I like the themesong to the series~ its sung by Jordan Chan and I think its quite catchy and suits the series well =) I just finished the last episode last night. The last episode wasn’t that exciting but there was a happy ending XD

Hey everyone! Sorry for the slow updates these days, realised I haven’t blogged for a whole week now! But yes, my exams are finally over so I’m back to do more updating and blogging! It’s been a year since this blog has launched so I’ve been looking for a new layout change to keep things […]

Word Twisters’ Adventures Starting from November 12 Monday to Friday 7:00pm on Australia TVBJ Satellite (after Men Don’t Cry) Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Michael Tse, Sharon Chan ,Yuen Wah, Suki Chui, Choo Mimi, Wai Ying Hung Episodes: 20 SynopsisThe most difficult thing for an articulate legal expert is not to win a […]