award again.
    I do not agree with the statement that no one else deserves the award (yes, I would still rather see the award go to them rather than some undeserving people!That would be even more disgusting). I can agree that no one else who was covered widely by the press deserves the award. But i think there were others who in their own right shone, in other non-anniversary series. Of course, tvb style, they were overlooked.
    I am of the belief that to deserve it another time requires more than the first time. To deserve it on back to back years, you must be absolutely outstanding. And I think there were other equally deserving (if not more deserving) candidates in the best actor/actress category.

    I don’t think fala deserved the award, but she seemed to be aware of that. I would have very much liked to see it go to kara hui or elena kong.
    I don’t think CBML deserved best series, and by default that means that I want it to go to NR. But that said, I still don’t think they should have given best actor and actress to NR. Esp to the same people.

    I am from the give others a chance camp, especially since there do exist deserving candidates.

    I am aware that few people share my viewpoint though.

  • misstila says:

    no regrets was a reAlly good drama but the ending was rushed and kinda sloppy 🙁 i liked it a lot but cant buy me love won cuz it was good from the beginning to the end yea and also im a raymond lam fan but i dun like his character as kingsley it was boring Nd he was too selfish moses shudv won. i think fala deserved the awArd even though her character was a bit annoying and boring but her role was significant and it was a breAkthrough for her u gotta admit she improved alot hope tvb brings us more good dramas

  • tan says:

    congrats wayne &sheren…..Both of you totally deserved the awards!!But i am QUITE disappointed that no regrets didnt win best series award..Cant buy me love is quite ok but compared to no regrets it is just a so-so drama..No offense..Wayne lai/moses should win the fav character award instead of raymond..why tvb must give ray such a prestigious award to him this year..i dont mean that ray don deseve it but 2010 isnt his year..i would rather moses get the fav character award and the best performance award given to for charmaine,well i don mind she wins the fav character BUT my fav is Miss nine..Sheren should get both best actress&fav chARACTER award..Charmaine’s character in cbml is quite annoying to me..anyway congrats to all the winners and mak bao is a well deserving winner..i guess he will be given more attention from now onwards..he should hav won long ago…anyway congrats!Wayne,sheren Fighting ya!!I ll support you forever!!!

  • michi says:

    woohooo……congrats wayne and sheren!!!~~~~~Love you forever…I heard that next year wayne and charmaine will collaborate together in forensic heroes 3..wonder it will be as good couple and chemistry as with sheren…hehe^^

  • Fionne says:

    Wow, this was interesting!

  • Moris says:

    Well-deserved:Wayne,sheren,Raymond wong,evergreen

    Average:Fala,Charmaine and natalie

    Undeserving:Raymond lam and cant buy me love

    Reasons:I am not trying to say that CBML is totally undeserving but it is just not as good and meaningful and impressive as No Regrets.I am a fan of ray lam but this year isnt his year to stardom.Kenneth/wayne/moses should be more deserving.As for charmaine winning fav character,though i think that sheren is way better character than her but since she left empty handed last year,i guess tvb wants to give at least something to her to give her some face.But i guess it is ok since sheren get the best actress.congrats!!Very very totally deserving…this award/recognition she should hav gotten long time ago.Fala is ok but kara is better.but i guess the competition for best supporting actor is the fiercest becuz i think most of the nominees are very superb and good in their own way..anyone of them win i will be happy bcuz all of them deserved it..

    The red carpet is not that impressive.All fashion seems nothing special compared to previous years.The award that night is full of funny incident..but the biggest embarassment is when johnie tho is going to announce the winner of best series,he says that NR is going to win..He says that sound of the claps is different.When the video of top 5 best series is played,NR got the biggest applauses and claps from the crowd but CBML just for the sake of clapping you know wat i mean.just clap only with no cheerful tone unlike nr..the crowd cheered for them and they got the biggest applauses…wat to do since tvb is spreading the award in this is sooo ambigious..

  • Annie Pham says:

    I was totally disappointed watching “Can’t buy my love” win the best drama. Thought I’m a Charmaine’s fan, it’s obviously that CBML cannot beat NR in either script and actor’s skill.

  • Hy Squared says:

    I can see from faraway that Can’t Buy Me Love will win. It seems like a better series than No Regrets. I skipped so many episodes of No Regrets and fell asleep toward the middle of the drama because it is boring and predictable.

    On a side of note: Everyone has their own opinion. If someone said Can’t Buy Me Love deserved to win, no one should criticize and argue that Can’t Buy Me Love is crap and No Regrets should win. Do you think it is fun to see different opinions. Learn to accept other people’s opinion.

  • mrsmala says:

    I haven’t been watching TVB dramas from year 2010 because I have been very busy with my school work. It’s my 3-month break now, so I managed to catch up on most of the TVB dramas from last year.

    Happy with: Wayne, Sheren, Evergreen, Raymond Wong getting what they really deserved!

    I must actually agree with most people here. I can’t believe that I wasted my time watching Can’t Buy Me Love. It was meant to be a comedy, but seriously, what the heck?! Just a few cheap jokes, clapping here and there and tada, comedy? -laughs uncontrollably- It’s just a show meant to entertain little kids and I can’t believe that it won Best Drama?! -jaw drops at how TVB handles things at times- CBML is just a drama with a very nice packaging but an empty inside. All style but no substance! Sometimes I really wonder if the actors and back-stage crew were goofing around when they were filming this. I sound harsh here, but truly, that is what I felt when I saw it. I see no sense of professionalism. Some scenes really looked like NG scenes put together, coupled with sloppy editing. -shakes head-

    And erm, Raymond Lam winning Fav Male for Kingsley? NO WAY MAN! Kingsley is such a block-head! How can anybody like such a person? It’s ok if he won award since I understand that he has a lot of fans supporting him, but getting 2 awards in a night when he isn’t particularly outstanding is just too much! 😡 My vote would have gone to Kenneth Ma’s role in A Fistful of Stances. That guy really showed maturity and leadership in there. One can’t help but to endear to him under such circumstances.

    My personal favourite for Fav Female award would be Miss Nine of No Regrets. I hated Charmaine as the bratty princess (which was also partly why I really hated CBML), but if TVB were to give Charmaine the TVB Queen award, I would have smashed my TV, so I’m pretty neutral to her getting the Fav Female award.

    I read that many people thought that Selena should win Most Improved Female award over Natalie, but to be honest, I thought Selena wasn’t really given much to do for her characters last year. Ah Ngan (Natalie) definitely stood out more than Selena’s role in AFOS, and Selena’s role in CBML was well, basically useless and just a filler to have a daughter-in-law for the Kam family. Selena should have won for the previous years, but sad to say, 2010 isn’t really her year.

    I know that many people are against Fala for winning Best Supporting Actress again. It is true that Ching Ching isn’t a very outstanding character. In fact, Sheren’s Miss Nine actually dominated No Regrets and not many people actually came close to outshining her. I do not think that Ching Ching is Fala’s best role, but I’ve seen her in Ghost Writer as well as CBML and I must say that she did a very good job in those dramas (although CBML on the whole failed badly as a comedy). 2010 was really her year, and I see the Best Supporting Actress award being given to her as a means of telling her she has done well for this year, not for her particular role in No Regrets. I personally liked Siu Tsui in Ghost Writer, but too bad she was nominated for Best Actress in that role instead of Best Supporting Actress (which I felt would be more apt since the leading female was Linda Chung anyway). Siu Tsui would not stand any chance against Miss Nine.

    Just my final thoughts: No Regrets should have gotten the Best Drama award in my opinion. I finally know why there were so many complaints when CBML won. The audience are not stupid. Most of them are discerning enough and able to tell which is the better drama.

    If a comedy had to win, my vote would have gone to A Chip Off The Old Block. At least that was meaningful, had substance and was genuinely funny, and not a whole lot of bullshit like CBML. Seriously, the script-writers for CBML should be fired!!!!

    Sorry about my long rants, but I feel that this blog allows me to let off whatever thoughts I have about TVB. 😛 Thanks for giving me a chance to express my thoughts!

    • Anynomous says:

      I don’t agree with you. Can’t Buy Me Love was a loveable series. No Regrets doesn’t have a variety of audience, not suitable for kids. It seems Can’t Buy Me Love was better than No Regrets. It is harsh to say that the script of Can’t Buy Me Love should be fired. Charmaine was my favorite character in Can’t Buy Me Love. I’m glad Sheren won best actress because her character is more complicated. Get This! No Regrets and Can’t Buy Me Love have their own fans so no one should bash any series just because you think one is better than the other!

      • mrsmala says:

        To say that CBML is better than No Regrets just because No Regrets is not suitable for kids and CBML was a loveable series is plain naivety on your part and you definitely made me crack up more than when I was watching CBML. Gosh, you are sooooo cute.

        Point taken. You like Chiu Yeung, I don’t. I didn’t lose a limb just because I don’t like her.

        The problem with CBML was the script. There were many major flaws in it, and as most critics say, the script itself is 無厘頭. I can overlook some flaws in the script since I’m watching dramas for the sake of entertainment. But if my attention is actually diverted away because of the glaring loopholes, it just goes to show how obvious the flaws were. In CBML’s case, there isn’t really any sense of story direction and the plot has no continuity. It seems as if it’s there just to make people laugh (it got me rolling my eyes instead), that’s it.

        And why stop me from criticising CBML? CBML rightfully deserves the criticisms (as well as some praises it got). It is only through criticisms will the standard of comedy improve (hopefully). Oh, and there’s a very fine line that distinguishes bashing from criticising. From my POV, I’m just stating why I (and many others) thought that CBML isn’t worthy of the Best Drama award, and why No Regrets and ACOTOB (or other dramas like AFOS [why didn’t this drama make it to the top 5?!?!]) are more worthy than it, but if you think that is bashing, then oh well…

        You said that it’s harsh to say that the script-writers of CBML should be fired (yeah right like they will see this), but why am I not entitled to say that? I’m paying so much money every month just so that I have the TVB channel on my TV, and what I get is crap? Shouldn’t I be angry? If you are the one paying for it, won’t you feel the pain if the product is up to your expectations? If this is the standard of comedy that TVB is going to churn out for its future comedies, I see a bleak future for TVB.

        Oh, and I’m so sorry if I preferred No Regrets many times more than CBML. 😛

        Like you said, everybody is entitled to his/her own opinions, so why get so worked up over mine? Geez… -_-

        All right. I shall end it here.

        • Anynomous says:

          In my opinion, No Regrets is really a drag. It was good in the first 4 episode and the end but the middle is such a drag and I can skip many episodes. I consider “The Audience are not stupid, they know which series are better than which” is an attack because it means that the fans that like Can’t Buy Me Love is stupid? I know that there are many No Regrets fans here but you guys are taking this too seriously. Just watch the series for fun and use your time better than arguing about No Regrets and Can’t Buy Me Love.

        • mrsmala says:

          If you want to quote me, please reread my comment and quote me PROPERLY! I think you meant to quote me on this: The audience are not stupid. Most of them are discerning enough and able to tell which is the better drama. Please enlighten me on how was I attacking fans of CBML? I was referring to why CBML got so many complaints when it won. How was I implying that fans of CBML are stupid for liking CBML? Please think twice (or in fact, many times) before you retort me.

          I was just merely expressing my feelings on what I thought of the awards ceremony, and here you came, retorting me with your very-laughable comments. Now who’s the one taking it too seriously? You, not me.

          And yes, I have finally agreed with you on a point you have made: “use your time better than arguing about No Regrets and Can’t Buy Me Love” May I say the same to you? Please utilise your time better instead of posing as me on other people’s blog. That is just so low-down of you. Are you really that naive as to think that nobody can track you for the comments you have made? As anybody can see, for one, my writing style ain’t the same as yours and two, I’m definitely not as childish and despicable as you. You’ve just lost your face, Anonymous.

        • KTVB says:

          To Anynomous: Your point expressed. I don’t agree with what you’ve said, but let’s just leave it at that

    • KTVB says:

      Hi mrsmala 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your thoughts! You’ve come to the right place to express yourself lol I agree with everything you’ve said!!

    • Danette says:

      I completely agree with you! ^^

  • Anynomous says:

    I thought No Regrets and Rosy Business had a pretty weak scrip. TVB can do better than that.

  • Anynomous says:

    Can’t Buy Me Love was good but not really good. I’ve seen way better series than the series shown in 2010/2011.

  • Chipototle says:

    Man, it’s great seeing the TVB award show after not paying attention to it for the past decade maybe lmfao(that long?!).

    But damn, I was really happy for four awards .First it was Natalie Tong for Most Improved Actress. I’ve always supported her since the beginning of the year. Although she had a tough opponent in Selena Li, she locked the award with her The Comeback Clan character while Selena wasn’t really doing much in Can’t Buy Me Love. So happy for Natalie Tong.

    The second award was Evergreen Mak. This year’s Best Supporting Actor field was heavily contested, even more than Best Actor. It was really only between Evergreen Mak and Pierre Ngo. Dominic Lam got some support but too bad because I think a lot of people forgot about A Fistful of Stances. But glad Dominic Lam got into the top five. Speaking of Dominic Lam, didn’t they say they will have a new category this year for “Best Villain”? What happened to that? Pierre Ngo was good, but Evergreen Mak was more consistent throughout the series. Also very glad to finally see Evergreen Mak winning an award after watching him for 13 years.

    The excitement would increase for another of my favorites would win. This one was perhaps the most anticipated for me of the night. I kinda know who’s gonna win the Best Actor, but was just hoping for the audience to get it right. Like the Best Supporting Actor nominations, the field for Best Actress was just as intense. Because honestly, Sheren and Charmaine were pretty equal, but I would give Sheren the edge, because her role required a little more acting. And I was very satisfied with the top five. The two other actresses(Tavia and Maggie) have my support but their roles were overlooked by bigger roles by Sheren and Charmaine. I can’t really agree on Linda Chung being in top five. Because I thought, if someone needs to represent Ghost Writer, it should be Fala rather. But it would be pretty weird having Fala in both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress top five. So yes, I jumped up when they announced Sheren as the winner. Not only did she was deserving, she also became the first actress to repeat as Best Actress in consecutive years. Way to go Sheren.

    As for the “biggest” award of the night, that was exciting as well. Although I don’t really like Raymond Lam in the top five. I felt he took Damien Lau’s spot lol. I can’t stress this enough, but Raymond’s acting in The Mysteries of Love sucks so much. But he was pretty cute during the award show LOL. So glad he didn’t win. And kudos to Steven Ma for hanging in the top five. Very happy for Wayne Lai for winning Best Actor for the second straight year. Although he didn’t really make much history on his own, but him and Sheren winning in back-to-back for the same series and it’s spin-off is pretty interesting. Btw, I’m still bitter about Kenneth Ma not being nominated for Best Actor -_____-“.

    The My Favorite Female Character was something, but I didn’t really care about it because they are all(mostly) lovable characters. But to be honest, I got a little scared when Charmaine wins this because I thought it might be deja vu like in 2006 when Charmaine snatched both the My Favorite Female Character and Best Actress. I guess they wanna make it fair by both[Sheren and Charmaine] getting a big award.

    • KTVB says:

      haha welcome aboard Chipototle ! XD

      I think Pierre’s best performances were in the early episodes of No Regrets, that was pure awesomeness! He convinced me that he well-deserved last year’s Most Improved Actor Award!! But I agree that Evergreen has a lot more screentime and chance to shine 🙂

  • Chipototle says:

    The Most Improved Actor was tooooo easy. At first I thought the others can maybe somehow give Raymond Wong a run for his money but it was futile. Although I want King Kong to be a sleeper and sneak in for this award lol. Jazz Lam was good as well, especially in A Fistful of Stances. Haven’t seen Him Law but it seem his series is a little too weak to battle Raymond. And Joel Chan is ehhh. This is Raymond’s year.

    Oh my gosh, I was sooo disappointed at the My Favorite Male Character winner. Why? That’s my only question. Why? But pretty happy Kenneth got into the top five(heheh I think top five is kinda a win already lol). Okay, it’s not even about his acting now. Tell me what do people like about Professor Kingsley? First, he’s very stiff(although nothing wrong with that). But he is a jerk(evidence in the break-up scene, come mon seriously, the math problem -____-“). So yea, I think his character is a jerk and a little bitch lol. So I don’t get why people would consider him their “favorite”.

    The Popularity award, I give it to Raymond, because this was direct to the point, and no one is more popular than Raymond Lam. But I never really care for this award because it’s not important. Awards shouldn’t just based on popularity. Glad he won but what does it mean?

    Yea hahah the Moses Best Professional award kinda came out of the blue. Iono, maybe it is an award to keep him happy. Or maybe an award for him because he promoted TVB so much, so he’s “professional” lol.

    Another important award you forgot is the Lifetime Achievement award. Very surprised Louise Lee won.

    And yes, the Best Series where Can’t Buy Me Love wins over No Regrets. I kinda see that from a mile away lol. Because Can’t Buy Me Love does seems like a better series, but at the same time, it doesn’t really look like a series lol. But at least No Regrets got the top spot in ratings in the end of the year. Oh my gosh, but one thing really pissed me off. I don’t like how The Mysteries of Love got into the top five. Not over A Fistful of Stances, to me A Fistful of Stances is perhaps the most complete series of the year, action, comedy, love, drama, family, mystery. But very surprised Every Move You Move made it in as well, a real sleeper lol.

    Very glad I watched this year’s presentation. Very exciting, very surprising. Got a lot to cheer for, and got some of my picks right lol. And perhaps the most surprising thing that happened was the appearance of my favorite director, Johnnie To, who presented the Best Series award. Also seeing King Sir as well, always nice to hear to talk. But Johnnie To, very surprised to see him, since he kinda have beef with TVB. Even during the show, he almost got into a heated banter with the host Carol Cheng. And he even took an indirect shot at TVB upper management lol. To Sir is too cool lol.

    • KTVB says:

      I totally agree with the Kingsley thing (and Im a Raymond Lam fan too….) So disappointing!! I would have preferred his role in Growing Through Life!

      I felt that the popularity award and professional award didn’t mean much….lol

      i didn’t forget the lifetime achivement award 🙂 It’s a the bottom XD I still thinkLouise is a bit young to be winning that award lol

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