The long awaited and anticipated Moonlight Resonance (aka Heart of Greed 2) is be released in HK 28th July 2008! Yes! KTVB is very excited ^^ Cast: Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Louise Lee Sze Kei, Ha Yu, MichelleYim, Susanna Kwan, Lee Heung Kam, Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, FalaChen, Wayne Lai, Louis […]

There were two scenes in episode 2 of The Seventh Day that particularly caught my attention. I really liked those scenes too =) They had resemblances to other scenes used before in TVB. Perhaps it was used more than once, but this is one I can still remember ^^; Near the start of the episode, […]

I was just browsing around TVBSquare when I came across the magazine scans from the TVB Weekly Magazines for 2007. I had only previously seen three of the covers so I found it quiet interesting seeing the different covers for various TVB series of 2007. So! I decided to pick out the TVB related ones […]

While browsing through my computer, I found a whole bunch of Bosco and Tavia screencaptures that I’ve previously made from Heart of Greed while I was watching it, but didn’t end up putting them up on this blog. I remember that I wanted to make a post just for them because Tavia just looks sooo […]

Dicey Business and Heart of Greed: Bosco and Tavia Similarity: Bosco and Tavia are a couple and they have a wedding ceremony Difference: In Heart of Greed, the wedding goes ahead, in Dicey Business, Bosco refuses to marry Tavia. The Price of Greed and The Brink of Law : Kate and Shirley Similarity: The hospital […]


July 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 14

This is the episode that Dak Dak Dei confesses his love for Seung Joi SUm which didn’t work out as he thought..He had always mistaken Seung Joi Sum to feel the same way towards him, but she already had Alfred in mind. he should have known when he read off her blog that she was […]


July 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 13

Aww… its really sad watching ‘Dai Kai’ in hospital. The things ‘Dai kai’ said to Bosco and Tavia were harsh but you couldn’t blame her. She was equally as hurt as Bosco and Tavia were from those words. She loves Bosco so much but she couldn’t being herself to accept the two. Bosco on the […]


July 2007

[Heart of Greed] Episode 12

The family finds out that the girl Bosco is with is actually married..