December 2014

[New Series]: Sour Lady

English Title: Sour Lady

Cantonese Title:  醋娘子 (cho neung ji )

Cast: Myolie Wu 胡杏兒, Ron Ng 吳卓羲, Him Law 羅仲謙, Eliza Sam 岑麗香, Gigi Wong 黃淑儀, Alice Chan 陳煒, Ku Ming Wah 古明華, Jade Leung 梁琤

Episodes: 20

Airing date: 1 December 2014 – 28 December 2014 (replacing ‘Come On, Cousin‘)

Themesong: Is That You? 是你嗎?– Ron Ng & Myolie Wu

Official: Website

Executive Producer:


TVB Lady Sour
Official Synopsis

CHO CHING (Myolie Wu) and her mother CHO CHO BAI-YUET (Gigi Wong) lead vagrant lives by practicing medicine everywhere, during which they get to know KAI CHUN (Ron Ng), a man with a skin disease, and their fellow villager, CHIN TUNG (Him Law), respectively. Falling in love with CHIN TUNG at first sight, CHO CHING tries by all means to marry him, unfortunately, the matriarch of the vinegar brewery, CHIN SHEUNG (Alice Chan), thwarts her plan at all costs, because she is still nursing a grudge against BAI-YUET. Having recovered from his illness, KAI CHUN comes up with an idea, successfully helping CHO CHING get what she wants. CHO CHING thinks she is able to settle down once and for all after marriage, to her surprise, CHIN TUNG loves a maid called SHAN CHA (Eliza Sum) so dearly. CHO CHING then seizes the opportunity to make a muddle of things between them, yet somehow, her action results in CHIN TUNG having a relationship with SHAN CHA. CHIN TUNG takes SHAN CHA as his concubine, which makes CHO CHING burn up with jealousy, adding fuel to the fire even more. Out of the blue, on the heels of a decomposed body being recovered, BAI-YUET is accused of having murdered her husband and sentenced to death. The CHIN family demands CHO CHING to sever ties with her mother BAI-YUET for fear of damaging their reputation. In the meantime, CHO CHING finds herself pregnant, which, however, renders her enmeshed in a divorce battle……


Synopsis: TVB.com.au

3 Responses to “[New Series]: Sour Lady”

  • KTVB says:

    I wasn’t going to watch this series but ended up watching about 5 episodes of this (ep 6-10) when I saw my mum watching it in the living room so I joined her.

    This series is a comedy, but the series itself is quite annoying to watch. I feel sorry for Myolie but at times feels like she put it on herself lol Alice Chan is so annoying!! Can’t believe the way they got Eliza into the family behind Myolie’s back..what a twisted family..

  • Niteflier says:

    It is so painful to watch…

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