June 2012

[New Series]: No Good Either Way

English Title: No Good Either Way

Cantonese Title: 衝呀﹗瘦薪兵團 (Chung a! sau san bing tuen)

Cast: 陳展鵬 Ruco Chan, 田蕊妮 Krystal Tin, 阮兆祥 Louis Yuen, 唐詩詠 Natalie Tong, 陳智燊 Jason Chan, 歐錦棠 Au Kam Tong, 郭少芸 Florence Kwok, 李亞男 Leanne Li

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 11 June 2012 after House Of Harmony and Vengeance

Themesong: 瘦薪族 by Ruco Chan, Louis Yuen and Kiu Bo Bo  (CD)

Executive Producer: Wong Sum Wai (Burning Flame, Under the Canopy of Love, The Seventh Day, The Other Truth)

Scriptwriter: Lau Chi Wah

Official: Website | Purchase DVD @ YesAsia.com (English Subtitles)


TVB No Good Either Way



With Administration Department manager CHE WING-HAN, VIOLET (Florence Kwok) playing office politics, the future of product designer MO NGA-LIK, ALEX (Ruco Chan) and marketing officer MAN KA-WA, STEVE (Louis Yuen) is doomed to be gloomy, no matter how much their boss KO WAI-TING, SAM (Au Kam Tong) appreciates them.

In their disappointed eyes, TING has committed every of the “Ten Sins of the Bosses”. KA-WA therefore starts up his own business with his Indian good friend INTERPAL SINGH (Gill Mohinderpaul Singh/Kiu Bo Bo) behind WAI-TING’s back. Fate has it that NGA-LIK’s girlfriend LING LING-CHING (Krystal Tin) will later join his company and with their concerted effort they fight WING-HAN off. Now that NGA-LIK is the manager and KA-WA has become the boss, they start to treat their employees badly, committing the “Ten Sins of the Bosses” themselves. MO KIN-YEE, KIN (Natalie Tong) is member of the “post-80s” generation. It is her dream to own a flat but she acts so rashly that she ends up buying a haunted apartment. On the other hand, she meets YIU YEE-LONG, AARON (Jason Chan). While she considers him to be a “great value-for-money apartment” at the beginning, he turns out to be an “uncompleted flat”…


Credit: TVB.com

10 Responses to “[New Series]: No Good Either Way”

  • zihwye says:

    thought House of Harmony & Vengeance was the worst thing that could ever come from TVB. Guess i was wrong.

  • Ri says:

    Pardon my French but WTF IS THIS, TVB?! Not only does that storyline sound so boring, it makes no sense! Goodness, what is TVB coming to.

    • KTVB says:

      I saw the trailer on TV and I mistaken it to be a sitcom…. XD

      • Ri says:

        It would make more sense as a sitcom considering how there doesn’t seem to be an actual storyline from the synopsis. Oh well, maybe it’ll surprise us and be the best TVB drama of 2012, tho honestly tht’s not saying much. But, ya never knw! 😛

  • JacJac says:

    I would watch this drama if I don;t have anything to watch but I have other good dramas to watch :).

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