August 2012

[New Series]: Ghetto Justice 2

English Title: Ghetto Justice 2 Cantonese Title:怒火街頭 2 (no foh gaai tau 2) Also see its direct prequel: Ghetto Justice Cast: Kevin Cheng 鄭嘉穎, Myolie Wu 胡杏兒, Sam Lee 李璨琛 , Alex Lam Chi Sin 林子善, Raymond Cho 曹永廉, Christine Kuo 苟芸慧, Jia Xiaochen 賈曉晨, Elena Kong 江美儀 Episodes: 25 Airing date: 30 July 2012 […]

I finished this series when they airred the finale in HK but haven’t had the chance to blog about it yet. Given that it’s one of my favourites so far for 2011, I thought I’d at least make a mention somewhere and post up some thoughts and screencaptures..so here it!  🙂 *Warning: Contains Spoilers* — […]


June 2011

[Ghetto Justice] Themesong Lyrics

No Time To Regret 沒時間後悔 (Ghetto Justice Themesong) TVB電視劇<怒火街頭>主題曲 主唱:陳奐仁 歐陽靖 Hanjin Tan (ft. MC Jin) Note: The first and last verse are in Cantonese, and middle in Mandarin as with the actual song 🙂 [MC Jin] nei man ngoh ji m ji ji gei hai do jo mut ä½  問 我 知 å”” 知 […]


June 2011

[Ghetto Justice] Opening Screencaptures

Here are some screencaptures I made from the opening themevideo of “Ghetto Justice”. At first I didn’t like the themesong or themevideo- my first impression was : it looked messy, the song was weird, and the video gave me a headache lol But after I started watching the series, I grew to really liked it. […]


May 2011

[New Series]: Ghetto Justice

English Title: Ghetto Justice Cantonese Title: 怒火街头 (no foh gaai tau) Cast: 郑嘉颖 Kevin Cheng, 胡杏儿 Myolie Wu , 李璨琛 Sam Lee, 林子善 Lam Chi Sin, 滕丽名 Joyce Tang, 陈敏之 Sharon Chan, 石修 Shek Sau, 关礼杰 Eddie Kwan Episodes: 20 Airing date: 30 May 2011 (Airring after Yes Sir Sorry Sir) Official: Website Executive Producer: […]