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  • ~*aims*~ says:

    K for TVB,

    just to express my appreciation at your regular episode updates of ‘at home with love’.
    i think you’re in Australia, right? i’m in year 10 and am too busy with schoolwork and exams to watch tvb series, but your summaries are an excellent substitute!
    keep up the great work and good luck for your blog!
    congratulations on reaching 2000 hits ^^


  • Miss S says:


    two words, great site!

  • Enshinboy says:

    Hi Purple Girl,
    I’ve left a message for you on the Xian Jian website.
    Best regards,

  • felicia says:

    haha, your site is cool. there’s like every ep in detailed sypnosis. i read the face to fate one when i was watching! ((:

  • cecilia says:

    Hey K! you’re the best, summarizing every single episode of the series you watch! haha ^_^. love them! you must excel in writing, dont you?

  • flora says:

    love the site but i have a question to ask u how do i give u credit i have never done crediting to people on the computer before n i would like to give u credit n keep dis site to upload or download the new theme n subtheme songs u put on ur site thanks again

  • raistlin says:

    ur site is amazing. ty for ur time and dedication to it

  • KTVB says:

    Thank you for all the positive comments ^^

    To Raistlin:
    The password to the Lady in Red Album is:


  • raistlin says:

    welcome back, hope you had fun. but i was just curious, there’s a pw on that lady in red album. how can i unzip that @_@

  • chibi says:

    Loving this blog more and more XD Love Dicey Business!!

  • Love_Ada Choi says:

    You have a great site!!! ^_^
    Love it.

  • Paradise123 says:

    Kerry!! Spend more time on your personal blog site!! …. o_0

  • mistii says:

    kool site! =] luv DB!! ^^

  • bubble_tea says:

    hello 😀 I’m kinda new to this site, but I think its awesome!! 🙂 Hmm.. I think you should start on writing summaries for the drama The Brink of Law, because its sooo good!! 😀 Well, nice page!

  • intension says:

    can u upload 倚天屠龍記2000 and 阿旺新傳 for me
    thx you every much !!!!!

  • renka says:

    this website is quite helpful and I like the critiques and comments on the TVB dramas =) keep up the good work!

  • KTVB says:

    To Paradise123: not sure who u r..

    To intension: I don’t have [Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2000] or [Life made Simple]..

    To everyone else: Thanks for the encouraging comments =D

  • knightsabers says:

    Awesome Site, Can’t believe your from Australia Too, I too have TVBJ

  • william says:

    i love this site cause im not allowed to watch tvbj anymore so i can just catch up on your site:)

  • carzy says:

    hey kerry, nice site u got there..hehe havent been watching every epi..tvbj is very slow, i already watch the ending for “price of greed” from my cousin’s tapes..ending was good..hehe

    19 Jan 07 13:43

  • question says:

    what is warehouse series ?

    do they rate/greade it ?

  • KTVB says:

    Warehoused series are series that are not broad casted in Hong Kong and are only available for overseas for rental. Since they are not broadcasted in HK, they do not have ratings, hence, are not considered for awards in the TVB Anniversary Awards.

  • PinkShimmerAbgek says:

    Hi love this site its good!

  • ana says:

    ooooohhh interesting site.. hahaha. just discovered it….im watching devil’s disciples too….but its such a pain to wait for each episode…

  • Robyn says:

    Stumbled across your site..and I love it! With the series anaylsis and episode summaries and screencaps! Love it!

  • yunie says:

    oo nice site lol ^^ so much info on tvb series!

  • Mandy says:

    I really like your site & thank you very much to take the time to write up the synopsis of the tv series that u’ve been watching so far! Good work! Keep up the good work!

  • Socks says:

    I totally adore your site ^_^ It’s so awesome with the screenies and the reviews and a pretty layout. Ha, the list goes on. I rarely get to watch TVB series anymore and I totally love spoilers 😀

  • 4nonym0us says:

    heey cool website! euu realli study the story into details, i lurve it! and oh, devil’s disciples is truly nice! ah… i wonder when will bosco know his true identity…

  • Dawn says:

    wow i love your site
    it has great reviews and are even followed up by ur own original screencaps
    thanks for ur efforts !
    i’ll drop by more often .. =))

  • venus says:

    Hi, great job in maintaining the site. Keep up the good job! Hope 2 c more new dramas in the near future : )

  • Kiwi says:

    Hey, Love ur site. Great summaries on those series. I mean, how the keck do you find the time to write all of it. Wat eva the reason is keep up with the good work.

  • tony says:

    i am glad to have met your web ,amazing ,it is really good ,cool “””””””

  • kinki says:

    your website is really good
    you got great thorough and updated review and summaries of tvb series!!~

    keep up the great work ^.^*~

  • kate says:


  • yish says:

    thanks for all the caps!! (:

  • marshmallow says:

    :cheers: this is an AWESOME website!! omgosh!! ii loove the summaries for each episode! itz awesome!! :heart: keep up the good work!!

  • puffins says:

    Kudos to all those contributors to this wonderful site.Pls keep it going.I do eny all the comments & caps of the shows & also begin to rely on this site to determine the next drama to watch 🙂

  • cecilia says:

    HEY K! 😀 i’ve always been a daily visitor of your blog, but didn’t really tag on this.. hehe. anyway, i love your posts and the idea of doing episode summaries and screencaps! and ACOD looks soo interesting. i wasn’t really planning on watching it at first, but now i’m anticipating it. is HOG alright too? =\ i was kinda looking forward to it more than ACOD.. and are you watch episode 7 of HOG yet? i was wondering if you could help me do a favor and screencap a scene for me.. if you can’t, its ok. anyway, keep up the awesome work! ^__^

  • Summer says:

    Hey KTVB, thanks for create such a good space for us to leave massage!

  • latemur says:

    Hey! Thanks for all the uploads, you’re great!! Keep up the good work ^-^

  • kaii says:

    hey! great website! i love tvb too! haha! can’t wait to continue watching heart of greed. currently only at ep 12 x) continue updating! =)

  • Rachael says:

    We just rented “Dicey Business” for my parents to watch. 30+ episodes…too much drama, and effort for me to watch it all.

    So, love your sypnosis & screen shots. Saved me heaps of time, and now I can concentrate and do other things. Hah!

  • lihsia says:

    great website
    i’m from singapore !!!

  • michelle says:

    hey! your screen captures are really good. i am thinking about watching best bet but i am not sure if it’s good, could you maybe write a summary or maybe some screen captures of it? thanks a lot!=)

  • joe says:

    Hey! It’s my first visit to your site and i think it is very awesome! It very clear to me…

  • Anna says:

    hey Chicky,
    it’s my first time on your site and it’s the site i have been looking for, It’s awesome and your fantastic.. Keep up the good work.
    BTW do you know where i can down load tvb dramas??


  • KTVB says:

    Hi Anna: Visit the Links and Credits page for some referrals~

  • h0j0 says:

    I stumbled upon your site and I automatically fell in love with it. It has such GREAT HIgh QUALITY screencaps!!! Wonderful work!!! It’s a definite bookmark for me! =P

  • FaNNy says:

    juz found out about this site!! it’s so awesome!! i’m currently watching HOG…i wonder how it ends..susanna is so evil and B****y in the movie =[

  • Danny says:

    Luv your site, keep up the TVB passion!!!
    Where do you get your series posters?

  • Jenn says:

    Hey! I was just surfing through this…thanks for the Heart of Greed theme song download! I’ve been looking for that everywhere! I know this is very old, but do you have the theme and subtheme songs for “The Charm Beneath”?

    If you do please contact me or post them on the downloads page!


  • JJL says:

    I’m new to this website only been on it twice and its pretty love the winamp skins and the theme songs that upload to the site. I have over a hundred tvb theme songs if you need any i can help you upload them to the website or send them. I watch most of the shows on crunchyroll and chinese tvb cable that we get in Australia

  • Olivier says:

    Hi, I found this webpage by coincidentally,may i ask how to join or become the member.Thanks

  • hey KTVB!! love your site because theirs always so much pics and stuff.lol. hope u make a HOG winamp skin. =] n e ways i hope to become affiliates

  • KTVB says:

    Thank you all for your lovely comments =D

    To Danny: I get the poster pictures off the official website

    To Jenn: I’ve put “The Charm Beneath” on the downloads page (check the comments)

    TO JJL: That’s nice =) I’ll remember to contact you when I do~

    To Olivier: Thanks for your interest ^^ Its just a fan blog/site, so you don’t need to be a member. Such enjoy your time reading what I’ve got and feel free to leave me some comments ~

    To Lavender_blue: cool =)

  • ~wendy says:

    Lovely Raymond banner! 🙂 I always love reading your synopsises. Curious to see what you think about ‘Green Grass’, I’m still unsure about whether to watch that one.

  • cecilia says:

    omg HEY Kerry! i apologize for always leaving so few tags here.. haha.. but i visit daily, so no worries! ^.~ i love all your latest posts on HOG! especially since i finished it a few days ago!SOSOSO GOOD!!! but then, i felt it was a bit rushed… especially Moses & Linda… Susanna and the court case.. but i’m still satisfied. i HATE unhappy endings too!! hehe 😛 i just started watching OnTheFirstBeat now… tell ya more about it when i watch more!! ^___^ how’re you enjoying TGGOH so far? i heard lots of praises.. but i personally think it’s not gonna be that good. O__O

  • CHEENQ says:

    I’d just like to say that your site is really cool. Oh, also for the song “my love will get you home”. Thank you so much!

  • b e c k e e says:

    hey! i think what you do on this webby is really great! and i really appreciate it ^^ hehe thanks heaps!!

  • katey says:

    I like what you did with the site. It’s organised and informative! Your layout looks good and I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the series! Most important, you update almost everyday! Keep up the good work!

  • phoenix says:

    Great site. Very useful and informative. Thanks for the great screencaps. Please keep up the good work. I know you don’t agree, but I especially like Sunny Chan’s series. Thank you!

  • Sammi says:

    i really love the way this page is set out, and yeah i really love TVB too… can’t wait for more to come out…

  • Bonnie says:

    Thank-you very much for the regular update! Love visiting your site everyday! Keep up the hard work!!!!

  • tsunami1313 says:

    omg! u rock! i swear ur screen shots are absolutely fab and i check back like twice a day 2 see if u’ve uploaded any more screen shots XD…btw.. ur in aus rite… coz the 2nd last ep played 2day.. and i can’t believe they stopped it rite in the middle of the action scene… btw… if u have time.. can u pretty please make some more screenshots.. specially of ron and Joey… hehe.. (my fave couple in the series XD)… one again… awsum site.. and cya around!!! ^.^

  • DP says:

    hi K,just want to say your site is great and it is very up-to-date,keep up the good work

  • mike says:

    i still don’t know the theme song’s name of the dicey business n where to d/l it.

  • DP says:

    hi mike,you can download the song here:
    just look for dicey business and u will see it

  • kinki says:

    webmaster K,

    really like ur new layout (banner pic)

    esp. with those cute like pics of couples (with Tavia/Bosco, Linda/Raymond, Sharon/Kevin,etc.)

    keep up the great work!!~

  • Gar-Yen says:

    Just wanted to say u did a really good job at this site thats all ^^

  • alice says:

    Wow, awesome site! I love Ray and Myolie in TDOL, grr to Charmaine… I’ve never liked her with Ray, maybe I’m biased *shrug* Your articles are really interesting, though, keep up the great work!

  • Michelle says:

    This site is so helpful, I love it~! Keep up the great work K!

  • the azn says:

    hi k,
    ur site has been great!!!!
    it is very interesting….
    especially on the sypnosis..sumtimes i cbs watching the whole series….
    luv ur screen caps…
    keep up ur great work..

  • tvsf says:

    Some very nice series reviews you got on this site.

  • thanks for all the info =) love reading from your blog

  • phuong says:

    great tvb site ..keep uodating!

  • the azn says:

    does any one no when the tvb 40th anniversary awards r on asut .satellite tv/??

  • luving tvb says:

    this site is really good.
    keep up the good work!

    i live in australia too!
    sydney as well.

  • jupi says:

    hi I’m new here haven’t been on this site before really great your I like it ^^

  • sissel_402 says:

    nice website with screen captures too

  • Hey Can i get the theme song title for Fathers and sons?

  • tsunami1313 says:

    whoa… love ur site… great. love the theme. And ur banners are absolutely awsum!!! great job!

  • Happy J says:

    hello k for tvb can you post part of my pinyin lyrics for Steps theme song in its catorgory that would be much appreciated

  • starz says:

    hello! i was wondering if you could tell me where your picture of raymond in the middle of your banner is from. it’s been really bugging me and if you can email me, that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

  • Amy Le says:

    Hello There,

    I just want to drop a few lines to thank you for your excellent job on this blog. I am your fan.

    Wishing you and your family have a merry Xmas and a joyous New Year!

    Keep up a great job!


  • cheung chi lam lover says:

    hiya, just want to say that this site is really fab lol but its a shame i cant exactly copy and paste the lyrics into microsoft word coz it just comes up as a black box. but this site is still brill,
    thanks xxx

  • your site is soo awesome, i love it, i like how every episode is soo detailed explains.. cuz every time i want to re watch a good part.. i don’t know which episode it was on, and i love the screen captures and the photoshop-ish stuff you do to the pics, there soo good.. keep it UP 🙂

  • ries says:

    heya! chanced upon this site n i really love it!! thanks! will link n intro to my frens. =)

  • litingg says:

    heyy. just surfing around and landed up here.. i love this pageee so much! hahaha

  • heavenlychilde says:

    this song is supposingly from a TVB series ‘At Home With Love’ but i’m not sure. i don’t reli watch chinese series but i do wonder if the song is reli from the show cuz of this song i wud like to see it LOLZ writing to ask whether u know anything bout these 2 songs and which series it’s from. and do u anywhere to find the lyrics for it =p

    Is This Really Love

    You’ll be My Love

    mail me at this add if anything. i searched yahoo to find ur page. not sure if i can find it back next time =p


  • jwl says:

    i love your site and it is amazing. happy chinese new year. and credits to the creator and updater of the site. you are fantastic, and u are one of the lights to my life of TVB series!

  • passerby says:

    wahhh what a nice blog. I loves TVB shows =D hahahaha. I admire Bosco’s great acting too. Anyway end here. =/

  • anon says:

    hey! cool site <3 tvb (: found your site through wiki (: and <3 raymond! (:

  • Shurlee says:

    Hey!! thanks for all the translation! xxx

  • Shurlee says:

    Hey!! thanks for all the translation && screencaps!!
    keep them coming..xxx

  • Dan says:

    How can I register?

  • w4k4t4 says:

    Dear, please let me know how to be member or login, or somekind like that too.. ^_^

    cause i see this net is like a big forum with many great information.

    thanks be4 for ya kindness ^_^

  • grace says:

    Thanks for providing the plot for each episodes of Tai Chi…I really like Melissa and Vincent too. Can’t wait to watch it. Thanks.

  • KTVB says:

    To Dan and w4k4t4:

    This site is really just a TVB blog I created, posting up lots of screencaptures, episode summaries etc. It’s not actually a forum ^^; so you can’t register for it and you don’t need to login to access any of the pages 🙂 Feel free to come back regularly to visit my site for updates, and you’re welcome to leave comments in the posts and tagboard =)

  • nich says:

    I love your site. I love the way you write and how the recaps are done. keep it up!

  • tvbhugefan says:

    hey i likiee ur site so much.keep on going with TVB movie!!!

  • enc says:


    I was searching up the tvbj carnival for sydney 2008 and came across your site! Never came across a site in english about TVB series, its really interesting.
    Just wondering if you’d happen to know when the carnival is on this year or what site i could regularly check to find out.


  • KTVB says:

    To enc: I’m not sure when it’ll be but keep checking the official TVB Satellite Australia Website:

    The ad and info wil definitely be promoted on the website when its out =)

  • enc says:

    Thanks for that! =]

  • enc says:


    im sorry about asking the same thing again but i dont seem to know which section of the tvb site would advertise the tvb day in sydney, and it doesnt help coz i cant read chinese, would you please be able to post it on your guestbook when you find out the date please?


    Reply from KTVB:
    That’s because it’s not out yet so you can’t find it on the website yet ^^; When I find out, i’ll definately promote it on the blog~ with dates, details etc =)

  • Gee says:

    heys, just want to say did you go last year to see raymond in sydney?

  • angi says:

    Thanks for the labour of love! Helps me understand some of the series I am watching.Also a good fill-in when I miss an episode. Thanks again!

  • jacksparrow says:

    hi KTVB..i love ur website!! it has lyrics and it’s very updated! i like the idea u post the lyrics there…we want more lyrics!!!!! The Seventh Day and AJCL!!!!

  • kris says:

    keep up the tremendous effort!! Your site is awesome! I visit it like everyday, lol. =)

  • Wen says:

    Many thanks for all the reviews and screencaptures of all the latest TVB dramas….How come there is no review on C’est la Vie Mon Cheri??

    Reply from KTVB: Because..I haven’t watched it XD

  • Raymond Lam says:

    Hey Fans!
    This is Raymond Lam! Thanks for all your support throughout the year! I’m very please to say “Thank you” to you guys! Me and Lina Chung are not going out!

    Raymond Lam

    Reply from KTVB: This isn’t really Raymond Lam ^^: But I thought this comment was quite nice anyway so I left it lol

  • sugar says:

    Lool. I thought omg ^^ (comment above) lol. Do you know who wrote it anways? Anyways great site and love the thoughts esp on Men Don’t Cry. Hope you can leave comments on my bloggy too.


  • Gee says:

    haha i really thought it was from raymond lam that wrote that comment, i was OMG this site is awesome!

  • orangefeet says:

    Your site is really awesome. :] I want to make you a header for your site. I know Raymond Lam is your idol, but I don’t know how big to make the header… Would it have to be the same size as the one you have up there or can it be slightly smaller?

    Reply from KTVB
    : lol, how sweet of you. It will be the same size.

  • theresa says:

    Forensics heroes II is a big let down for me. After watching up to chapter 5, “it shows it doesnt interest me”, downloaded up to 11 chapter, I really enjoyed the first one and this one keeps going in circle. one story follows another one, like is all related, and Linda dies which really annoys me. So far not good but I hope it gets better, wot do u think????

    Reply from KTVB: Post on Episode 1-10 is now up^^

  • Christina says:

    Ur site is da bomb 😛


  • Jing Ying says:

    gosh i love this site so much. thanks for making so much effort. i bet it was as much fun for u putting it up. ps. i think u got a sense of humour i can identify with!

  • sarleh says:

    hey ::
    your summaries of the eps for forensic heroes II are great! i’ve just stared watching it, but i feel like i’ve seen all the eps :]
    im in aus too — melbourne though and watching all these series on TVB ~ its great stuff having your summaries here when i miss out on eps!
    keep up the great work !

    Reply from KTVB: ahaha that’s good to hear! The FH2 post I have up doesn’t have that much spoilers or in-depth summaries/comments about individual cases though ^^

  • DinoMyLy says:

    wow i love your website i download things from ur site, read every pages & visit ur page everyday!!!:lol: If only you can talk 2 me on MSN (if you have one) Bye Bye catch you later

  • DinoMyLy says:

    wow i love your website i download things frome ur site, read every pages & visit ur page everyday!!!:lol: If only you can talk 2 me on MSN (if you have one) Bye Bye catch you later

  • teddybeargurl says:

    does anyone know where to buy da shoe key chain that ding ding & sam has in forensic heroes II & where to buy da kuma kuma turtle cell phone strap in speech of silence? if u know where to buy it, pls tell me, thanx ~ ~ ~

  • teddybeargurl says:

    once again .. AWESOME SITE ! ~ ~ ~ <33333

  • ed says:

    Hi, i was wondering, would you know where i could get tvb series with english subtitles?
    also did the tvb stars end up coming to australia this year

    Reply from KTVB: I’m not sure abot the subtitle ones, perhaps download or you or buy from ebay? And the TVB stars still have not yet come to Australia this year yet..

  • Carmen says:

    HEY ! I love ure blog ! It’s so informative and awesome !

  • theresa says:

    Finish watching Forensics heroes II, still think is not all that, didnt really like the ending.
    But anyway, i wot to ask you howcan i download the lyrics that you but up? i tried copy and paste, but it doesnt work, is there anyway you can do something, cause i like to learn the lyrics while listening to the song. Many thanks and your website is really cool, for people who loves tvb.
    Keep up with the good work

  • Sara says:

    I just stumbled on this site when I tried to google for info on Moonlight Resonance. I have to admit I’ve always been just a tvb viewer and never really bothered to read blogs to get more involved with a series, but it’s actually pretty fun to read about what other people think about it too.

    Just a couple of things I would like to suggest to make the site better. It would be great if there was a home button at the top to take me back to the main page. (I realize after much searching that the home button is at the bottom of the list of pages, but if it’s at the top of the list, I wouldn’t need to scroll down). And also, it’d be great if your “currently watching” icons are clickable and take me straight to the relevant posts about that show.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on tvb 🙂

    Reply from KTVB: Thanks for the feedback ^^ They’re great suggestions 🙂 Oh yes, also reegarding the polls, try voting on the ones on the sidebar instead. They usually don’t fail 🙂

  • YinYin says:

    ♥ ur site!!!
    thx a lot. u make it happen, that people like me, who lives in germany & adores tvb to have a chance to load theme songs or follow ur thoughts to each episode. moonlight resonance is awesome much better than heart of greed!!! besides forensic heroes is cool 2. i love dramas with doctors & police.^^
    greets from germany.

    Reply from KTVB: Thank you for the lovely comment, YinYin ^^ I’ll try my best to keep updating 😀

  • Ru says:

    just want to say I really LOVE LOVE your site; it’s amazing how deep you go into analysis for all the eps and all those gorgeous caps <3 and thanks so much for awesome songs ^.^

    Reply from KTVB
    : 🙂 Thanks so much for that nice comment 😀 It’s people like you who keeps me going!

  • jaclyn says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I’m really enjoy visiting your website. It’s awesome. You did a great job. I love to read all the summary of each series that you wrote. Please keep this going……….
    Many Thanks…..

    Reply from KTVB: Thanks jaclyn ^^ I’ll try!

  • fried rice says:

    Hello your blog is good
    but I dont like looking at the pictures
    if I have not seen a series or
    not up to that episode.
    Is it possible to make
    it spolier free

    Reply from KTVB: Thanks ^^ though i can’t do much about the spoilers thing since to make this blog work, talking about the episode is inevitable. If you click on the series under ‘categories’ on the right-hand-side bar, you can see the post topics without pictures etc. Hope that helps

  • HAHAKENNY says:

    Excellent Work! I miss living in Hong Kong and this brings back memories of when I lived there with my family. Can’t wait to see what else you do with this site.

  • kawaii s2 says:

    to ktvb: i post ma email through filling out ma mail, pls reply me wen u recieve ma email. =D

  • Jade says:

    Hi .. it’s good to get the lastest details and songs from here. Really enjoy this and hope you will be able to give us more stuffs. Wud like to post a birthday wish here:

    Steven (Ma) hope u will be able to view this .. Abundance of Happiness, Joy, Good Health to you on your coming birthday (26/10).

  • Louise says:

    Hi KTVB!

    I love this website! I have started my own blogger for fun but i dont have any experience so i don’t really know what to do….can you give me some pointers on how to make good layouts and how to make the screen captions (pictures) =D

    Many thanks!!
    (Can reply by email)

  • ginger says:

    hi!!! Nice website bout TVB series and the actors and actrees….. This website is ‘one in a million’ on da net nw….. Good luck and best regards for the future….. GAMBATEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tomoyoatari says:

    I can’t find it anywhere. AH! Please help =)

  • tomoyoatari says:

    Where are you watching the GEM OF LIFE.
    It’s driving me crazy. I had to “page down” your newest blog to get down to the TVB Awards, just so I won’t see any spoilers! I got up to episode 8, and now I can’t access the drama anymore. Please help! =(

  • KTVB says:

    To tomoyoatari: Try these following sites 🙂 Hope it helps!


  • visit says:

    This site is interesting as well as informative. Enjoyed browsing through the site. Keep up the good work. Greetings..

  • coco says:


    just wanted to say- love the site!!!

    i wanted to ask too, not exactly being a blog whizz myself, do you design the template and design of the site? or is it using templates on those blog sites like blogspot? cos it looks really cool!


  • tomoyoatari says:

    I’m on episode 24! So excited. PS. Maybe it’s my server, can’t seem to vote on your poll about the Gem of Life.

    But thanks again =))

  • Annie says:

    Hi K!!!

    I love your site!! Thanks for all the time and dedication you put into it.
    I love TVB series, so I love visiting here.
    Keep up the good work!

  • mechell says:

    your website rocks! 😉

  • missLISA says:

    i love this site and refer to it for all the movies updates !! hope you keep up the good work !! 🙂

  • Jacqueline says:

    I love what you are doing. I look to you about new dramas. Thanks!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Helen says:

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    I saw Tavia, Steven, and Michael filming for a series at HK Disneyland. this was on 2/10/09

    here is the link!


    if you want to post this on the site .. please credit .. thanks!

    Reply from KTVB
    : hey that’s pretty cool ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

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    You have a great site 🙂 I live in Sydney too… we must live close, maybe we’ve even crossed path before lol.

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    hey k, um how do i use shareebee in the themesongs 2006-2009?? im vry addicted to the songs? can u tell me how; to use it?

    • KTVB says:

      Hey Samantha,

      Left click the link, and then you’ll be taken to a page with 4 other links- so you’ll have a few servers to choose to download from, e.g Megaupload, Rapidshare, zshare etc.

      Pick one!

      Left click the link and follow the download instructions. If it doesn’t work, try the other links =)

      Letme know if you’re still having trouble

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    I really enjoy coming here once in a while to see what’s new in terms of the TVB series since I live overseas of Hong Kong 🙂 I was wondering why there was no synopsis for the movie “A Chip Off The Old Block”?

    • KTVB reader says:

      just realized it didn’t even show yet! sorry about that, make sure you post the synopsis when it does!

    • KTVB says:

      Hi KTVB reader ^^ Thanks for your comments 🙂

      The synopsis of “A chip off the Old block” is already out XD. It has already finished airring in HongKong about a month ago too!

      For a list of all the synopsis of latest series, go here:


      It’s frequently updated as each series is releasing, so be sure to come back ! 🙂

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    I enjoy watching the TVB series but sometimes I don’t quite get what they were trying to say and I tried googling for synopsis but sadly most of the sites I found were in Chinese and I can’t read chinese.
    I’m so happy that I found your site.. so nice.. 🙂

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    Amy Tang

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    thanks, and keep it going! ;D

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    Great website…I can see that you’ve put a lot of effort into it! I’m sure a regular visitor now!

    Btw, I just finished watching interpol…how crap was it that Carson was killed and that Stone Sir turned bad!!

    • KTVB says:

      Diana…hi!! XD Thanks for dropping by as promised haha

      I didn’t watch that series! But I saw the ending,….Stone Sir turning bad was the focus of the series! lol

      • Diana says:

        haha I didn’t know that he was going to be that bad before I watched the series so I was really surprised!

        Can’t wait until Forensic Heroes III comes out!! 🙂

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    Btw, this site is really awesome! I find a lot of the songs I want here. And I love Bottled Passion too! It’s my favorite!

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    • KTVB says:

      Aww that’s so sweet of you! I haven’t actually seen Conscience! Would love to hear your thoughts and if you think its worth watching!

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