April 2008

[A Journey Called Life] Lyrics

A Journey Called Life Themesong: A little Story Sung by Steven Ma and Linda Chung Download the Song here: Full Version I really like this song~ sounds so soothing and sad at the same time and I think it suits the series really well. The beginning part sounds are bit haunting though lol Here is […]

Feels a bit incomplete making a post like this. Especially this is my first post on A Journey Called Life and it’s already 3/4 through ^^; I’m currently up to episode 15 of A Journey Called Life and I really only started watching full episodes from about episode 8 onwards, the others were just bits […]


March 2008

[New Series]: A Journey Called Life

Upcoming series released in Hong Kong March 31, after The Master of Taichi To be released on TVBJ satelite Australia on March 31, after The Seventh Day 7pm Cast: Steven Ma, Linda Chung, Kent Cheng Jut Si, Fala Chen, Raymond Cho… Episodes: 20 Synopsis Never Torn Apart in Sorrow Never Gave Up in Hope SZE […]