As we are approaching the end of the year, I thought I’d finish off my Sisters of Pearl review! Written it quite a long time ago (back in May?) but didn’t get around to finalising it, well here it is! *** *Contains Major Spoilers* Sisters of Pearl is one of my favourite TVB releases of […]


July 2010

[Sisters of Pearl] Review

Hi everyone, Chibi here with a TVB drama guest review! I’ve recently finished watching TVB [Sisters of Pearl] and put this review together in hopes it will be an interesting and insightful look into the story and characters (along with my thoughts). Though TVB consistently pumps out drama after drama, there are usually only a […]


June 2010

[Sisters of Pearl] NG Clips

Here are a couple of NG Clips that I came across that  TVB uploaded on youtube: Michael can’t stop laughing XD Kiki is mad that Bowie did not try to save them from jail Bowie falls on Jessica after changing the light bulb

The 28 episodes of scheming Sisters of Pearl has finally come to an end. Although I’m not completely satisfied by the ending, it was an acceptable ending from TVB.

Here is my attempt at translating the themesong of Sisters of Pearl (Full Version) 🙂 At first I thought the song was pretty straight forward, but the more I read into the lyrics the more confused I got since the different combination of Chinese characters can be interpreted differently. I guess what confuses me about […]


June 2010

[Sisters of Pearl] Finale Anticipation

Only two episodes left to watch of Sisters of Pearl before its closure!! Kinda sad that it’s ending but I’m also really exciting to see it! Not long.. Here are the screencaps I’ve made from the preview for the Finale 🙂 *Warning: Contains Spoilers* (from this point onwards) I think the series will have a […]


May 2010

[Sisters of Pearl] Favourite Character Poll

I’m currently up to Episode 13 and I find myself rooting for Jessica’s character 🙂 The other I enjoy watching is Joyce and Michael- I liked watching the two have chats at the grave- we often see a cute side of Joyce hehe. Her “petty” greed for money/goods is amusing. I also have a feeling […]


April 2010

[New Series]: Sisters of Pearl

English Title: Sisters of Pearl Chinese Title: 掌上明珠 (Jeung Seung Ming Jue) Cast: Jessica Hsuan宣 萱, Kiki Sheung Tin Ngor 商天娥 , Bowie Lam 林保怡 , Michael Tao 陶大宇 , Joyce Tang 滕麗名, Macy Chan 陳美詩 , Joel Chan 陳山聰 , Tsang Wai Kuen 曾偉權 Episodes: 28 Airring date: 3 May 2010 (Replacing ‘Suspects in […]